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  1. All businesses and industries will be affected in some way. You'd like to think if it becomes major for the economy, there would be some sort of "bail out" arranged, even if just free, unconditional overdrafts to pay staff and bills etc
  2. Actually, there would be no change in outcome so my da is still my da.
  3. It's funny how things work out. Had we drawn with Motherwell then beaten St Johnstone, the team would have been cheered off the park after a crucial week that kept us ahead of Hamilton and Hearts. Switch the results and we're doomed.
  4. Not far from the truth. Players' shirt sponsor is a betting company with 130 followers on Twitter and no website. The current chairman was emailing local builders last week asking them to sponsor the event. There are big issues in the BDO but none more so than that current chairman who has been a disaster. At the last BDO "major", he put fake names in the draws. This coincidentally resulted in his wife being a seed in the ladies comp! Also responsible for the disastrous decision to leave Lakeside this year. It was a dump but at least it had the history and people went to it. It's worth following darts forums and Justin Credible Darts blog to read about the total mess the BDO has become.
  5. Someone asked about him at the AGM last night. Recently signed a new contract and aim is to have him in the first team by 16 or 17. No indication he's in any rush to leave.
  6. Having a chronic groin problem since he was a teenager probably does mean permanently injured.
  7. Was going to post much the same. Not only is the pitch soaking, it's cutting up in areas. Don't remember the pitch being in such bad shape at this time of the year.
  8. £45 for a tribute band! f**k me. And people say football is overpriced. Tribute bands should be playing weddings and pubs. Baffling that they have any sort of credibility.
  9. The groin issue is an important point that seems to have been glossed over by most. McAllister couldn't start every game last season due to it. Will this have changed?
  10. Sam Parkin doing punditry, Hayden Coulson playing for Middlesbrough.
  11. The Prime Minister talking as if every Brit voted leave is highly inaccurate and a slap in the face for no less than 16 million Brits.
  12. I'm not sidestepping anything. You literally have no idea about any of the points you made. For example, how many funerals took place in Paisley last year and how many took place at St Mirren? I presume you don't know but seem to want to raise it as an issue.
  13. Apologies for confusing your outrage with frustration and disappointment. I have no idea of the outcomes you mention, nor do you.
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