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  1. Good stuff! Give Arquin a shot at centre back and tell him to face Ridgers, no chance anythings going near our goal then.
  2. Is anyone allowed to join in here? Went through a wee phase last season where I made an icon, sig and wallpaper... sig and icon are on my profile and here's the wallpaper I made. Then Wardlaw left and McGregor got injured for the season... so I might have to make some new ones!!
  3. I quite enjoy reading the latest twitter feeds, but this newcomer is ruining it a bit with their blogs about c*ltic, Hibs, Dunfermline or whatever. I can't really remembering reading one about St. Mirren, so it seems to me that whoever is tweeting is just using it as advertising for whatever site rather than having a general interest in St. Mirren. Any chance she can be blocked from appearing on the homepage or something? Thanks
  4. Quite like the idea of starting a female team, I assume they play on a Sunday though? Would certainly add a completely new dimension to the club, and hopefully would help bring in money. Would it not be quite expensive to start though? We'd have to sign players and coaches and stuff and our playing budget isn't that great at the moment... It'd be great to scrap the 5 a-side pitches that we have at the moment and build some decent ones and think about a complex. I've played once on the current pitches and they're crap and too small, but it'd be great to have some good quality ones at a decent size. Using the car park is great as well, waste of space at the moment - if we at least got people to pay a wee bit for easy access to St. James then we'd be getting money for nothing practically. As for developing whatever land we possess, I think it'll be a while before we can afford to start building stuff there. Would be great to see just what we could do with the land, and really exciting to see it develop, but it's a while away I believe.
  5. Would love to take a chance on him. Would be really excited about having him!
  6. Seriously? Must have been him not wanting to re-sign because he plays all the time and Dave Jones loves him. Must have an offer from a bigger team or something. He's not gonna come back to the SPL anyway!
  7. Chris Burke? He's played like every game for Cardiff since he moved down there and they've been in the playoffs twice in two seasons. I'm pretty sure he's not ready to leave that career for a move to St. Mirren.... With Gavin Rae I think there's slightly more of a chance of us being realistically interested, but I'd be really surprised if he came here. If he's coming to Scotland it'll be with Aberdeen. The Grant Hanley deal is a good shout, I'd thought about it a few times, but haven't really heard much about him other than Levein rates him highly. He's been getting some game time this year too, but they might like to see him go out on loan for experience - and I'd be disappointed if we never made an enquiry. Whether he'd have better options remains to be seen, but I doubt we'd be the most attractive option
  8. Saints Aid was cracking - hope it's on next year!

  9. If we brought in the likes of Thompson, Cuthbert and look at getting Carey/McGowan back on loan we could have a cracking team... cautiously optimistic of a top ten finish with them here!
  10. Just received his first red dot for defending Steven Lennon... pfft! Sick.

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      I'm sure faraway has been doing backdoor deals where they're swapping green dots! How'd you get into that? :D

      He's still a few behind pozbaird though!

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      faraway saint

      Kenny P, has more aliases than Sid, he's the king of greenies. ;)

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      Toon Saint wid have more than Kenny P if he hudnae f*cked off.

  11. I get annoyed by jimdickloyal as much as the next guy but I'm not sure he's done anything wrong here! He's just saying that having a group like SMISA support the CIC shows that there must be positives to the model, and it might sway people who aren't sure?
  12. Maths seems fine to me! The interest can be as high as 8% so the debt is maximum of circa 1.3million, although with more grants/quicker repayments/social return on investment/lower interest rates it'll probably be lower. Also noteworthy that not every corporate membership holder may be paying £10,000 - it's negotiable depending on what they want for their money (seats) and what they can offer. 10000 hours said on a different thread that there were other corporate pledges though they were just making sure everything was solid before updating the site and holidays were getting in the way, so hopefully that number will jump a bit in the coming days. Financially I think we'll be all right under this proposal. Given this is only membership fees we're talking about and we're not considering the extra trading money then I think we'll have most of the debts paid back earlier than expected!
  13. Presumably whatever percentage they decide to give to St Mirren. While it's not ideal I think the point is if we get 50% of the profits from 100 weddings/funerals/parties it's more than 100% of 10. I don't know exactly what the figures are for percentages, or how many events we currently have and we plan to have, but I think the point is having a decent cut of a lot of money is better than having all of a small amount. I think the additional steams of business aren't so much that the current board can't think of them, it's they can't afford to implement them without either putting themselves or the club into massive debt (i.e., the bar (which I assume is a necessity for most events) costs over £100,000 and the current board can't afford that, while under the CIC we can get it for much less by working with Kibble, and get the rest paid initially by a grant which wouldn't normally be available to us. Yes we do. They've already said publicly that the maximum amount of debt is 1,200,000 so we're getting at least 40% as grants. From what I've read this is a conservative number, so it's possible we could be getting more grants. The loans take between 3 and 10 years to repay with interest rates varying from 0 to 8%.
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