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  1. Thought he could have done a bit better. Seems to have jumped very quickly.
  2. If you renew at TO they do not ask for ID.
  3. It never even made the BBC highlights along with Jamiesons miss also at 2-2.
  4. Stranraer beat East Kilbride 3-1. Good. Keep these tossers down.
  5. Quite an enjoyable match. Amazed though none of you have mentioned the blatant penalty when Mandro n almost had his shirt ripped off at 2-2. Did they manage to miss that on the television?
  6. Raith win on penalti es. Goalkeeper jumping about like a hero when he never got near a single penalty. However, smashing entertainment.
  7. Penalties. Splendid entertainment in extra time. Still think Premier team will beat either. Would love St Johnstone to disappear tnough.
  8. Extra time. Both sides went very close t o winning it. Brilliant entertainment. Graham missed a really good ch ance for Thistle with last kick of fhematch.
  9. Really is win the League or out the door. Mental.
  10. Thistle have started second half the better. First time in the tie they have been o n top
  11. 2-1 Thistle at half time. Entertaining match though poor quality. Raith the better footballing side . Thistle tend to be long ball and hope for flicks or luck. However full marks to BBC Scotland for showing these Champions hip matches. Overall they have been brilliant entertainment. Much more attacking play than in our League. Both teams usual!y look as if they were trying to win rather than hold out for draws. Championship may be poor quality but it is extremely entertaining.
  12. Thistle score early against Raith . Referee made two very early bookings of Raith defenders which seemed very harsh. Cou!e cost them as t h e games goes on. Raith must equalised in 30 minutes.
  13. Quite enjoyed the game tonight especially the second half. One point for next season. Could someone control the brightness of the trackside advertising. It was blinding at times.
  14. Brilliant. I have been fortunate enough to have been at 5 of our 7 away European ties. Really hope I can make the next one.
  15. Finishes 2-1 Raith. Smashing entertainment. Looking forward to Friday already.
  16. Thistle get one back with a fair bit of fortune. Game on.
  17. Raith keeper made a good save to keep it 2-0. Good first half. Raith could have been more than two up though Thistle have also had a couple of good cha ces. Raith keeper good shot stoppe r but poor with crosses.
  18. 2-0 Raith. By far the better team. Two good g oals.
  19. Raith 1-0 against Thistle. 22 minutes gone. Reasonable start to the match.
  20. Thistle hang on to win. Neither of these sides would last five minutes in the premier League. Very entertaining match. Still expect the Premier side In the play offs should win. If Partick were to be promoted almost none of their players are good enough to step up.
  21. Thistle 2 Airdrie 1 quarter of an hour left. Another very good game. Airdrie probably the better side but a bit lacking up front.
  22. Staying another year. Think the boy has done a just well. If he keeps improving it could be good news
  23. Of the three English players on view Die r was the best by a distance.
  24. Linesman too quick on his flag and a possible Bayer n goal cancelled. Might have just been off but we will never know. Madrid the better side but only scored because German goalie made an awful error. He had had two or three great saves then fumbled a fairly routine one. Not as exciting as Airdrie but pretty good nonetheless.
  25. Never offside. He was behind the ball. Very good second half.
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