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  1. PSV through to play Rangers to get into the Champions League group stage ans some serious money.
  2. PSV 3-2 Monaco, aye, told ye. 109 mins.
  3. Unfortunately my feed for the PSG v Monaco game has American commentators. What a pair of wallopers. Monaco look the more likely as we go onto the last 15 of extra time.
  4. Aye, no a bad wee night's work eh?
  5. Rangers 3-0 USG, funny game, Rangers had plenty of possession but didn't look too dangerous yet scored 3 goals. The other lot got what they deserved, only ventured up the park with any intent when they went 3-0 down. Tougher game to come for Rangers, PSV or Monaco, just gone into extra time.
  6. Rangers 3-0 USG, 78 mins. Goalie all over the place. Shull needs the kiss of life.............................wonder who would like to give him that?
  7. USG losing the plot, can see a red card here. 76 mins.
  8. Rangers down to 10 men.........................oh, linesman intervenes, well done linesman.
  9. Rangers 2-0 USG, wee bit of good fortune, let's see what his lot do now. Not easy to change the way they've been playing or almost an hour. 58 mins.
  10. SEASON TICKETS SOLD! WE DID IT, but not only did we reach 1320, but we SMASHED it! 1350 is the new target!
  11. Rangers 1-0 USG, stupid handball by the defender, an ambulance been requested for Shull. 44 mins.
  12. First real chance, great free kick, great header and great save from the USG keeper. 29 minsm 0-0.
  13. Rangers 0-0 USG, similar pattern to last week, they sit very deep, inviting Rangers onto them, 10 men all behind 30-40 yard, very congested. 15 mins.
  14. How do you pronounce that?
  15. You win......................
  16. I play the "guessing game" almost every night. I'll go for 7.
  17. Mrs faraway told me about it, the whole team are not the brightest, although the wee woman at the end is half reasonable. PS Spoke too soon, she failed miserably leaving a guy who looks like he'd struggle to tie his laces.
  18. Aye, Barshaw for me, must be the reason I spent so much time there playing golf, bowls and tennis.
  19. Pretty poor................................
  20. So, he calls you a liar, he then, by his own admission, posted he was a member, then, as if by magic, he makes up a story that he's no longer a member. Not only spreading Covid but spreading more proof he's a fantasist, lier and embarrassment. I do love him.
  21. Dig, dig , dig, as usual. What an utter bawbag you are.
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