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  1. Your right! sadly many fans believe in miracles, we have lost 19 games and won only 3, time some fans woke up to reality Oran is hopeless and hasn't a clue .
  2. I don't think the board will sack him but you never know, i would say this is the worst season i have seen for years and if we get religated will we end up like Partick Thistle if we hold on to Oran ?
  3. Watching game right now on Alba absolutely awful, looking forward to Stubbs interview .
  4. Who were the four clubs Stubbs turned down?
  5. I need to 2 tickets what are my chances of getting them before kickoff?
  6. Does anyone know if there will be tickets available for home end?
  7. What time is best to get a ticket before kickoff and what is concession is it student ?
  8. I'm hoping the season goes well, but i am having doubts after watching last Saturdays game at Firhill, it was like watching a junior team play, shocking! Jack would have been better signing players from the homeless world cup as they play better, look forward to next home game to see what happens!
  9. How about a speedway track like Berwick Rangers and a burger van, no seriously leave the pitch as it is!
  10. Tommy Craig the movie coming soon 2015 He is a football wizard.
  11. Sir Tommy Craig MBE was 64 yesterday Happy Birthday old man time to retire.
  12. The ball also looks pink, was the strip designed by Sir Tommy Craig MBE ?
  13. Are there still some seats left for the Thistle game?, went to buy tickets this morning online and says unavailable!
  14. I checked website, shows last seasons prices 2012-2013.
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