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  1. You know you can watch highlights of our games on the SPFL channel on youtube, right? Usually you have to wait till Sunday evening to watch the highlights unless you live outside the UK (like me...) in which case they are already available on Saturday evenings. You can see both of Drury's chances here (but you may have to wait till Sunday evening if watching it in the UK):
  2. So....Adam Drury.... has he officially signed with us on loan yet? If not, any ideas as to when he will...or has the deal gone south?
  3. So um.... still no reason for postponing the game?
  4. Why are folk surprised Dilo won't be around?! There were reports circling the French media around a month ago that he wasn't getting an extension and was going to join Celtic as a back up. http://www.francefootball.fr/news/Dilo-interesse-le-celtic-glasgow/464138 or if you prefer something in English... http://sportwitness.ning.com/forum/topics/celtic-looking-to-bring-in-dilo I suppose Neil Lennon leaving may have changed whether he goes to Celtic or not - but doesn't change the fact we aren't giving him an extension.
  5. Could start a Messi thread... yeah would look great in black and white... don't see it happeneing... but stilll eh? Nice to think about?
  6. I feel slightly behind having not entered any songs on here in the 400+ pages... So the last ten songs I listened to were (not my favourites...just what I happened to listen to...): 01 Ghinzu - Cold War 02 Apulanta - Koneeseen Kadonnut 03 The Offspring - Trust In You 04 Capdown - Faith No More 05 Infected Mushroom - I Wish 06 Breed 77 - The Game 07 Social Distortion - Reach For The Sky 08 Muse - Unnatural Selection 09 The Prodigy - Stand Up 10 Čechomor - Proměny
  7. I was shocked when I heard about Gus' departure but was looking forward to the new style of Lennon after he was appointed. It'll be a tight league. We competed well enough in the first half but I didn't see a goal coming from either team. If it was 0-0 at half time then it could have been different. Anyone who saw the Dundee Utd game must know that goals out of nothing change games. My only worry (actually I'd be lying if I said there was only one, but hopefully a couple of wins will sort us out) is that everyone is getting injured...which makes me think of the Scotland team under Burley... but when you look at the players Danny brought in - while they aren't all amazing - McGregor and Wardlaw are real finds.
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