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  1. Another week. No response from SMISA. It looks like I'll just have to raise my complaints with the SPSO
  2. I made a similar point at the Director elections. I think we all knew which alias was Kenny Morrison and David Riley now posts under his own name, but for all I know David Nicol could be Shull, in which case I'd have voted for him, or one of the scooped out dafties like Antrin or Callum or worse, Oaksoft!
  3. I'm just enjoying the fact that your post came up on my phone as a "junk notification". Smart phones just keep getting smarter and smarter
  4. Fact Check: St Mirren are bottom of the Championship - the Second Tier of Scottish Football - 22nd place.... And only that high because it's physically impossible for other teams to go above St Mirren. St Mirren have won 2 league matches all season - just 2. St Mirren have one of top four highest wage budgets in the Championship. Despite an annual turnover in excess of £2m and the wage budget being below the PCW maximum recommended figure the St Mirren board had to ask a Community Benefit Society for a £15k interest free loan to fix an Undersoil Heating system that hasn't been needed all winter long and which really ought never to be used. The also had to ask the Community Benefit Society for a £9k gift, a possible breach of the asset lock, which the Community Benefit Society sold to their members as being vital to give St Mirren the best possible chance of avoiding relegation. This appears to have been blown signing a self confessed sex pest who Aberdeen fans say has become bored with football, who was massively culpable in the 9-1 trouncing Aberdeen U21s took from a Motherwell squad with an average age of 17 and who appears to have chosen not to play for his new club at the weekend so he can enjoy a holiday. And in the meantime the new board has managed to lose a £100k+ pa kit and sponsorship deal and it seems has put a stop to the selling of scratch cards at the stadium, an enterprise that was said to to have brought in £30k last season. And in the meantime promises to customers about free tickets for beating the Chairman in a road race and promises of an event for fans displaced at the end of last season for the "Rangers" match continue to be broken. Yet some will still tell us all is well at the club, that Jack Ross is a superb manager, that Gordon Scott and Tony Fitzpatrick are doing a great job, that SMISA are beyond criticism and that everything is the fault of the last board who apparently left such a tangled mess no-one has been able to do anything for 6 months. Recruiting new fans is on hold. Whilst others celebrate the news that some season tickets won't be getting renewed. And the single hope of some positive business news that the club seems to be clinging on to is that Hibs might weaken their promotion challenge by selling John McGinn so St Mirren can cash in on their small proportion of the transfer fee. Club in crisis - I'd f**king say so as would any sober level headed individual
  5. My two sons have already said they won't be renewing their season tickets but that was more down to how the club dealt with them before, during and after the St Mirren v Hibs match back in August. Lynn Watson is the primary cause of their lost custom although others like Tony Fitzpatrick - who failed to acknowledge the complaint when escalated - deserve criticism too. That doesn't mean they won't go to matches obviously but I can imagine my eldest son picking and choosing their matches rather than attending every home game. To be honest I would have thought that from the position the club are in right now they'd be unlikely to lose fans through the performance of the side on the pitch. If that was a factor then surely many more fans would have disappeared by now regardless of whether they own a season ticket or not. What will be a factor though is the dreadful customer service, poor matchday experience - whether that's problems with car parking, or problems with catering outlets because of away fans splitting the West Stand and the price of admission if it doesn't fall significantly to reflect the quality of the league St Mirren would be in.
  6. Thanks Kombi. My sons team won 7-1. Solid performance if not their best of the season. Hope your lads did well too. .
  7. Ofcourse. It might help if I knew who you were though rather than you just being another alias on a football forum. Maybe drop me a PM?
  8. And yet at the start of the season - at Livingston - expectation was high amongst the St Mirren support. The bookies had St Mirren as a top four team, and when I dared to point out that actually St Mirren hadn't played all that well at all despite the 3-2 win and I said that the team lacked energy and movement I was rounded upon by loads on this website who claimed the team would be in the play offs for a place in the top flight by the end of the season.
  9. Indeed. It's one of the things that makes me laugh when I see St Mirren fans on the forum talking about the importance of how well a manager comes across in the press. Especially when some of the biggest and best names in football have often had a very different relationship with the press. Alex Ferguson for example spent years refusing to speak to anyone from the BBC. Arsene Wenger has always had an uneasy relationship with the press and doesn't come across well in interviews. You've got managers like Mauricio Pochettino who spent his first couple of years in UK football only doing interviews through an interpreter despite being able to understand and speak English. There was also a brilliant TV programme on maybe a couple of months ago on Sky that talked about the Liverpool side of the 80's. Legend after legend on that programme was on talking about Bob Paisley. Dalglish said that you wouldn't see him all week and then 15 minutes before kick off he'd appear in the dressing room, say 3 or 4 sentences to you and he said that within those sentences would be all the observation you needed to go make a difference on the park.
