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  1. I'm alright with this personally. I don't expect miracles however.
  2. I'd love to see Billy back but like many people would have questions to ask about whether he can maintain the work rate that he once did.
  3. It was me that owes you a fiver Brian because I arrived a bit late!
  4. Hi guys, please accept my apologies, I ended up rather ill yesterday and the game completely went from my head. I feel like a complete tit!
  5. I have a massive purple welt from where Brian nipped me on my arm. Cheating bastard.
  6. Eh? It is true :S. I'm down about 70 quid in petrol to prove it.
  7. Leave me alone And i still went the next bloody day too!
  8. Commentator's exact words "st mirren are being ripped to shreds."
  9. Scratch that, I do appear to be on the list no ive checked teamer on the computer rather than the phone.
  10. Hi guys, can I ask why I havent had an invite this week? Sean
  11. I got the same div, accepted today but now it says not sent.
  12. Maybe tam, but the way the votes are going your pain merits a man of the match award.
  13. Enjoyed that tonight guys, feel like I'm getting fitter every week and noticeably less puffed out and running a lot more. Couple of good goals tonight too from a few folk. Also I'm definitely up for the hospitality idea. Sean Edit: I liked those borrowed boots too.
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