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  1. No shit hitting any fan there. Exactly the same situation as it's always been and he even clarifies why he's here this week.
  2. It's more than likely it will be Ross County away as they will take on Dundee's fixture pattern which will be reversed from last season in terms of home/away.
  3. My favourite thread of every year without fail. Reading grown men having meltdowns about the design of a piece of fabric is joyous.
  4. Women's football is being hyped in the media but public reality seems to be different. I've not heard one single person talk about the world cup. Apart from the 18,000 crowd the other week, run of the mill women's games have hardly anyone turning up to watch.
  5. I'm pretty sure they do actually use a smaller ball in women's football.
  6. Then your comments about RC and DU getting more than us are pretty irrelevant.
  7. Free entry for Scotland supporters club members and £5 for everyone else will have helped, but not sustainable to keep doing that.
  8. The real prize money figures are here. https://spfl.co.uk/news/spfl-prize-pot-reaches-25m
  9. Unlikely given the capacity is less than that now plus there were empty seats in the ground.
  10. You have no idea what his current income is.
  11. To a degree. Wanting folk sacked because you might need to sit in a different seat to watch a football match is a bit much though.
  12. So it's irrelevant when winning, shambles when drawing.
  13. You're never going to get any specific figures on any individual's salaries. However, it was said at the AGM in December that due to break clauses, Stubbs was only paid the remaining 9 months of the first year of his contract.
  14. Dundee United haven't reached the play off final.
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