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  1. Result was disappointing today but we should never take for granted what a fantastic support we have. Nearly 1700 there today loudly supporting the team from the first minute till the last. There’s been a noticeable improvement since Jack Ross’ first season, and the W7 boys have to be commended for their input into that also.
  2. Villa fans absolutely love him and have voted him MOTM on their forum in about 25 out of 30 games. Go and read the Villa talk forum there is a 90 page thread in him with posters stating he’s better than Milner at the same age.
  3. The problem nowadays is that we have pundits on TV and radio who continually come out and say that if there is contact then a player has the right to go down. Football is a contact sport and the only time a player should be going down is when the force of the contact is enough to bring the player to the ground. However, football has changed now and all other 11 teams in the Premiership will have players who go down at the first bit of contact, so I don’t see why we should be disadvantaged by telling our players to stay on their feet at all costs. It happens at every level of football from Barcelona down to Sunday league, and it’s not going to change any time soon.
  4. It’s amazing how you can get a vibe from a manager even before they have taken charge of a game. Right from the first interview I watched from Stubbs I had a feeling things weren’t going to work out...he was very dismissive of the part the fans can play at St. Mirren, which was polar opposite from Jack Ross who mentioned the bond between the players and fans in literally every interview I seen. Kearney seems very much in the mould of Jack Ross going by the testimonials of his ex-players and chairman. The only thing I’m surprised about is that the board didn’t offer it to him in the summer. It’s easy looking back in hindsight though and obviously the board believed they were making the correct decision in appointing Stubbs.
  5. I’ve just been reading several articles about a man called Harold Currie who was the chairman of St. Mirren in 1974 and was the man who brought Alex Ferguson to the club. He seems to have lived a very interesting life. Was involved in the Second World War and was given France’s highest bravery award in 2015 for his actions in Normandy. He was also the Chief Executive of Chivas distillery in the 1960s and refereed a game in the Maracana between Brazil and Uruguay in 1962. I see that he sadly passed away a couple of years ago but for my ignorance I had never heard of the man. Anyone who was attending games back in the 70s know any more about him?
  6. If anyone has a spare become available could they give me a PM please would be happy to take it off you. Cheers
  7. Does anyone know if the Morton fans will be able to buy tickets on the day? Left it too late and going to need to go in the away end if it’s possible.
  8. Support today was brilliant let's keep that for the rest of the season because it's obvious the team feeds off it.
  9. Does anyone know when tickets for this go on sale. ?
  10. Yep I always go to Ibrox as I would hate not to be there if (when) we win. Never had trouble walking down and picking up a ticket before. Haven't bought a season ticket this season either so looks like I might have to ask a favour from a friend who is a ST holder.
  11. What do you reckon the chances are of a non season ticket holder getting a ticket for this game?
  12. I have a friend who was working on laying Tarmac at the car parks down Murray Street and appearently these car parks can be quite lucrative if people buy an individual car space and then rent if out. Don't know if this is the route St. Mirren are taking but would be worth looking into. I believe spaces go for upwards of £20k. Here is a statement I've found on a website called Park First Investment... Airport car parking is at a premium and has been a long-standing, high yielding corporate investment worldwide. Park First is proud that this investment is no longer just for the super rich, with individual parking spaces now available to purchase from just £20,000 each. Single or multiple parking spaces are available to purchase, which provide a guaranteed return within the first two years of 8% per annum. Each parking space carries a single title deed, which is registered in your own name or that of your company at the Land Registry. Glasgow Airport is expanding, along with all other main city airports. It offers strong long-term growth due to the massive expansion of global air travel. Glasgow Airport long stay parking is an excellent commercial property investment and a fantastic way to diversify your investment portfolio.
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