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  1. Danny

    Welcome Duckens Nazon

    Hope he doesn't do a Stephen McLean and grab anyone by the Nazons I'll get ma coat
  2. Danny

    Welcome Duckens Nazon

    Is our forward line now Tich and Quackers? You need to be an old git to get that one though
  3. Danny

    Welcome Duckens Nazon

    Feed the duck The duck You know he runs like f#@k Feed the duck
  4. Danny

    January Exits

    Seems Kellerman isn't out 9f the picture yet Missing on Saturday as international clearance hadn't been sorted Might be in squad tonight
  5. Already here it's called the Irn Bru Challenge Cup and involves the highest level of English clibs likely to be interested in a cross border cup
  6. Danny

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    My all time favourite strip
  7. Danny

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    Scratch that He appeared as a left winger for Scotland under 18s but was no 6 or left half (midfield) for Saints
  8. Danny

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    I'm sure he started as a left winger when he was young.
  9. This must surely result in a charge against the dead club!! If they are saying that Willie Collum didn't see the incident and he said he did then they are not accusing him of incompetence but of deliberately lying. That is a step too far and surely they are bringing the game into disrepute
  10. Danny

    Four Positives About 2018/19

    Sorry I knew that Just too lazy or too bored to trawl back to the original error [emoji12]
  11. Danny

    Four Positives About 2018/19

    Can a slump have a crest? Don't you mean the trough? Sorry getting bored with this thread
  12. He was holding his groin area not his hamstring Looked like a groin strain
  13. Danny

    League within a league

    Wonder if Gus is behind the boxing thing. We saw a video on the bus to Aberdeen about the 2005-6 championship win with shots of training and boxing training was a big part of it.
  14. Danny

    Best Saints Goal You Have Witnessed

    Wee Shuggie Murray keepy uppy goal against Clydebank in 2000 Scanlon 40 yarder against Celtic Ian Ferguson carbon copies against Hearts and Dundee United to won the cup in 87 All 4 of Ally McLeods against Rngers at Ibrox in the league cup Gus Mcleod with his arse against Hamilton which was one of 5 he scored that day
  15. Danny

    Football Pundtwit Sutton

    As I said elsewhere although Celtic had more possession our keeper didn't make a serious save whereas Gordon made three in the first half. Sportscene highlights were a better reflection for once