  10. Not just on the park. The club is devoid of leadership ANYWHERE in the whole organisation right now.
  11. That's what puzzles me about djchapsticks post. I've got no reason to want to endear myself to St Mirren fans. Unlike others around these forums I'm not seeking their votes, I'm not looking to sell them anything, I don't have a product or a service that needs promoted and I've got zero links to any juvenile football club in the Paisley area - or any school or any other community group for that matter. And as for status - what status could I possibly be looking for? There's no hidden agenda for wanting St Mirren to be more community focused - it's exactly as I've stated it. The ONLY way St Mirren will reverse this constant march to the death of the club is if they realign their focus and start to work with the local community instead of treating the town like it's full of leeching lepers whilst issuing edicts that the people in the town should be supporting their local team. The hostility to the suggestion that the SMiSA should be focused on their regulatory position as a Community Benefit Society of only using their assets to benefit the local community says more than anything about how big a sham this Fan Ownership bid has become. And it's the people who are being defended by the likes of djchapsticks who are the ones who are reliant on the votes of their membership to maintain their status.
  12. Ok, well thanks for pointing that out. The account has now been deactivated like it should already have been.
  13. What a load of shite that is. I've never once made myself out to be the saviour of the club. I've offered to share my ideas, and to put time and effort in to help. I've no interest in gaining adulation from St Mirren fans. Do I post like that is what I want? SMISA certainly needs to improve - not least to make itself compliant with it's own constitution, with the FCA guidelines on Community Benefit Societies and to refocus back on it's stated aims and goals. I've pointed out where they are failing and I've asked for information on when they expect to fix the issues. I've been ignored. That's entirely up to the SMiSA Board I guess, but I have six months from the date when I resigned to raise a grievance. Lastly as I've said I don't want anything from St MIrren FC or from SMiSA personally. I don't give a f**k if St Mirren fans love me or not. I don't know where you get the idea that I might care. I just want to see the Fan Ownership model work at St Mirren like it has done at so many other successful clubs and I'm bitterly disappointed that when its come to St Mirren it's turning out to be a shitfest with a board - both football club and SMISA - that absolutely fail to show competent leadership.
  14. Utter bollocks. First off I've never hidden from anything in my life. I post under my real name, the club has my address, email and phone number. One fanny even posted my picture on this thread, a picture that I can only assume was lifted from my sons Facebook account. I've never claimed it was all about SMFC, not once. I rejoined SMiSA because I believe in Fan Ownership and I believe in the importance of football clubs getting back involved in their local communities. I made it very clear it was all about the community element for me and that if the community involvement wasn't developed I'd not be long in resigning. I even offered SMISA my assistance. I've been 100% true to my word. And I have never taken a penny from the club - or indeed from representatives of the club when I've met them. I've even picked up the bar bill. Now if only others would wake up to what you've said. You get from the community what you put in. You are 100% right and that's why the football fans leave the town in their droves. The Community Benefit Society is an utter shambles, and they've left themselves wide open to action from the FCA with this stupid breach of the asset lock. And the sad part is people like you still defend them despite the damage they are doing.
  15. Ah finally - the penny appears to have dropped. Yes you are right you get from your community what you put in. For the last 20 years St Mirren have put nothing but the tiniest of token efforts into the local community in Paisley. No wonder there's more football fans leave the town for Ibrox and Parkhead than ever make there way to Greenhill Road. Yet here you have a Community Benefit Society with a pledge to put the club at the heart of the community - and despite their regulated duty to do so they continue to f**k it up. Lord Pityme is absolutely right in his other thread. The baw is bust. A new board, new ownership, fan ownership and a pile of potential all f**ked up by the people who should have done better.
  16. Ah so I guess thats any pretence of community gone out of the window too now
  17. Kombi, I've been blitzed all week. Still no response from SMiSA but it made watching St Mirren much easier. Can we just agree that SMiSA aren't going to respond and accept that SMiSA are a f**king shambles run by a board who really shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the football club? I know I'm supposed to keep drinking till Monday but my son is playing tomorrow and I'd kinda like to be sober for that one. Unlike St Mirren, his team has got some capable footballers and they may even win.
  18. Agreed. What I heard from the commentary team was utterly cringe worthy.
  19. Most culpable? Oh aye - it'll be the lunatics who defend the manager, the CEO, the Chairman, the last Chairman, and SMiSA, when clearly none of them are remotely competent. Next on the list would be the many who are prepared to defend Stevie Mallan's inept performances whilst offering up the excuse that although he's a central midfielder playing in central midfield he's being played out of position. Then there's the list of delusional happy clappers who claim there is no problem at Paisley and that everything is perfect - and who defend the utter flop that Ralston has been since that was set up.
  20. Agreed. He's not got the ability to save St Mirren, and I doubt he's got the ability to build a team that will get the club promoted again. Another woeful managerial appointment.
  21. Well exactly. Over the last few days anyone who has made a negative comment about the club has been lambasted. How the f**k can anyone claim we were wrong. On the park it's grim. Off the park it's grim. And fans are looking to Gordon Scott, Tony Fitzpatrick and SMISA to fix it for them. None of them look remotely capable.
  22. I'd take Mallan off. I can't see what he's offering. Even the set pieces - he's signalling so you presume he's indicating where he's going to put the ball, yet with the same signal he's hitting the ball to different area's in the box, usually areas where there's no St Mirren players.
  23. I thought it was two dark haired players. I know it's wet but it looked like Quinn passing and Magennis in the middle
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