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  1. Thorizaar

    Tansey Banned

    The SPFL own the footage and will watch it themselves. Whether it's featured on Sportscene or not is irrelevant.
  2. Thorizaar

    GAME OFF........... :(

    Was up there that day too. Was there not some conspiracy theory back story to it about half their team being injured?
  3. Thorizaar

    Irritating Words and Phrases

  4. Thorizaar

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    It's been stated that there was fighting before that game. Might explain increased police presence being necessary?
  5. Thorizaar

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    An i missing something here? There's a letter at the start of the thread that lists repeated instances of standing on seats, hoardings and sitting on someone's shoulders. As there seems to be a "we've done nothing wrong" feeling, is the implication that all these things didn't happen and have been made up by the club?
  6. Thorizaar

    Red Card Yesterday

    Not at all. I still think it's a dive. Amused that the appeals panel that's been derided, slaughtered and criticised all season is now the definitive authority. You're allowed to disagree with refs and appeal panels whether it goes for or against you.
  7. Thorizaar

    Red Card Yesterday

    It's a clear dive. How anyone can watch the slow mo and think otherwise is baffling. He's clearly on his way down before he reaches the defender.
  8. Thorizaar


    There's always a car parking complaint. The names on shirts point was bizarre. Slightly more exciting was confirmation that McGinn money is paid in instalments so more still to come and that manager contracts have annual break clauses in them so Stubbs' pay off was just the remaining 9 months of first year's salary.
  9. Thorizaar

    Saint Mirren v Hamilton 1 Dec 2018

    I was just about to post that some of the stuff i heard shouted at ball boys, i.e. children, today was pretty appalling. Anyone going to a football match and putting any sort of blame on kids helping out really needs to get a grip of themselves.
  10. Can't see the issue here. The club took in transfer money and paid it out again. Had the transfer income not been there, it wouldn't have been paid out, so the net effect is the same. The club targets to break even each year and it's done just that plus made a small profit.
  11. Thorizaar

    Irritating Words and Phrases

    "I don't watch normal TV anymore" Smugly said by people who watch Netflix for 17 hours a day on a Saturday and Sunday.
  12. Thorizaar

    Samson to Sunderland

    His contract isn't necessarily null and void when his player registration is cancelled. He would still be an employee and could move with compensation as a manager would.
  13. Thorizaar

    Samson to Sunderland

    There is no transfer. He's retired from playing therefore his player registration isn't moving from one club to another. Non playing staff can move at any time.
  14. Thorizaar

    Irritating Words and Phrases

    Buzzing for you/totally buzzing for today etc