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  1. Depressing to think how we're regressed since promotion.
  2. He's pretty well known around the west end of glasgow (where he drinks all the time), as being a wee bit of a prick. Whether we like each other doesn't matter - I do think he'd do a job and may even bring Shankland with him. There you go, 2 guys some of posters don't like:) In saying all that, its Goody for me. But McCall a country mile ahead of Gus.
  3. Out of curiosity, if st Mirren fans had complete control of the club, would it just be all you lot in a room arguing about stuff all day every day??
  4. We’ve been honking for pretty much all this game. We’ve under performed in every game against that mob this season.
  5. deservedly red hot favourites to get relegated from this diddy league. Sad times!
  6. you are vile, soulless and pathetic in equal measures.
  7. one of the most important entertainment icons of the modern era. Thoughts with all the friends and family of David Gest. He was the George Best of light entertainment, the james dean of reality tv and the torvile and dean of chat show guests. This and the demise of Paul Daniels will leave a hole in the tv schedules that may never be replaced. RIP the Gest!
  8. wheres donald trump has been an inspiration to bored taxi drivers;)
  9. all the kids were lifted over the fence in those days, so you could prob add another 10,000 onto the gate figures.
  10. stats, shots on goal - none, shots on target - none, corners - none.
  11. we're 11 points behind you. That's unacceptable for arthurlie!
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