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  1. Might be better playing Jack Duckworth.
  2. Be interesting to see what shape he is in. Remember him being extremely out of condition at the start of one season.
  3. No great loss. Made too many mistakes. Was sometimes good but not reliable.
  4. My wife worked For him at Coats. She always speaks well of him. Fought hard to get them enhanced redundancy payments. Has been dead for quite a few years now. Although a blue nose he was a decent man.
  5. Surprised he got a team at that level with his injury history. Good player but hardly ever fit to play.
  6. Think you will find they sort Celtic & Rangers fixtures then fit the rest round them.
  7. Surely should win comfortably now, a goal and a man better off. Highlights should be better now.
  8. Did not realise this was an early kick off. Suppose it shows my level of interest. Will watch highlights later if they are on.
  9. FIFA talking about automated offsides in time for this World Cup. Also talking kicks instead of throws for shies. Wish they would leave the bloody game alone. Might as well get rid of linesman and just use robots.
  10. Thatcher manufactured the Falklands Conflict. Could have been prevented.
  11. They accept the risks. Would you ban mountaineering and other extreme sports? As long as people know the risks let them get on with it.
  12. Any highlights on BBC Scotland later?
  13. Rarely shoot though. Trying to walk it in.
  14. Run of the mill free kick headed into his own goal under little pressure. Ukraine should have had a penalty. Think Wales will win this.
  15. Two sides is not a football stadium.
  16. Not over impressed with this signing.
  17. Had McGinn scored with 25 to go we had a chance. However I thought we were poor all night. Not sure why Cooper or hickey started. You start to feel we will never qualify for a World Cup again.
  18. Better team ahead. They do not look great in the air at the back but we are not getting the right crosses in. Strange game to start an Inexperienced right back in. Gilmore not great defensively either. Still only one down. If we can get further up the park and get decent crosses in we still have a chance.
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