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  1. prov

    Wma To Mp3

    Being a Habbie, can't say I've ever heard of nanter. Anyway back onto topic, have a look for dBPoweramp, graet utility for changing audio file formats.
  2. prov

    Top 5 Band Names

    I'm sure I saw a poster for this mob when they were playing in Glasgow years ago, the support band was lesbian dope heads on mopeds, well made me laugh, but I was only about 12.
  3. You could try: Overnet or DC++, both free to download.
  4. Never mind wimmens fitba teams wearing it, what about getting our physio to wear that sort of outfit, would surely boost attendances
  5. prov

    Top 10

    Can't keep this to 10 as there are around 100,000 f*ckwits who hold season tickets for Castle Greyskull & Darkhead. But the top 10 individuals are: 1. Sandy Clark: for the goal that never crossed the line 2. The ref. Waddle, for those under 25 ask yer dad. 3. Martin Mooney, former Dumbarton player, by god did I hate that wee jobbie. 4. The ref that sent off 3 or 4 Saints at Somerset park one dark and cold windy day, think his name was Timmons. 5. Steve Archibald, wage lifting c**t 6. Ally McCoist, dirty fecker scored against us far far too often for my liking. 7. SuperTim Peter Grant 8. Alex Bone for raising his game to almost adequate after he left the Buds 9. George O'Boyle, coke snorting (allegedly)wee s***e (definatley) 10. Warren Hawke
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