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  1. Jakubiak has been injured most of the season. Started with an ankle injury in a pre-seaon friendly and then when he returned he had tendon problems.
  2. GTF. The SPFL does not exist to improve two teams at the expense of others. They hoover up all the talent then sell it on and the diddy clubs help them. No f**kin way.
  3. Reckon we can get (at least) a draw here. I watched the Livi game the other night and Livi were so close to getting a point. Reckon our defence and midfield is better than Livi's and with Connolly and Durmus we have players that have proven to be able to stretch and keep back the Rangers full/wing backs. And we play better in red and black than white and black this season.
  4. Thank you. It was/is a labour of love. I know I have not posted on it in for years as life has got in the way. But I intend to start adding to it again once Covid is over.
  5. No, I am Sonny and Sonny only. The poster has good taste liking my posts in My Pics of Paisley thread.
  6. Wages help. The average salary of a Fakes' player is £62,691 Ours is £48,621. That is why maximizing income is important.
  7. Good management team obviously and a good income. The Fakes have been excellent at income generation although they have a small fanbase. Kibble could be key for us in this regard.
  8. I would have taken McAllister off rather than Dylan.
  9. Very comfortable in this game. Erwin winning most headers. Making chances but need to capitalise on them.
  10. Could be worse. County are fielding Andreu.
  11. It's a pretty attacking lineup with a 3 5 2 and 2 wingers as the wing backs. Certainly going for it.
  12. Last night typified our problems in the final third. How many goals have we scored from headers? Very few yet we float in aimless high balls that are never met. Why not pass the ball into the box instead of floating it? And as Alan McManus said last night we are too static in the box waiting for the ball instead of moving into space or indicating where a forward wants the ball. And why don't players shoot when they get the chance? However we have loads to be pleased about. Defence looks excellent, maybe not champions league level but relatively very good. We have loads of good young players in midfield who should only get better. Before the game last night Goody said JDH and Jamie were at best 75% fit and it was a gamble starting them. So we should not be too harsh if they were not up to their usual standard. Maybe next season we can fix the third part of the jigsaw. We can still make top 6 but the team looks knackered. Here's hoping for another all out effort against County.
  13. Naw. Football (in a normal season) gets me out the house during the winter. And there are plenty of things I like to do during the summer that I cannot do during the winter. Leave as is.
  14. A wee bit of special praise to Cammy on yesterday's performance. His few appearances recently have not been too impressive mostly because of too many petty fouls and bad passing. But I do love his commitment and the fact that he is only one of a couple players in the team willing to have a shot from outside the box. Yesterday he wasn't perfect however there was a huge improvement in his overall game and a peach of a goal. It's good to see players take things on board and try and improve aspects of their game.
  15. Thought we dominated play for about 20 mins but the crossing was woeful to capitalise on it. Once Livi luckily went one up they could have got another one. Great goal from Cammy. Need Ethan to show a bit more desire - good passer and unruffled but would like to see him show more forward play. Dylan causing Livi all sorts of problems. We can win this.
  16. Officially starts at 2:40 but usually a few minutes late.
  17. 7 on the bench including two keepers and 3 youngsters. Down to bare bones.
  18. Last night was McAllister first 90 mins in two seasons with us! And I reckon he only stayed on because there was no-one to replace him as he had ran out of steam. There is no doubting the guy's talent, however, for what reason, he has absolutely no stamina. Any player that cannot last 90mins is always going to be a bit-part player - a 'super sub'. And because of his poor stamina he doesn't close down or chase back as much as he should. Kyle is talented and Jim recently said his fitness is improving but it will need to improve at a far faster rate if he wants to play at a decent level. I hope he makes it but it is a major worry.
  19. Flynn and probably Connolly should have been on as soon as we scored as Obika, McAllister and Erwin were constantly losing the ball. None of them seem to like a one touch pass choosing instead to run into trouble. We threw that away.
  20. Unlucky not to be at least 1-0. Got to keep it going in the second half.
  21. Anyone that bothers to listen to his interviews can find out what Jim is thinking. He said this week on SMTV he is looking at players for next season. But strangely few on here bother with his frequent interviews.
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