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  1. I imagine you’re right. Retaining a manager that gets us relegated would do far worse. For clarity, I am not calling for him to be sacked, just that I wouldn’t take issue if that was the decision made at this point. The performances, tactics & players attitudes on the park have me extremely nervous about this managerial appointment. Do you honestly not have the same concern?
  2. Gilmour left us 7th in the championship on a downward spiral from the top flight. I’m eternally grateful for all he did while here but since he left, we have progressed on the park every single season. That’s fact, since SMISA came in we haven’t seen one season (until likely now) where we haven’t finished higher up the leagues than the season before. Yes we are in a new financial period, that doesn’t mean impacts from previous financial periods vanish. we are no worse than most clubs at this level, in fact due to good financial spending over the course of SMISA & GLS (keeping us in the black each year until Covid) we are probably in a better position. I get people are angry about the performances on the park & the managerial appointment isn’t working to date but this is exactly what some of our fans do. Instead of directing their feelings and views to the actual situation, they go off on massive tangents. Clubs finances, SMISA, Kibble, staffing decisions, etc, etc. Yes it’s frustrating what’s going on in football terms right now but financially, the club is in no danger whatsoever, we’re fine. BOD direction, we are less than a year into the fan ownership model, Kibble & SMISA aren’t magic wanding it, things will take time & making operational changes was literally part of the selling. Point for bringing in Kibble. You have to break some eggs to make an omelette.
  3. You absolutely do, it’s the only explanation for your behaviour on here. You care enough to hold a grudge despite me on multiple times saying we should put it behind us. Fans were calling for Goodwin’s head weeks after he joined, same for Kearney & Ross. It’s now the same for Robinson (earliest I seen was at two games in). That’s just some fans ridiculous nature. Goodwin’s job should (and wasn’t) never have been at risk. As games go on for the new man in charge, the calls become more and more sensible… Don’t however confuse this with those fans making sound prediction. If someone is absolutely always pointing to the negative (Elvis a good example) by the laws of averages they’ll eventually get it right.
  4. Don’t remember that. Financially, we’ll be fine. Let’s not forget we need to factor in the the doomsday, St Moan attitudes of many of the fans on this forum.
  5. Practically all clubs are running at a deficit right now as we recover from the pandemic. We’ll be fine.
  6. I wouldn’t say so, no. For the most part, Goodwin always had us close. He made us difficult to beat & even during poor runs of form, the players looked committed (give or take the very odd match) Last two matches I have seriously questioned the players commitment to the manager. Again, as I say though, you’ll argue the opposite of what I do regardless. I could be talking about the benefits of a European run for the club & you’d find something to moan about. 😂
  7. Right now I would be a bit indifferent either way. I am getting quite concerned that he just can’t motivate the team or tactically set them up. If we did sack him it would be a sore one financially but for me, it would be garden leave & give the control to someone like McManus. The honeymoon period is over, he needs to deliver in the bottom six now or even if he does survive to next season, people will be (rightly) on his back from the first few games.
  8. I’m all for giving a manager time, Goodwin did need a bit of time at the start of his St Mirren career. But we never looked anything like as bad or disinterested under Goodwin as we have done the last two matches. You’d argue black is white when it comes to me. You’ve got a massive chip on your shoulder whenever you engage in my posts because of how our previous comments have went. It’s actually embarrassing how you let it control you so much.
  9. That’s not true, we are in one of the strongest financial positions of any team in the top flight. Everyone is struggling to an extent after the pandemic but they confirmed at the AGM things aren’t as bad as some fans made out. Like with Stubbs & Rae, if his form continues, it will get to the point where we can’t afford to keep him.
  10. Goodwin took a team that finished 11th in the premier league to 9th, to 7th & left them in a points per game position of 5th (maybe even 4th) All teams go through poor runs but they also go through good runs which Goodwin was on when we left. That team today were absolutely dire & it wasn’t just the performance, there was no passion & little interest. If we keep him I hope he turns it around but I won’t lose sleep if he’s sacked in the morning.
  11. I would not be surprised or disappointed if they sacked Robinson before the end of the season at this rate. The difference in this team since Goodwin is unbelievable. Not a single player with pass marks today.
  12. ‘For months’ You were wrong, too bitter just to accept it.
  13. Game over, we have absolutely chucked it. No desire, no passion on that park. St Johnstone result stays the same, we’re in a relegation battle. Getting more & more difficult to justify the managerial appointment now. I did say give him the summer but I now have serious reservations about what he can do.
  14. Gagging for my attention, are you Slarti in disguise? Would make sense to cower behind one account & cry into another 😂
  15. Careful, BEK will have a go at you for that… or maybe that’s just me. 😅
  16. That’s fine, you’re wrong. We have been dire. We’re making a very poor Motherwell team look good. Their issues at the back are flattering us but we have next to nothing in the midfield & our defending is just as bad.
  17. Kibble are our part owners, they’re part of the St Mirren family. You had them condemned before the deal was completed & called for their removal weeks into the fan ownership. You're miserable when it comes to SMFC. You are (as usual) using me as a coping mechanism on BAWA because we are playing terribly. You’ve done it several times this season. True St Moan loyal.
  18. Genuine supporter wouldn’t be questioning a fan backed ownership model before its even begun. You had St Mirren hung before a trial, one of the most negative people on the forum. A real fan doesn’t show emotion when their club is playing very poorly & going through a terrible run of form, okay whatever you say 😂
  19. One and the same regarding our ownership model, you got outvoted, get over it.
  20. From one of the most negative fans on the forum. Clearly a coping mechanism
  21. Complete disgrace, getting very difficult to defend this team. Spineless, gutless & useless.
  22. Six figures for Dunne? Yes please. Surely an April fools, he's been on terrible form for months.
  23. Or... if you both just stop mentioning me, responding to me or referencing me in posts, the problem goes away. We know that's beyond your capability though.
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