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  1. Went to see it at 12.01 am Thought it was great
  2. Of course we can, that doesn't mean we will I'm not sure what you are doing on here if you voted "no"
  3. Can you repeat it in Aussie?
  4. Well done England A deserved victory
  5. Cheers Agree with your sentiment, a bright point in this season will be the games v the 'ton (all of which the saints will win)
  6. Good luck sir. Things would be very different for us right now if we had kept you on.
  7. Here we go NZ win toss and elect to bat
  8. The "G" might just be a wee bit too big for an NZ side used to playing in small grounds, dont expect as manys 6's. That being said Williamson and Taylor have a talent for finding the gaps so you never know. Given my final prediction of SA V India Im not going to make a call. But I will be cheering for NZ - and that doesn't happen often!
  9. unreal match, unreal finish. So maybe it is NZ year
  10. Hope for India v NZ, think it will be India v SA
  11. I suspect Gayle will focus on 20/20 and ODIs as that's where the $$$$$$ is
  12. Big game v SA in Auckland on Tuesday, win that and I think ip they win it all, 7 times in the semis and never in the final, this could be it this time
  13. 31 sixes so far Guptil set record NZ on fire
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