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  1. I think you will find he was never a policeman
  2. Or was it a move to limit numbers as they prepared for her children's vigil this evening?
  3. The Labyrinth 2022 Scottish-made indy movie released soon
  4. Sorry i mentioned any of this, the thread is about the dome
  5. i lived there from late 82 to May 86. The police operation took place in 83 and we moved out within days of the incident on the stairs as i worked shifts and couln't be there to protect my family. as for context "when i had to chase a bunch of 20-something twats who were pissing in the close at night, next thing there were 6 of them on the landing and i had to physically throw two of them down the first flight before the rest fled" if you dont get that i was in a very threatening situation from that then I could fear for your safety on the streets, if I could be arsed. Just to add, these were men in their 20s, not a crowd of 20 and there had been between 6 and 12 of them outside the building from early evening.
  6. Did you get yourself arrested for throwing two people down the stairs? No? Well then ... I think it is about context, they had drunkenly come up the stairs looking for trouble, one of them attacked me and the other tried to get at me while i was dealing with his mate. On relfection, maybe i should have put the kettle on and offered the use my toilet instead of the close. And i did call the police who were happy to attend and see the area was clear.
  7. 3 Glenapp road, well known nut job brothers lived up the stairs on the other side of the landing, a less well known but still significant female nutter across from us. Directly above was a raging alcoholic who used to chase his wife around the flat while they both screamed and their poor wee boy hid and a shitbag taxi driver who lived below. It was a hellish place to house a young couple. From the outside the building looked lovely and was only around 10-ish years old. No 1 and the Lochfield flats had model tenants by comparison and we thought we had won a watch, Found out from relatives who lived nearby and some of my colleagues in Geigy who were near neighbours that there was a group of people looking out for us as the street was notorious at the time, A guy who lived in No 5 or 7, a family man who was in the TA got constantly harassed because he tried to hunt the neds who hung about the close. I heard he got a severe beating from them a few months after we left. One afternoon i walked up fro the town with my 10 month-old son in his buggy aand couldn't help notice that there were several police cars around Lochfield road and parked tight in to the garages next to the busstop. Got inside and saw several more cars up the hill behind. Next thing there was a commotion on the stairs and armed police were leading one of the loonies from upstairs away. He had stabbed someone in the street for no reason, BillyG;s father in law was a witness i found out later and he randomly attacked a guy in the street. Plenty of people who know me post here from time to time and can confirm how bad a time we had there, which was still better than some had and at least we were able to move on
  8. You couldnt sit there, streets full of neds and every other family in the close had a dug they just let out to shite wherever. It was our first place and we were delighted to go into a very new builing in such a good location (Dykebar). One day I was leaving the house and opened the door to find the Sheltie from downstairs pissing against it. I chased it and the owner asked me where her dug was when i passed, i told her that for once she would have to put some shoes on and deal with her pet. The next day the dug got a kick up the arse that it wouldnt forget when it tried peeing there again. We moved out 6 months later when i had to chase a bunch of 20-something twats who were pissing in the close at night, next thing there were 6 of them on the landing and i had to physically throw two of them down the first flight before the rest fled. In our next flat i had to have the woman downstairs arrested for hitting my wife and in our last place we got broken into and the place ransacked. No wonder we left Paisley with no regrets, I have no fond memories of the town and only go back for the football now.
  9. A policeman once advised me to cover the top of my garden wall with dog shite to deter unwanted visitors, it worked even though i didnt have a dog at the time. Just picked upo the shite that my neighbours dogs left on the back green
  10. Only worth replacing if there can be a security fence or similar to keep the idiots out. I would think the insurance would pay at least a part of the cost of replacement but the club may choose to trouser that money in the current climate. I doubt it coud be re-insured at a reasonable price without fixed security measures.
  11. dont worry, once she is back in London they will be falling over themselves to say that she is home
  12. well if it is at the discretion of the club, at a televised match, my preference is that it is played. People outside the country know less about the behaviour of celtic fans and St Mirren will be wrongly highlighted as the only club not playing it purely because it is on the telly
  13. I am OK with it, I really don't support the monarchy but it is a big thing for those who do. My issue is, the reaction of the Scum support to the playing of said song. I susoect that they will gather with the intention of being angry and howl all through it before disrupting minute silence
  14. Why not, dozens did it yesterday and stopped traffic out of East Dunfermline. Althought there were very few of them, they parked their cars on the M90 slip road and blocked up 2 main roads just so they could watch her majesty take her final turn in her preferred German made hearse If her son is so hot on the environment, why is he OK with her decomposition gases adding to the already poor Edinburgh air quality?
  15. Chuckie boy is apparently considering giving Balmoral to the nation. i thought that it was already ours, but while he is at it I won't complain if he can gift the income of the Crown Estatte to a fund to support the poorest of society
  16. Given Celtic are in the CL group stage and maybe the Europa league then the SPFL will do all they can to avoid fixure congestion for them and barring Policing issues i think the game will go ahead as schedules The World Cup schedule has already impacted the fixtures so not much room in the calendar for rescheduled league games with a full card already wiped this weekend.
  17. Only Celtic would be scandalised, and they're not Scottish
  18. Anyhoo, on to the new king's impact on the future of the monarchy. I firmly believe he will stick his weel-heeled size nines directly into constitutional issues like the NI protocol and Scottish independence, thereby hastening the end or at least severely reducing the role of the monarchy.
  19. I don't understand why the footie is cancelled when other sports are allowed to continue. It seems a random selection of events that will impact the proletariat the most has been made to remind us of our place.
  20. one massive (truly massive) reason for everyone to f-off and leave England to it is the appointmwnt of the deputy prime minister.
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