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  1. I can see 2 contradictions and 1 outright error so bad I would expect even an army recruit with a reading age of 5 to be able to spot in between administering lateral flow tests for the virus.... ....and to think we can have even more fun when we go into Lockdown3. PS [mention=7598]Russian Saint[/mention] the correct figure for Covid deaths in Scotland is now over 6,000. 6000. That’s the equivalent of a Saints home game against Celtic or SEVCO. It’s still a drop in the ocean considering it’s over a near 10 month period (if not more) out of the 5.something population, wouldn’t you agree? Plus. How many actually died directly from COVID is what we’re not being told.
  2. I took my info from. https://www.travellingtabby.com/uk-coronavirus-tracker/
  3. The R rate in Scotland is currently between 0.7 - 0.9, the lowest it’s been since July going by reports and the death rate in Scotland is at just over 4200, but yet talk of more severe restrictions [emoji848] That’s like the equivalent of a Saints home game attendance in terms deaths, in just under 10 months against a population of 5.6 million.
  4. From The National newspaper. Giving more detail on the Sage report, Professor Jason Leitch, the national clinical director, said the first lockdown successfully eliminated around the majority of 300 strains of the virus. He said Covid-19 infections in the second wave were caused by new strains introduced to Scotland from other parts of the UK or abroad: “Once as a society we are allowed to travel again, we brought fresh new strains into Scotland, which started our second wave.”
  5. Yup. There’s been ample time to play those two matches. It’s not as if Motherwell, Hamilton or ourselves were playing in Europe or 3 players from any club on international duty.
  6. Easy tiger. I wasn’t debating what players do 24/7. I put a question out there to which a few responses were received. I hadn’t been following the story WRT the two SEVCO players, but I would argue that the clubs do have a responsibility to ensure their staff stick to the rules during these times.....as stupid as those rules may be. As others have mentioned. What’s the difference between car sharing and celebrating a goal with 11 players clambering all over each other.
  7. What action was taken against SEVCO for two of their players being at a house party? Just curious as I don’t recall any outcome.
  8. If the Saints win next week then please continue with starting the match day threads. You should then be the only one allowed to do so. If Saints lose next week then be cast out into the darkness, never to start match day threads for eternity [emoji6]
  9. Not sure about the penalty shouts, but a pretty honest assessment of the game by McInnes.
  10. At least the bus was following the social distancing rules.
  11. I kinda lost touch with a lot of folks as I’d been working overseas. If it’s the same Monkey I’m thinking about his mood could change like the weather. Had a run in with the local constabulary after jumping one of my team mates as he was getting into his car after a game (if it’s the same guy)
  12. I think I remember him from the 5’s at Pitz, absolute loonball. Did he not pass away a few years ago?
  13. Don’t shoot the messenger chap. I should have added a comment when I posted that. I didn’t check if the stats in the video matched those in the ONS site, primarily because they would probably have been out of date. I’ve watched/listened to many a epidemiologist/virologist etc that have differing views from the so-called SAGE experts.......... but we’re been told they’re all wrong (I’m not referring to you, but the media) and these people are being silenced for expressing their professional views. Who to believe? I don’t trust anything coming out of Downing Street nor from NS. I don’t agree with the lockdowns, but I do believe the vulnerable should be protected. Selfish some will say on my part, but maybe that’s down to my circumstances. I have been on my lonesome since the 8th March, that was the last time I seen my wife, no idea when I’ll see her again (her country border has been closed since March 25th) I don’t agree with Bud the Baker for example on Covid, but I wouldn’t slag him off as he is perfectly entitled to his views and opinion. His Covid circumstance/experience is no doubt different to mine, which may or may not contribute to his opinion. A bit of a long winded response, but there you go.
  14. Sorry to hear about your friend chap. For what it’s worth, my cousin has Covid and he’s in a care home (the one at the foot of the braes) I believe 15 patients and roughly the same amount of staff have it.
  15. Those two give politicians a bad name. Today’s UK figures.
  16. I don’t believe Trump supporters have been rioting, looting and burning down businesses.... just saying [emoji849]
  17. It could be stored in the supermarket freezers earmarked for the chlorinated chicken that we won’t be getting.
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