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  1. Best estimate from the 28 day stats is around 90% of the deaths are Covid caused, as in the person would not have died if they didn't catch Covid. The other 10% are thought to be coincidental. However it is a red herring, there is likely more people that have died from Covid after 28 day periods have elapsed or who were never diagnosed. So the 28 day figure as it stands now of around 153,000 is very likely to be an Under estimate. People still bringing this point up almost two years later have not read into the question they are asking.
  2. There are ways to limit the number of posts you share on here I suppose. Hiding behind ignore functions and taking digs only when a person is quoted, not allowing them to defend themselves seems like one... A cowardly one but one none the less.
  3. Yeah, it is very disappointing. Drop in the ocean stuff compared to what I feel is needed. I would have - Max squad sizes at Senior and top youth levels (say from the U16s and up) of around 22-25 - Minimum numbers on homegrown players within all those squads (maybe between 8-10 players developed by the club for at least three years before the players 18th birthday making eligible for their nation in most cases) - After a grace period, from those homegrown players, X numbers must feature in every league starting 11 (three or four club homegrown players). For me it will force clubs to double down and really focus on youth development, will stop situations where the two biggest clubs in Scotland have probably more Nigerians or Chinese players in their strongest 11s than Scottish. It will also have a positive impact on players that are maybe not cut out for a career in football getting false hope and ending up abandoned at 22-25 with no real education or strong prospects for a good career away from football.
  4. Proportional action? 🤣 you have been crying over table service at pubs, reduced crowds at football games and nightclubs having to change to bars/ closing temporarily as if we have went full lockdown for several months like 2020. You have never thought the action was proportionate from the very start of this pandemic with your "flu" comments yet here we sit with very likely upwards of 150,000 Covid caused deaths in the UK alone. To think we should sit back and wait or go on very early data from a country in Southern Africa (no it was not a clear indicator, a country in the middle of their summer with a much younger population) when we have seen what's happened before was and is extremely dangerous. It is literally gambling with human life. You're again lashing out with personal insults, you're an embarrassment to yourself, forum users and St Mirren fans. To think I only have this view because of my personal circumstances shows you don't have a shred of empathy in your body. You also continue to confuse impacts of restrictions with impacts of lack of government support, you don't seem to have any concept that they're different. Doesn't surprise me, you really have struggled with basic information. That isn't tended as insulting, it's simply fact. 51,000+ posts and you can dictate how people should rightly or wrongly use BAWA, you can jog on. The influenza virus existed long before the Spanish flu and has been the cause of many deaths. My point is purely, a pandemic at this stage in history shouldn't be treated like previous pandemics in human history. We have the capability to better protect, support and prevent populations. Surely you don't deny that?
  5. ‘Pure want to Ignore this poster’ ^^^ 😂 Cowering behind quotes.
  6. But it wasn’t ‘one’ life was it? 🤷‍♂️ The data from South Africa when you were banging on was extremely limited. You have jumped the gun multiple times before in similar fashion. Showing your complete inability once again to comprehend anything beyond your own self interest. And comparing very moderate restrictions to full on lockdown life. You have got no high ground whatsoever to lecture anyone on how they use this website. Embarrassing 😂 ’Proudly’ pathetic once again. I’m sure we will overcome Covid, that doesn’t mean we should hand out death sentences because of what people did several hundred years ago. 🤦‍♂️
  7. From almost day one you have criticised restrictions with caution always coming out as the most sensible approach. Including for Omicron. Milder variant but still not a mild virus.
  8. And that's where the comparisons largely stop over the last two years. Covid is not a mild virus and as such hasn't been treated like milder, less harmful virus... like the flu.
  9. As I’ve said, it’s great news that this wave is less severe & the vaccines have predictably had a big impact. But the very modest restrictions have observably put Scotland in a better position. A PM that didn’t take the necessary precautions & introduced restrictions by stealth without enough additional support. This has had a negative impact on the nations overall health. He is now trying to chase the popular vote to cover the fact he has broke rules he set himself that somehow he also didn’t know what they were. If that doesn’t make sense to you… join the club.
