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  1. Another topic ruined by the attention seekers Sigh
  2. He must be the only centre forward who has stopped two goals in two games
  3. Oops youre spot on Old age and a Yards fixation
  4. Don't be a silly billy😎 (Apologies to Mike Yardley)
  5. Outlander filming in the Bull in yesterday Could be connected?
  6. Dont Think so Didnt Dundee United have one In the 60s when their home kit was all white Just checked 62-63
  7. Don't get these jibes at the lad The sins of the father should not be visited on the son. We can't choose our parents. He may well be a good player for all we know
  8. FFS I open a thread about a new signing and it gets hijacked by the playground warriors Three pages of childish drivel Never again
  9. Most of Fergie's Furies Hunter Beckett Young Copland Richardson Stark Fitzpatrick McGarvey Hyslop McDowell all unknown till they starred for Saints And more in the coming years such as MacDougall MacAveenie Weir Somner Clark Wilson Ferguson etc. Great days to be a Buddie!! PS Have you noticed that for about 10 years Saints main striker was Frankie Mac - McGarvey, MacDougall MacAvennie and McGarvey again!!😎
  10. Aarghh!! I want to gauge my own eyes out after reading this soul destroying drivel🤬
  11. International clearance usually relates to two things Clearance from the FA where the player was previously registered and where the player is a citizen from a country from outside of the EU Home Office clearance about work permits and visas Sam Foley was registered with the English FA so clearance is required from the English FA but will be a formality. He is a UK citizen so no clearance is needed from the Home Office
  12. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/2982-sam-foley-signs
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