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  1. Thorizaar

    Worst Result In Our History

    We have no wins on the league table. It's not a win at this stage of the competition.
  2. Thorizaar

    First Team Squad

    Going out of a cup competition after one defeat is a fairly standard outcome. At least the groups guarantee 4 games. Higher ranked teams entering a competition later is nothing new either. Standard procedure for the Scottish Cup. I really doubt the League Cup format affects any rankings.
  3. Agreed the ABC is a bigger loss to more people. Used by thousands most weeks for all sorts of music. As opposed to an elite art school used by students building sculptures out of horse dung then flogging them for inflated sums.
  4. Thorizaar

    Sunday sun

    And just to add, on 12th June, the club announced that 1,800 STs had been sold. Four days later it's now over 3,000?
  5. Thorizaar

    Sunday sun

    Other posters mentioned 4,000 which i was replying to, Tony mentiond 3,000. 2 weeks is significant, as is another month and a half that it took last season to reach 1,000.
  6. Thorizaar

    Sunday sun

    I only read a post from the club on Friday saying sales were up 43% on this time last year. On 2nd June last year, the West Stand had sold 479 and it took until 11th July to sell 1,000. Using all these published figures based on the busiest stand, seems impossible for nearly 4,000 STs to have been sold. I'm putting this story down as Tony Talk.
  7. Thorizaar

    League Opener

    Using the theory that it will be the reverse opening fixture from last season of one of the relegated teams, it will be Dundee or Hibs at home.
  8. Thorizaar

    Darren Jackson Head Coach

    Don't forget being declared bankrupt as a result of tax dodging.
  9. Thorizaar

    Jack's Return!

    Really hope this game wasn't part of the deal for Ross to go there.
  10. Thorizaar

    Paisley Pubs

    Monterey Jacks American Bar/Restaurant opening soon too in former Sitar on Moss Street
  11. Thorizaar

    New Manager Latest Odds

  12. Thorizaar

    Ross County Relegated

    Nice grounds don't have portacabin toilets and outside food stalls.
  13. It doesn't, as season tickets in the South Stand will be cheaper as these games aren't included.
  14. Then why no attempt to maximise the number of people paying to fill seats? They have done that with this decision.
  15. It's incredible what can be dreamt up. The BoD run a business. They have wages and bills to pay and ensure the club doesn't lose money. They think it's better to have people paying to fill seats than have empty seats earning nothing. That's it.