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  1. To be fair the sight and sound of 1800 muppets behind the goal giving a rendition of god save the queen was the biggest toe curler of the whole afternoon!
  2. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/317613-how-lucky-are-these-adult-male-non-pregnant-non-disabled-opposition-supporters/?page=4 Have a read at this im sure they dont mind us really. They are bitter to the core.
  3. Seen this on a St Mirren fans page (Facebook) The post Read: Andy Gregory‎St. Mirren Supporters New member · 51 mins · Hi guys. im not a st mirrin fan but my wee mate was. Duncan kilpatrick passed away yesterday after a short spell in a coma after taking a seizure. I know he was a regular to st mirrin home games. If you could pass this on to anybody who might of known him. He hasnt got many family. I'll post details of his funeral when i find out. R.I.P DUNKY
  4. The team were immense tonight kept going and battled for the win. How many players did united get booked for diving tonight the shower of shite cheats. Well done saints lets keep marching on.
  5. Hopefully that little runt Paul McMullan's next shite is a hedgehog. That little cheat could have cost us had he managed to con the ref. Got to keep on going COYS
  6. Simple and effective display by Monaco fans this evening in the background.
  7. Good move that's another one out the door and wasn't surprised to see him go, in all honestly never felt confident going into a game knowing this guy was in goals.
  8. Days like today are what its all about The team were brilliant from start to finish, the fans were in full voice and the dundee fan who I walked past pre match saying to his son he thought the score would be four one to Dundee (nae luck) Superb Saints
  9. To be fair on the stadium its about 1000 times better than that shitehole down the road (cappielow).
  10. Should be an army of fans at the training ground on monday hounding this shower of dogs who played today. Complete and utter disgrace.
  11. Andy Webster Keep on running up the tunnel out the door up the street and beyond. G T F
  12. Here's a thought do you think Kyle Hutton actually gives a toss about what we think?
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