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  1. Mid Calder Saint

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    Yes I was at the match v Argentina Iain Munro was an outstanding left back think also Billy Thomson and Frank McGarvey were in that squad also.
  2. Mid Calder Saint

    Hibernian v St Mirren 5 Dec 18

    Gary: Cammy’s confidence was shot due to the way Stubbs treated him my favourite player last season I make no apology for saying that and I just want see him regain the spirit and quality he is capable of.His best position is just behind the main striker with a free role in my opinion and I pray that Oran can use him in that area.Cammy needs to be shown he is loved and admired and Jack was very capable in giving him the confidence he needs.I certainly want to keep Cammy at the club long term regardless of where we finish at the end of the season.
  3. Mid Calder Saint

    Goal Line Technology

    Meant to say timekeepers and goal line judges in ice hockey.
  4. Mid Calder Saint

    Goal Line Technology

    What else does the fourth official do? Apart from stand between the opposing managers he could quite easily sit with a monitor in front of him and assist the ref no problem.Anybody could signal any subs and hold a board up.Time for football to wake up they have had timekeepers and goal line judges in use from the beginning.
  5. Mid Calder Saint

    Robbie Neilson to Dundee Utd

    Well I most certainly wanted Robbie initially.As a young boy he did attend the final in 87 and really as much as I love Tony he has to stop the silly talk.Stubbs appointment clearly was a disaster in every aspect you just have to look at the reserve side yesterday.He simply had to go I believe we had only two of his signings in the starting line up at Aberdeen.I have been unable to take up my seat in the main stand due to having an operation recently but I am firmly behind Oran and we have to give him time and our full support.Should we be relegated it won’t be his fault it would be due to the disastrous recruitment policy of the previous manager can’t help but feel however that Gordon and Tony might just have seen the light just a little bit earlier in the way he treated members of the squad who gave us such great time just a few months ago.COYS.
  6. Mid Calder Saint

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    Best Wishes Oran welcome to Scotland and The Buddies.
  7. Mid Calder Saint

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    Sun saying Oran Kearney to be invited to be new Manager.
  8. Mid Calder Saint

    Stubbs can go now

    I wish fans would take notice it’s not just the four league games played its the feel good factor that has totally gone.Alan is no doubt a nice guy but recruitment has been woeful he seems only intent in bringing guys from down south like young inexperienced loanees and players from non league.Its as thought he has lost touch with the Scottish market.We could have brought in tried and tested players like Darren O’Dea Dom Thomas and Ryan Dow pre transfer deadline.All we got was loanees once again two of which can’t play against their parent clubs this season.Moreover we failed to beat two amateur sides in the League Cuo over ninety minutes.We all want what is best for our beloved Football Club and reluctantly for me I just feel that Alan is incapable of doing the job
  9. Mid Calder Saint

    New Manager?

    No doubt Alan is a nice guy and did well for Hibs to win the Scottish Cup but he was poor for Hibs in the Championship given their budget.He was an abject failure at Rotherham and apparently left with a handsome payoff.He has struggled badly with us in terms of results and recruitment.Now I know we are only four games into the league campaign but it took us to penalties to beat two amateur sides in the League Cup.Alan clearly has lost touch with the Scottish market and seemed only intent in bringing in lads from down south like the non league players and young loanees with little experience.In his post interview at Tynie he mentioned injured players but he had already told McKenzie McShane and Eckersley they were surplus to requirements and I I have heard that he tried to punt Cammy Smith on loan.He has clearly lost it and his time is up for me.
  10. Mid Calder Saint

    Hearts away. 01/09

    Well we knew we needed a hatful of players before midnight yesterday what did we get another midfield player who was unavailable for today and at least another three games this season.Stubbs just go now please and get out of our beloved club.
  11. Mid Calder Saint

    Ryan Edwards

    Welcome to the buds Ryan but I am struggling big time to come to terms with Stubbs signing policy.We badly need an experienced centre back and a wide player Dom Thomas and Darren O’Dea are available and are amongst a list of players told to find new clubs.I really fear for our future under this pretence manager unless he quickly sees our problems Time is running out yet another player Robbie Muirhead goes to the Pars a player we should have been after too.
  12. Mid Calder Saint

    Stubbs can go now

    I say it again we need to sign experienced guys right now who know what it is like to play in our top league and those guys are available NOW.Starting with Darren O’Dea aged 31 solid Centre Back with over 250 games.Dom Thomas good winger with over 70 games for Well and Killie still only 22 and Scot Under 21 player.Also Ryan Dow former Utd now County yet young and experienced go get them Stubbsy.
  13. Mid Calder Saint

    Stubbs can go now

    Well there are a few players available to sign one is Darren O’Dea from Dundee who has around 250 appearances at centre back could be the experienced defender we need.Dom Thomas a young winger is available aged only 22 has around 70 appearances four Killie Well and QOS so there are players available another is Ryan Dow prev Dundee Utd and now County.
  14. Mid Calder Saint

    Stubbs can go now

    Question- Did Stubbs actually go and watch all his signings from down south in action and what homework did he do.We are a development club who should be signing experienced pros to play alongside our home grown talent not filling our squad with young inexperienced loanees.We had a good squad last season better than Livi and really should have been looking to add say five or six quality signings.Christ even Livi managed it on a much lesser budget adding the likes of Lawless etc.Taxi for Stubbs I am afraid.
  15. Mid Calder Saint

    St Mirren v Livingston 25th August 18

    This is what happens when you fill your squad with loan signings who barely give a fcuk for our club.Stubbs has ruined the squad and the feel good factor.Gordon has got the appointment badly wrong.