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  1. It is not. It happens regularly. If you watch stv sports coverage on the news they will report basically banal crap about the of and totally ignore teams playing that night. Has happened for years. Highlight for me was many years ago Derek Johnstone starting the radio clyde lunchtime sports bulletin with the statement ' the news from Ibrox today is there is no news' followed by five minutes about how the daily press conference had been cancelled due to lack of news. No other team was mentioned. It has gone on for years.
  2. Anyone notice the tackle by our winger on hibs Jones. Hekinbottom saying it was a shocker and should have been a straight red. Genuinely cannot remember it.
  3. Remember many years ago Alan Munro going to stirling for a game against east stirling. Hope their players know their way about a bit better.
  4. Hope Aberdeen win a bruising encounter on Thursday leaving them short for Sunday.
  5. Not that any of you arseholes care but the boy did OK toay
  6. Also meant to say magnificent support through today . kept going right to the end.
  7. Thought we player well today. Bit punchless up front though new centre looks a big strong lad. New left back needed and another striker and probably a wide right midfielder . other than they we were much better than I feared. Well organized though sat too deep late on.
  8. Very enjoyable game tonight. Dunfermline were very good first half but Dundee changed their shape at half time and were much better second half. Two penalties for Dundee. First was by new rules . second seemed very soft.
  9. Bit of a nuisance this but in the circumstances not much else can be done.
  10. Too be honest the boy seems to be injured almost permanently. plays a couple misses a couple. does not seem to have a core fitness.
  11. Having seven midweek matches scheduled before the season starts does not help with crowds. A lot of people struggle to make midweek games and a lot do not want to go to them I no longer attend away midweek matches. On the upside I will not have to go to Ibrox. If there is a harsh winter with cancellations we could have a plethora of midweek games. Lot of bother for a three week break in January.
  12. I thought one of our youth teams still played in it.
  13. Hibs winning 2-0. Look reasonable without looking like scoring a lit of goals.big pool of players though. Scott Allan ,olly shaw and the boy Boyle coming on as subs. Both goals poor by Elgin. If we defend well we could get a 0-0. Doubt it though.
  14. Seem to have been fortunate to win 2-0. Seemingly Irish goalie made a mess of a simple ball in the third minute of injury time for second goal. Agree they should qualify comfortably.
  15. The main reason drinking is worse in northern Europe to southern Europe is it is dark and often freezing.
  16. That must be one if the worst results ever. Basically put out by a pub team.
  17. Aberdeen were one down in two minutes but have equalised with a Cosgrove penalty.
  18. I thought it swung when England's new hero, who's a kiwi, got his bat in the way of a throw to the wicket and got 6 runs instead of 2 as it hit the bat and went to the boundary. Hope you are not casting aspersions about the england side with Irishmen. Kiwis. South Africans + west Indians in it.
  19. Thought game swung when boult tried to catch in second last over instead of knocking ball back into play and probably give two instead of six. Brilliant entertainment though.
  20. Three through. Worry s bit about Aberdeen.
  21. Thankfully Kilmarnock seem to have won it in the last minute.
  22. Kilmarnock a goal down to a pub team.
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