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  1. Lets go for a little walk, under the moon of love doh doh doh doh
  2. He will give you a little something to get you speaking after your dinner you mean ?
  3. I am gutted with Murray's tactics totally rode our luck today and were lucky to get the 3pts, never even created a chance other than Mallan's wonderstrike which was easily top contender already for goal of the season.
  4. Dung came out and tried to attack Livi will sit in and frustrate, looking forward to another shitfest. I may stick £500 on Saints at 7/5 with Sky Bet just for the hell of it though !!
  5. All this praise and what will Jim end up doing tomorrow . . . . . . . . . . .
  6. He certainly gave us trouble in the league game on the left wing, Buchanan will need to be carefully watched though and is every bit as dangerous.
  7. We will win 1-2 with Webster on the scoresheet, total attendance shall be 1507 with 894 Buddies in attendance.
  8. What are the chances of unearthing the new Djemba Djemba through this initiative ?
  9. Aye Inchinnan playing fields, £3 admission and free beans wi yer steak bridies and all the planes one can ever wish for. Ps season tickets ARE NOT valid
  10. Sander Puri, currently gracing the bench away to England at Wembley, his teams doing no bad, Sander to come off the bench and score the winner ??
  11. Saints 1 (Agnew) - Dunfermline 3 (El Baktoughi 2 - Cardle) Then hopefully goodbye Murray and (S)balding
  12. Big ginger basket used to growl like f**k at everyone when he was positioned in the North bank between 2002-2004 ish, done my mate for nipping into his house to get his wallet at Elderslie for leaving his wean in the Kor.
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