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  1. Well we are in the middle of a Worldwide Pandemic I live in Spain where the area of Valenciana has just closed its borders.I was over in Scotland in September staying at my son's house I had to isolate for 14days yet a Celtic player goes for the day to Malaga comes back doesn't obey Quarantine and plays as a sub at Killie not a great deal made of it I think Celtic got a fine not sure.A few of the Aberdeen lads go boozing again a fine meanwhile Hamilton and our games are postponed.So exactly what have we done perhaps some of the guys on hear know other than have players tested positive.What the hell are we meant to do play the games and risk infecting others.Clubs have no money coming on through the gates Dundee Utd are asking players to take wage cuts yet the SPL think it is appropriate to charge us and Killie with not following guidelines.What guidelines exacting I am watching Rangers just now I don't see Gerrard wearing a mask.I have to wear a mask in the street and shops at all times.Maybe the SPL can explain in public what exactly players are meant to do in these horrible circumstances.Players are going home mixing with their family.From that viewpoint there is always the risk of infection.I truly hope Saints fight this debacle all the way.I am livid.
  2. Why do you make this assumption Div. It could just be that we are better at carrying out tests than other clubs.We have players travelling from different areas to train every day.They go home they mix with their wives and kids who have been to work and school.Moreover from where or players reside you are talking about different Health Boards viz: Argyll and Clyde Lothian Lanarkshire and Ayrshire and Arran all with varying travel restrictions.Coronavirus doesn’t move it is people who move it this should not be a blame game but a case of all clubs working together.This is a global pandemic I should know I live in Spain where we have just announced another State of Alarm.When I go out I have wear a mask at all times.I was over in Scotland for a month recently and could not leave my son’s house for 14 days.So let us get behind our club stop making unnecessary assumptions an£ applaud them for what they are doing.I watched Hearts game last Friday playing against Arbroath a part time side whose players were no doubt working earlier in the day so they could easily be infecting the opposition as there is no way they could be getting the same tests as the Hearts boys and significantly could not be in a so called “bubble”. COYS..
  3. I make no apology for my initial comments about letting Cammy go he was immense for us under Jack Ross he is a very fine footballer and I would welcome him back to Saints in the future if at all possible.I was and remain a big fan of him.Just my opinion.
  4. On the plus side we will have Flynn Dennis and new boy Finlayson to call on.
  5. Just read on Coventry Telegraph that Mason is fit and travelling to Paisley over the weekend apparently he has to undergo Covid Test at Coventry first and then is due Covid Test at St Mirren on Sunday.
  6. So has Brandon arrived in Paisley no mention today in quotes from Goodwin only saying he hoped to have Flynn and Dennis back for Saturday.Strange this altogether no pics of him signing and in a Saints jersey.
  7. Very sensible post my God some on here are very quick to judge someone there is definite talent there and that is why Leeds paid a large fee for him a few years ago.He is still young and the reason County cancelled his contract was for family reasons.So I say let's get behind him offer our support and see how things pan out.
  8. Have to say I thought we were the better side against Dons and were very very unlucky not to take something from the game for fcuks sake even Willie Miller admitted as much.Yes I think Jim could have used subs to run down the clock but we have to remember his choices were very limited oh and yes we had SIX senior players unavailable onwards and upwards COYS
  9. Jim saying today he has funds available to bring in another two players he is now looking at players out of contract and is hopeful of adding to the squad soon.
  10. Welcome to Saints Brandon and you have a successful season.
  11. A Agree Gary also factor in we have received TV income season ticket income and the generous gift from the Hearts guy there will also be revenue from trackside adverts.
  12. Press reports indicate we are trying to bring in 23 year old left back Brandon Mason from Coventry on loan.
  13. I understand your thoughts but we already have TV Revenue and Season Ticket Money think around 3k sold so we should be better than fake Saints Livi and Accies I would imagine we are fairly prudent re running costs factoring in for the moment no fans allowed we most definitely need strengthening or it could be pretty dire.
  14. Tell Hibs to give us £500k plus Mallan and McGregor and it's a deal.
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