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  1. Why did we not use all four subs like Well! Jim’s main problem is the squads inbalance a couple of defenders on bench would have enabled us to shore up defence to help our young centre backs this has to be addressed immediately.
  2. I feel the question of budget is used as an excuse far too often in my opinion Livi’s recruitment has been far superior to us for a while now no question Livi can’t pay huge salaries their season ticket sales are around 800 but they seem to get right good hungry players in the door like the boy Dykes from Queens surely we should have been for this player and the guy Lawless from Partick add the boy Pittman signed from Broxburn
  3. This squad is so severely unbalanced you wonder we ever allowed the likes of Baird to go out on loan McKenzie quite frankly is a complete liability in terms of his fitness he is just never available the Manager has just wasted the transfer window for me being left short of defenders and ending up with six strikers.We now have total lack of cover in defence.
  4. I am presently living in Spain and watching Saints games on tv I know we got our goal in the 89th minute but was really upset that the ref only allowed two mins added time given the stoppages incl subs etc I would have said there was at least five mins minimum just feel this was a guess by the ref I watch a lot of matches from England including the Premier League and Championship I watched Leeds v PNE last night when with no injuries the ref played six mins added time just don’t think our refs are up to the mark
  5. Well Sonny you hit the nail there Goody is firmly out of his depth.
  6. Goody this and Goody that totally but totally out of his depth.How may candidates did the Board interview in the summer? What does Gus do to cover his salary? Recruitment has been truly awful we are only headed in one direction and the ever so loyal fans are being short changed again.Scott I feel is not up the job as Chairman of our great Football Club and the sooner he is gone the better he does not have the necessary pedigree to run a successful Football Club.A club of our size should certainly be able to compete favourably with a club like Motherwell who are similar in size to ourselves.
  7. Goodwin is out of his depth was part of the Craig management team says it all really again a rushed appointment by the Board who made a complete arse of the close season I am now questioning my SMISA membership.
  8. It is little wonder we are where we are League campaign was horrible then recruitment as is now fairly obvious leaves much to be desired in short we are an utter shambles from top to bottom nothing whatsoever to give any degree of optimism.Home form now on a dip and least said about away record the better with not even a point to show for our efforts.
  9. That’s really good management skills send one of our Academy guys on loan with over 100 first team games keep a young inexperienced loan guy and two veterans one who is totally injury prone a few questions to be addressed here amongst many others we really are shite all round.
  10. The good thing is Hibs won’t have a clue how we will line up fancy us for a point squad now taking shape.Possible that White could come in from ICT now they have signed a striker.Also think Jim will try for the boy from Killie for LB who he had at Alloa.
  11. All looking good Hibs won’t have a clue how we will line up
  12. Pretty certain Jack Ross tried to bring Waters to us but lost out to Killie could be a positive signing.
  13. The situation is we badly need a tall defensive central midfielder who can dictate play and shield the defence preferably a good sound fit journeyman type with a decent fitness record just like Goody himself this ex Northampton guy appears to fit the bill.
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