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  1. I was scoffing at you 😃 https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/scoff
  2. Scoff? Have I accidentally stumbled into a 1930's copy of the Dandy?
  3. Now that s the best ever St Mirren strip
  4. Richard Tait confirmed Thread closed
  5. Could be No 2 I suppose so might just be one in Stelios,?
  6. Saints Facebook page has 2 and rolling eyes Hint of two new signings,?
  7. She didn't suggest she'd review it next week specifically just that there is another general review of all measures due next week She said it is always under review but that doesn't signal change She outlined all the interacting factors which inform the decision She also said there is trade off between distance and the time you can spend together as well as the possible impact of face coverings She and her medical officer took great pains to emphasise the huge increase in risk of moving to 1m, clearly dampening down any expectation of a relaxation soon Under medical advice 1m will reduce the time people should spend together from the current scientific advice of 15 minutes for 2m So you won't get 2 hours in a fitba stadium even if she doesn't relax the 2m to 1m I read it as her outlining why she will likely keep with 2m for the foreseeable future as any advantage for business or social gatherings is reduced due to other measures that would need to be applied So from her point of view better to stay with the less risky 2m than move to more risky 1 m for little gain
  8. Scottish Government just confirmed it isn't relaxing 2 m rule and given the argument won't any time soon
  9. UK Government whose rules only apply in England Pressure is from Tory MPs and business who want to get people back to work and making profits for their bosses irrespective of the additional risk to human lives (Remember herd immunity, the aborted rush to get kids back to school despite medical advice and the delayed lock down which scientists say cost 25,000 extra lives?)Wee Nicola has been a bit more cautious throughout so I wouldn't get your hopes up
  10. Red socks with black and white stripes are minging We occasionally had to wear them to avoid a clash in the past The best ever strip still reamains the one Ally McLeod and Archie Knox wore in 1971
  11. ELO cancellation refund arrived today Season ticket will be purchased over the weekend
  12. With memories of Vaclaw and the shoot out I'd forgotten how good and important Danny's goal was
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