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  1. What a result, through to the semi final, excellent.
  2. Well, what a turnaround, she's just won 3 games on the trot, including two breaks of serve. Has a chance to serve out the set, 6-3 first set, could be the real deal this girl.
  3. Radacanu currently in action the quarter finals. 2-3 down against the serve. No watching it, had enough commandeering the TV last night.
  4. So good, in a way, worth pointing out again.
  5. Aww, is the forum drama queen upset? Not only did you posts a stupid homophobic comment, you haven't the balls, and that's no surprise, to admit your mistake. Now you're scraping around trying to make something from nothing, dear oh dear. Run along, you've made a fool of yourself enough with your pretentious posts recently.
  6. Agreed but the supposed benefits are hard to see at this moment in time.
  7. Would he not just have to name one to prove you wrong? Help. You really have to wonder, a simpleton is an overstatement, must get his mummy to tie his shoes......................or Velcro.
  8. Would he not just have to name one to prove you wrong? Just did, and it's all purely subjective, something he doesn't understand. Makes his claim all the more ludicrous.
  9. Currently playing for probably relegated Norwich. 🤡 J. McGinn, S. McTominay & D Hutchison..........................off the top of my head. Back in your box. When is Andy Murray winning his next major?
  10. I would suggest the current SMISA thread is EXACTLY what people do. I'm actually calming down.
  11. Nobody has ever suggested Gilmour didn't have potential but only a clown, namely you, would say quite clearly he was the best Scottish player in decades. When people suggest you stay off the bevvy maybe time you paid attention, surely you can't be that stupid sober?
  12. Desperation, not really a nice trait, although it suits you.
  13. Apologies, came across as a defence of the homophobic post.
  14. A steady performance from most of the team IMO. The poor finishing was more evident on Saturday, could easily have been 4 or 5, tonight, not so sure we had the same clear chances. On the plus side we, despite them having plenty of possession, reduced them to one clear chance on goal.
  15. While Bazil is a tedious bore it's strange that BIEK clear homophobic posts has been overlooked? He, BIEK, as was pointed out earlier, is equally as culpable in these tedious threads.
  16. Well, it's all about results and that was a great 3 points. Back in our hands, and roll on the 9th of October against Israel, although we always struggle against them.
  17. WHAT a three points, even game TBH, although it looked like Gordon only had one direct save to make. Back in the game, and, as I said, we dropped 2 points against Austria in the 2-2 game. Well done everyone.
  18. ALL you've done in this thread is post about how bad O'Donnel is, absolutely NOTHING about the game or other players. Think that firmly puts you in the "boo boy" bracket. Back to the game, great save from Gordon and a decent chance for Adams.
  19. Here's an, easy, instance, O'Donnel just through a few minutes ago, hits the target, not great bit, hey ho. Robertson has blazed quite a few over the bar in recent game, woosh, forgotten. Tierney, a great player IMO, had a nightmare against the Danes, no mention. Aye, open you eyes, O'Donnel isn't great going forward but does a job as a defender.
  20. How did Hanley get booked yet it wasn't a penalty? Audacious attempt on goal from Robertson there.
  21. WE need some subs, can't hold onto the ball, inviting pressure. Adams or Dykes off, midfielder on and soon.
  22. We're done, you are a blind boo boy who ignores everything but the bits you WANT to see.
  23. Three dots top right....................I'll look after you.
  24. Longer than you showing you can't post in English.
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