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  1. Oh... I didn't realise discussion was permitted in the monologue thread! Since you mention it... What a cracking game and very impressive performance by Morocco. I fancy France to score a couple of late counters but if Morocco get level, anything goes... ... Gripping stuff.
  2. Well remembered. St. Mirren – Liverpool 1-1 (0-0); 4-5, on penalties. Attendance: 20,000. Referee: Mr. M.A. Foot. St. Mirren: Ally Hunter, John Young, Alex Beckett, Tony Fitzpatrick, Bobby Reid, Jackie Copland, Derek Hyslop, Willie Stark, Frank McGarvey, Billy Abercromby, Iain Munro. Substitutes: Alex Richardson; Peter Leonard. Liverpool: Ray Clemence, Phil Neal, Alan Hansen, Phil Thompson, Emlyn Hughes, Ian Callaghan, Ray Kennedy, Terry McDermott, Jimmy Case David Fairclough, Kenny Dalglish. Substitutes: David Johnson for Callaghan after 67 min.; Max Thompson (not used). The goals: 0-1 Dalglish (57 min., assist: Fairclough), 1-1 Abercromby (87 min.). Penalty-shoot-out: 1-0 Munro; 1-1 Neal; 2-1 Hyslop; 2-2 Hughes; 3-2 Beckett; 3-3 McDermott; 4-3 Abercromby; 4-4 Kennedy; (Clemence saved from McGarvey; (Hunter saved from Case); (Clemence saved from Reid); 4-5 Johnson.
  3. And despite that lineup.. MotM was a certain Tony Fitzpatrick. 😎
  4. I still have my programme and ticket stubs... Β£3 adult and Β£1.50 concession. Even Shull might approve of those prices. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ
  5. ... and we'll really shake them up when we WIN the world cup... Cos Scotland are the greatest football team!
  6. It's bad enough hearing about something they won before I was born, I don't want another one added to it. It was only 12 years before Archie Gemmells goal that we still talk about! You know.. the tournament we were going to win. 🀐πŸ˜₯
  7. If only someone else would! 😜
  8. Interestingly, Metcalfe played it very low key and let Jobson take the spotlight... But vocally.. wow. Just as good as he ever was.
  9. What a finish... That was exciting.
  10. Take 2. Very similar outcome over 90-100 minutes as the last game. Genius free kick to take it to extra time. Red cards or penalties first?
  11. Congratulations to our fellow European country Croatia on a superb result. Tactical masterclass and so resilient. They earned that.
  12. Had Scotland been there and played in the exact same way, we would be praising them for a tactical masterclass. They deserved that result.
  13. Best ever live version of The Saints Are Coming last night when Richard Jobson and Martin Metcalfe combined forces for a two hour WOW of a gig! The stories were as good as the music. Great night.
  14. Well that's a daft question. How could he post on this forum without the internet?
  15. Articulate as ever. Another fine, meaningful contribution!
  16. So unlike you to make an arsΒ£ of yourself, get it totally wrong, then unnecessarily state the obvious. Not.
  17. Lovely bit of skill to draw out a booking. Followed up with some nice link up play with Mooy. So nice to see.
  18. yup... 3 Scottish gigs on his first tour here... I saw him in Coatbridge last night. Standing ovation. Playing The Doublet, Glasgow on Sunday night. Monday is Mathers Bar in Edinburgh. Both gigs close to a sell out... get in there quick... last chance to see this guy in a wee venue! He is going to be massive in music. https://www.dcullenmusic.com/shows
  19. Truly overwhelmed by the magnificence and beauty of the new album by D. Cullen ... Sing my story, tell my song. This is a guaranteed default go-to album for all time! That good. This guy is going places for sure.
  20. The argument was again long finished"? Really? It was very relevant given the result and the increased crowd. Keep digging! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  21. Maybe we "should have gave" you England lessons two (sic). 😜
  22. From day one I said it would be a loss leader... Short term sacrifice for long term gain.
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