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  1. Un-flushable turd! 🤣 Couldn’t put it better myself. Let’s hope we raise it and go at them Wednesday from the outset. 2-1 saints.
  2. Puts a whole new perspective on the injury. Some of the challenges Celtic got away with (McGregor & Brown and this) without caution is an embarrassment... then to concede that pen? Watching the ref at the rugby explain every decision was great yesterday. Wish we held our refs accountable. listened to JG on the radio and his press conference and I have to say, I agree, the ref system in the Scottish game is way below par. I’m not saying they are cheats. Just very shite!
  3. The latter was what JG said in his interview ahead of the game today. We Certainly miss his presence.
  4. We are not looking a goal threat again with some of the injuries we are carrying. Could be our downfall. I’m usually very optimistic but on current form and with Hamilton’s knack of getting crucial points this end of the season I’m pretty nervous.
  5. A points fair enough. Wind ruined the game for both sides.
  6. I think today will be a tight one! 4411 for me Alnwick fraser McCarthy Shaugnessey Tait connoly Flynn Erahon Durmus McAllister Obika The bench will be a bit light today 😕
  7. McGrath leaves a pretty big gap we need to find a solution too. Flynn might be an option in that role but would mean that we need both Cammy & Ethan - leaves our bench kind of weak. looks like the amount of games this month is catching up on us. Let’s hope we get an update on Jamie and it’s not as bad as it first seemed!
  8. Apparently Shull has been banned from site (according to a few other on here, anyway).
  9. As others say prior - the growing injury list is more concerning than the result. Let’s hope Jamie just took a dead arm and is fit ASAP. Game changed in him coming off. if Quaner is fit also for Saturday it’s a lift. Need to re shape and go again.
  10. Yea. He’s pretty integral to how we play. Others need to step up.
  11. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as it seemed tonight and Jamie makes A speedy recovery
  12. Marcus Frasers distribution was a amateur tonight. Embarrassing at times actually!
  13. I had issues as my dad and I share the same name. They added a number to the ST and not user name. Best way to get an answer is email the ticket team for a response - usually quite quick at responding; [email protected]
  14. If true that Shull is banned, then it’s certainly gonna be quieter around here.... I must have missed the straw that broke the camels back on things.
  15. Ah ok, so ST’s get it? I didn’t know, that’s good. I felt a bit robbed if it wasn’t included. Im looking forward to the game, refreshing to be playing either of the 2 fae Glasgow and optimistic that we can get a result.
  16. Back to the game - they will be out for revenge. I am optimistic we can pull a historic double here! But I’m blinded with optimism and black and white tinted glasses tho....
  17. So even season ticket holders can’t watch this on saints tv? I find this odd, in the ‘normal’ world, you couldn’t stop people attending the game as it’s on Sky. A bit shite. IPTV it is....
  18. Hopefully Obika and McAl can do a job this week. Dennis has been great lately. Long may it continue.
  19. We haven’t done well against Killie but I think we will do it this week, they have defenders missing. 2-0 saints is my prediction.
  20. I thought the same - that he canny play. Agree with Shull and Munoz - Obika and Dennis is best options we have just now.
  21. A very winnable game tomorrow. The game at Easter road was poor from both sides, considering where Hibs are in the league - they aren’t actually all that good/consistent. We seem to have found our shooting boots this week and if we can continue that tomorrow I think we can win this. My only concern is the fatigue in the coming weeks as we have a lot of games. One thing I noted last 2 games is that Dennis is actually up for taking a strike any sniff he gets, something we have needed. Hopefully can continue this. COYS
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