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  1. Am I the only person who thinks Edouard is not much of a player?
  2. Collum gives two shocking penalty decisions.. Hibs miss theirs Hearts score theirs. How he is allowed to continue referee is amazing.
  3. afraid I have become totally fed up with the whole thing. I am writing off this whole season. Will show interest again,maybe, next season if we are allowed back to games. Until then I do not care anymore.
  4. Really enjoyable first half. Magnificent goal by Adam. Mystery how the boy Hamilton continues to get games in goal. Hearts look a good side. Probably most enjoyable game I have seen this season.
  5. Enjoyable first half. Chances at both ends. Both teams trying to go forward. Good game. Could still go either way. Second goal would be nice.
  6. First half dire. Too many backwards passs. Noone will take on an opponent. Both teams poor.
  7. The boy Connolly took his goal well. Looks a bit raw at times but knows where the goals are. Could not see Morals finish like that. Overall very poor but hopefully will help with confidence. Two home League games coming up . Minimum of 4 points required.
  8. Will we need a new drummer?
  9. What Fing subs. We didn't have any subs. Not a single defensive player to bring on. f**king joke
  10. This is as bad as I have seen in years. We have no idea how to score. We set up every game for 0_0.,the minute we lose a goal we cannot win. The chances of us scoring twice In A game would appear to be nil.. we gave too any players not good enough. morais, McCarthy. Erwin. sheron. Are barely Juniors. Just gets worse every week.
  11. One of the problems playing Foley at centre half is that if greatly weakens us in midfield. The other problem is he is not very good as a centre half .combined with McCarthy who makes too many mistakes we are dreadfully weak at centre back.
  12. Just play an outfield player in goal and show up the absurdity of it all.
  13. We have gone deeper and deeper letting them dictate. Lucky to be still ahead. They looked tired awhile ago but we have helped the by retreating.
  14. Should win comfortably now. They look tired. Well taken penalty. If we can score another we should be fine. Still think we require to improve a lot in the future. Still a number of games coming up so they might get a rhythm going.
  15. More on target. 20 yards or not forced a good save from Marshall. Their keeper barely troubled.
  16. They have had more shots, more shots on target and more corners. We may well win this but we are very poor.
  17. Cannot get out their own half. Almost two there. Very poor so far. Too many will never be international level.
  18. Seriously WGAF. Guy was a reasonable manager who left. Why does anyone cares get he is doing now?. Not as if he was here for years. Never seemed that keen to stay to me..
  19. I believe it is for only 300 punters. Does not seem worth it.
  20. Who actually makes the decisions now? Referee did not even give s free kick. Linesman never flagged. Fourth official in a worse position than referee. So actually decided that was a red card?. Is it some tosser watching on telly talking to the referee. var by the back door ?. Absolute joke.
  21. Did teachers not simply vastly overestimate students marks?
  22. Brentford 0 fulham0. Both sides lucky to have 0. Dreadful match. Every pass backwards. Whichever goes up will come straight back down. Don't think I will other with the second half.
  23. Did a good job as a player and manager and seemed to be doing OK upstairs. Good luck to him.
  24. One yellow and one red in a Aberdeen v Rangers game. Usually about 6 yellow and at least 1 red
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