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  1. Should have given her a game might have brightened up the first half.
  2. Never heard of her. Was she good?
  3. And they start on time.
  4. I know you prefer millionaires who pass it to death but there are some really good games at the ordinary level. You should broaden your horizons.
  5. Mansfield versus Port Vale was not a bad game. Grimsby won 5-4 in a National League play off.
  6. Sorry was a Topper and beezer boy. Never read dandy or Beano.
  7. Roma first winners of whatever the new competition is called. Europa League.
  8. Finished 4-0. St Johnstone scored a couple extra in last 10 minutes which Inverness threw everyone forward. St Johnstone better in second half without being very good. Unfortunately more boring trips to Perth next season.
  9. 0-0 half time. Inverness the better team. Interesting to see if they can keep up the pace they are playing at. Good game.
  10. See we still need to wait weeks for physical ticket. Really do not understand why they cannot reactivate this seasons.
  11. Pep could be out the door if they lose. All the money he has spent for little return. Paris would have bagged him for not winning CL by now.
  12. Hope not. Did Kit man te!l him in a seance?
  13. Yep. Turned off.
  14. Jack scores for h### . First time I have seen a player eat the badge rather than Kiss it. Now 2-0
  15. What a save Gordon. Might have been a penalty for pulling the jersey.
  16. Just seen goal. Keeper had a nightmare.
  17. Sunderland leading 1-0. Alex Neil has done a Good job there
  18. Big boy Simms either looks really good or really poor. Always dangerous though.
  19. 23 minutes 0-0. Quite a good match so far. Difficult watch when you want both sides to lose.
  20. Jeez I am an arse.
  21. Shows what I know. Ends 2-2. ICT excellent in second half. Game still a!i've for second leg. St Johnstone were hanging on a bit at the end.
  22. Yes think game over. Very one sided. ICT poor.
  23. Agree with you but can it see it. Think they are .missing too many players.
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