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  1. Cheers for that Reassuring [emoji2]
  2. Fair enough an old man s memory I was sure he was at Airdrie when he was younger Next time I'll check Wiki -:))
  3. Think you've got that wrong He played for Airdrie then Aberdeen than Saints
  4. Check the autograph on the home programme
  5. Dont think Ally did He went to Dundee United I think
  6. Jim Blair Iain Munro Ally McLeod...
  7. Scarves from 77 centenary last day at Love Street and 2013 final Can't find my 87 one
  8. My 87 cup final programme autographed by the whole squad
  9. Yes he was on the balcony with Frank MacAvennie and I was with them!! Attended the council town hall reception as a guest of a Councillor and sneaked out to see the crowd on the Abbey grounds when the team presented the cup. We were standing to the side to the right of the team from their point of view. One of the best moments of my life!!!
  10. I'm talking crap too Steve Clarke was transferred Feb 1987
  11. Neale Cooper of Aberdeen played midfield Our Neil Cooper was a central defender most games Wasn't Stevie Clarke away to Chelsea at the end of 85/86?
  12. All up and running fine using Firefox on a Fire Stick and a 12 year old telly
  13. Took me three attempts before I realised the password wasn't actually 012345678910 Doh!!
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