  10. What a disaster for public health that would be. Don’t you know? He knows better than the leading scientists and government advisers on how to handle pandemics. 😂
  11. I’d be a rich man if I put a score on it at the bookies.
  12. 16 goals in his most recent 16 games at his last club securing them a promotion play-off spot to the NZ top flight, great stuff.
  13. Will be interesting to see how this analysis plays out. One of the key points yet again is the 28 days death toll is too narrow for giving a true reflection of Covid caused deaths over the pandemic. Another important caveat is this approach will "likely understate the effect of the pandemic in January and February"
  14. Almost always the first person to complain & moan when I argue with someone else on a thread back & forth… Also Faraway 🤣🤣🤣 feels like the outrage at my existence is boiling over. Triggered
  15. Oh no, are you going to put me back on ignore? How will I cope without your obsession for the 18 hours or so that would last? 🤣🤣🤣
  16. Attacking & belittling. Hates that I have so accurately called him on it. Mind the 3 posts a day rule… clearly rattled 🤣🤣
  17. Trolling, attacking, belittling pretty much anyone you have disagreements with on BAWA. Shameful.
  18. You can trawl back all you want, it’ll be same as above where you’re shown to be wrong. You once agin belittle, attack & troll to cope. a truly pathetic approach to the fan forum. You lied & claimed I said it would be as bad as the delta wave, in reality that was never what I said. The increased vaccination was always going to have positive impacts & I said as much. We also simply didn’t have enough data to know how severe the variant was going to be compared to other variants. The data you said to use from South Africa was extremely early stage. Modest restrictions were the right call (although feel finance permitting they could have went a bit further across the other 3 home nations), you make it out like they locked down the nation again. Dramatising at both ends of the scale for your agenda. If it’s such a hardship to engage with me, just don’t do it as you’ve threatened several times. 🤷‍♂️ What is it about me that you’re incapable of ignoring? Is it an obsession or something? We’ve seen many times even when I’m not in a subject you desperately try to drag me in my quoting or mentioning me. Strange.
  19. Sadly I was right regarding this, all it took was to follow the scientific views & what had happened previous waves. Great news Omicron isn’t as severe (you lied that I said it was the same as Delta) and very moderate restrictions have seemingly had positive impacts but we (particularly reference to the UK) could have done more.
  20. Good summary to a question on if Scotland was ‘too quick to act’ by Jason Leitch here. This pandemic has continued to show acting fast has been the best measure. Assuming data before we fully know it can & has been deadly in previous waves. That isn’t to taking away from the good news that Omicron is less severe (not a mild illness, just less severe than other variants) which we now know as opposed to just suspected when early data came out of South Africa. Still… at this point ‘I think the advice we gave was correct’ I tend to believe he is better placed to conclude on that given his extensive medical knowledge background than some others on here who maybe do not quite have such a background… On another note, restrictions don’t end businesses and livelihoods, lack of adequate support by one of the most developed nations on earth can though.
  21. Calling you out on your behaviour, clearly touched a nerve. No pals, just likes every post when it’s aimed at me. ‘Ignore’ 🤣
  22. Pathetic & baseless claim once again. Irony off the chart as well from hands down the most miserable, antagonistic troll still on the site. Lashing out, attacking & lying for 50,000+ posts. Embarrassing.
  23. The scientists made these predictions not me. You jumped the gun from the very start with the ‘flu’ nonsense. You’d think you’d have learned after several waves. The sad part is you would rather force yourself to believe I want to see more death than accept I was right to trust the science over the pandemic. If you don’t want me to respond, don’t mention me (directly or indirectly) it could not be simpler yet you fail to ‘ignore’ me (like your cowering pal) time & time again. Also sad.
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