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  1. I think he I believe Jim is a good manager talks and comes across extremely well where I believe we are lacking is having coaching in the forward areas both Jim and his number 2 were effectively defenders this is something we should address
  2. We certainly did not deserve to lose that today yes Irwin had a good few chances in the first half and of course it was a poor pen by Jamie their keeper whilst busy didn’t have to produce any great saves.We most certainly had a clear pen rejected for handball.Even Jock Brown conceded we were very unfortunate to lose.However our shape for me was all wrong we have been at our best this year with a distinct 4-2-3-1 formation and the back four should pick itself with Tait at left back.Our formation in the last ten mins was all over the place and I don’t even think our players were aware.Much improvement needed Jim and no blame elsewhere you pick the team
  3. Put McPherson in team now if he can get something better fine but he is not using my club as a last resort thanks Jake for your contribution and goodbye Cammy is every bit as good a player
  4. I thought their best player by a mile was young Dan McKay and what a goal he scored wouldn't mind Saints going after him
  5. Think the left back Marshall of Dundee is better he is a class player
  6. I can be as critical as anyone but all things considered we have been very unlucky to lose 6th place on goal diff this season we have beaten every top side bar Hibs no mean feat it was a big ask to play all those games in February with a small squad so in all on reflection I have been pleased with our progress albeit I am gutted today.The fake Saints have pipped us to 6th and without us beating Sevco I doubt they would have won the League Cup.
  7. I am sure Jamie McGrath will have his first full cap for Ireland very soon he is an exceptional player in my opinion
  8. Yes and will make his debut before the end of the season already confirmed by JG
  9. Good that we are back in the top six I know we have injuries but the fact that we had three youngsters two keepers and only Connolly and Flynn on the bench shows how thin our squad is.In the window we lost three players and only brought in two is really worrying.You have to account for injuries etc and we really should have kept Foley in my opinion he wasn’t even in the Well squad last weekend.Jim as he said must now look it bring in players who are out of contract.
  10. JG confirmed tonight he is looking to bring in one out of contract player he had discussions with TF this morning.
  11. Looking at the squad we are now definitely light in numbers owing to the recent injuries some long term hopefully Jim is looking at out of contract players who have just been released.In January we lost three and only brought in two.One player up for grabs is Ravel Morrison 28 year old attacking midfielder.Ravel started at Man U and has been at at few clubs most recently with Dutch club might be worth a try short term.
  12. If Brophy came to us with a foot fracture surely to goodness he underwent a medical some questions to answer here surely
  13. Long term injuries to Brophy and Dennis leaves us with a fairly light squad and the injury to Jamie makes matters worse Jim may have to look at out of contract players one possible signing could be Ravel Morrison box to box midfielder played for a number of English sides and just of contract with a Dutch club only 28
  14. Last night the pass back was far worse to attempt a pass back when under no pressure from two yards inside the opponent's half is utterly stupid
  15. Last night the pass back was far worse to attempt a pass back when under no pressure from two yards inside the opponent's half is utterly stupid
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