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  1. Think McPherson will struggle for game time as much as St j as with us. Strange move for him.
  2. Dreadful performance. I have never seen a team that gives the ball away so much. Erahon sent off as he was too slow to make a simple pass and ended up fouling a guy. At least we got a point.
  3. Came off his thigh first therefore not deliberate.
  4. Came off his thigh first
  5. Watched a but of Liverpool v chelsea until ludicrous ordering of by var. Stopped watching after that.
  6. Witherspoon being sent off within a minute of coming on snookered them
  7. St J have lost the plot. Play quite well but never look like scoring.
  8. Michael Stewart thought Christie's challenge was almost as poor as powers. Both yellow. Chris iwelumo dismissed the tackle of Christie as he got the ball not even a foul. Disallowed goal nothing could be said as obviously onside.
  9. Was looking forward o that. Bit of a shambles.
  10. st Johnstone's legs went in second half. Played well but fell short.hibs had man sent off and that finished them.
  11. Ross county and St Johnstone latest to be approved to use whole capacity
  12. Goalie has got to save that. Been better second half but never looked like scoring.
  13. 70 yard pass straight out the park. We need to play some football.
  14. Cannot pass it. We never fi d a man. Too many long punts
  15. I seem to be in a small minority that thought it was a penalty . Soft but a foul.
  16. I was not the one complaIning about people not turning up. I could not give a fuk what you think about how often I check web sites or e mails.
  17. If you do not check the official site regularly you would not even know you were in a ballot.
  18. Not everyone reads this shite all the time. If it also goes into spam it is easy to miss
  19. Perhaps they do not check e mails regularly as many of us do not and did not even know they had been selected
  20. Played against him at school. Johnstone high he played for.good player in those days .we used to beat them as if you stopped the ball getting to him they had little else.
  21. Sorry I just like boxing.
  22. Do not like any sport where it is a judges opinion who wins. Prefer to know who has won whilst watching it.
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