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  1. Portugal looking really good and should be there or four up. Playing with more pace and purpose without Ronaldo who recently has looked well last his best.
  2. I was nearly right. Spain missed all three of their penalties. Dear oh dear.
  3. Penalties. Wonder if Spain will have a shot at goal during the penalty shoot out. They looked tremendous in the first half hour of their first game but have been rotten since. Cou l d be 0-0 after the penalties.
  4. Moroc co should have scored but missed a couple of good chancezs. S tea t one slightly better but still pretty boring.
  5. Spain versus Morocco would get football stopped. Morocco sitting with all eleven back hoping to hit on the break and Spain clueless in breaking g them down. Looks like extra time. Think I will give it a mss.
  6. I thought the rules had been changed to stop these interrupted run ups. Obviously not. Always think it is ungentlemanly conduct.
  7. Last 15 was entertaining. Australia almost scoring in last minute. Enjoyable stuff.
  8. Argentina far and away the better side without looking threatening. Australia need to change things a bit to get forward more.
  9. USA seem a good side but poor finishers. If they could t find a centre they would be very good. Two down right on half time. Could be tea oot.
  10. Smashing first half. Hope it continues.
  11. Serbia 2 Switzerland 1. Best game I have seen so far. Did not fancy it but am glad I changed mymind. Smashing game.
  12. Shull would have enjoyed Uruguay. If you breathed on them they rolled about as if mortally wounded. Quite glad th e y got eliminated.
  13. The Germans defence is rotten. Should be 3 or 4 up but could be 1-1. Finishing very poor.
  14. Lukaku missed a couple of sitters but Belgium were very poor. Seemed to lack a bit of heart.
  15. My point was they did not defend heroically. They did almost nothing. Only Argentina missing a good couple of sitters and being happy to pass it about for minutes on end got them through. I understand them being happy to qualify but there did not seem to be any planning behind it.
  16. Poland qualify having contributed absolutely nothing to this match. They were incredibly poor and did not even seem to try very hard.
  17. 2-0 Argentina. Should be 4 or 5. Look like qualifying. Poland could go to number of bookings to see who qualify between them and Mexico.
  18. Argentina get a ridiculous penalty but Messi misses it. Think that is 25 he has missed out of 110. Not a great record.
  19. USA deservedly qualify. Nearly a very good side.
  20. Iran c coming back into second half. Really good game. If USA had a centre forward they would be a really good side.
  21. USA score. Set up by their right back who is the best player on the park. Pulisic who scored has lost a ball by the look of if. Crashed into the goa!is a s he scored
  22. First quarter of USA - Iran has been very entertaining . No goals but a good game.
  23. At least it is at home. Edinburgh derby the pick of the round.
  24. Laughed a t Ronaldo trying to claim a goal. Even my wife said he was nowhere near it.
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