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  1. Good first post.You are going to be a welcome addition to the forum.
  2. As I say I hope not and only time will tell but the older you get the harder it is to recover from injuries etc. We cannot rely on him to get us out the sh&t and play twice a week forever.
  3. Do you think that is likely to happen? I fear this could be one season too many for Tommo. I hope I am wrong..
  4. Drury has played a couple of games and despite his 2 bad misses on saturday I thought he did not too bad in his general play. Think we need to give him time. Reilly has had umpteen chances to impress without success, Edit Wasn't there tonight so not sure how he did
  5. A win is a win. Hopefully the turning point in our season. Edit to add Quit the moaning would you rather be a Man U or Celtic fan tonight ?
  6. Is he any better than what we have? Lack of goals on Saturday was not the CH fault??
  7. Not sure who the bigger bamstick is on this one. Can we start a poll?
  8. Its seems to be his knee that is the problem although our nice playing surface should help . Firhill is shit . TBF if we can keep him fit he is an outstanding player and its probably his injuries that have stopped him playing at a much higher level.
  9. I would take anything he says with a pinch of salt. He knows nowt !!
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