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  1. Probably contractual regarding number of times a year we have to wear our away kit. Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
  2. To be fair Ive had my head in my hands and my eyes closed for most of it....
  3. Pathetic. Losing 2-0 to a piss poor Livi team. Defence look like they've never met, midfield non existant. I was under the impression Willock played wide? Mullens playing up front along with a Full Kit Wanker from the crowd, surely not a professional footballer. Worrying...
  4. My first game today since Dec 2016. I ended up not going to any games last season as the more the season went on I was convinced I was going to be a jinx. Woke up like a kid on Christmas today COYS
  5. I haven't been in the Westbank since the black and white stripes at the back have gone up, are they painted on?
  6. Its like when you move into a new house, you take it as it is at first then make changes and improvements to it as you go. That's where we are now, I feel.
  7. Who is playing LB at U20 level at the moment?
  8. Our stadium is a bit sh!t, pretty much everyone accepts that, Outwith the main stand there really isn't much to it. I may well get shot down for this but once Rangers redeveloped Ibrox, outwith the main stand, they pretty much had a brand new stadium as well. The made the stadium their own which is what we have to do with ours. Can't we at the very least emulsion the walls underneath the stands, the areas in and around the pie stalls & toilets? Put up Saints pictures, old kits etc? Giving each stand an identity and make it truly a St Mirren Park. I understand we have bigger priorities on the park but what do we as fans think? This is something I feel strongly about as it is OUR stadium.
  9. He looked like he wasn't interested on Saturday which is a shame because he's been a great player for us, in and around the first team for 5 years and should be leaving with all our blessings. Don't quite think he will though unfortunately.
  10. When the home kit goes to £20 I might buy it, I'd rather not give JD any more money. Last few shirts I've got have been from Classic Football Shirts. I love the old stuff and managed to get one of my favourite shirts 97-98 home kit. Looking our for the home kit from around 92-93ish, Matchwinner manufactured sponsored by Clanford, one of the first shirts I was ever given.
  11. We don't ask for much, just a simple black and white striped top. Surely that can't be too difficult to organise. On another note, I was in JD Silverburn last week trying to find the Saints stuff on display. There wasn't much there but as I was there I was looking around, 99.9% of the stuff being bought there is never going to be used to do any sport, just kitting out neds!
  12. Didn't work out for him this season. Change of environment could do him good, going into a squad full of confidence that is playing well could bring out the best of him. Just one of those things and probably best for everyone that he has moved on.
  13. Turns out "Select All" really does mean Select All. Inspiring interview from an inspirational man.
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