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  1. well done to the die hard supporters who made it through to the Falkirk game yesterday.
  2. Great to take some pix of Jack getting his Hall of Fame Award on Friday night. A brilliant night and very well deserved for an emotional Mr Copland.
  3. My wee GoPro video off todays goals is now on https://youtu.be/cNllozwVphI
  4. do you still want the canvas

  5. only a couple of hours to go, finish's midnight
  6. some of my pix from saturdays Albion Rovers game are now on http://www.allanpicken.com/St-Mirren/Albion-Rovers-v-St-Mirren/
  7. now have a bid of £150 on Face Book
  8. I have made up a 800mm x 600mm canvas of the 2016/17 team,and got it signed by the players.I am going to put it up for auction and the profits going to the Accord Hospice.Also posted on St Mirren supporters on Facebook.
  9. My Wee GoPro video of the nightmare goal and the goal that saved the day.Thank god for Tom Walsh.https://youtu.be/w3XL1DJIHRs
  10. Looks like the Saints are playing in their third strip today. The red one
  11. Cheers. Getting all my dates mixed up. Must be a age thing
  12. Was there a Q&A at the club tonight. Not heard any feed back from it if there was !!!
  13. All I remember of his shirt was he had it on back to front for all of the celebrations.
  14. the lads made it into todays edition of the PDE
  15. I think he came 2nd in the B&W army website vote.He was presented with his prize by young Kyle Gunn
  16. The Cockles Wilson and Black and White Army website had their POTY Awards at the Bankhouse on Saturday night
  17. some action pix from Sundays Saint for a day can be viewed at http://www.photoboxgallery.com/stmirren , best viewed as a slide show.Well done to all the lads that played.
  18. To many people in the way of pic, but cele pic was much better
  19. there was a banner and somebody with leaflets
  20. pick

    Smisa Update

    they have hoods, had to get the lads to tuck them in as i could not see the SMISA badge
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