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  1. Mid Calder Saint

    Speculation Thread

    Chris was excellent at Well after Hibs went to PNE my favourite English club where we was kinda in and out.Would think he would be a useful signing he is an orthodox right winger.
  2. Mid Calder Saint

    Welcome Matty Willock

    Welcome to the Buds Matty.
  3. Mid Calder Saint

    Stubbsy Says...........

    This squad of players is not good enough for the Championship let alone the Premier.Recruitment has been hopeless and told solid pros like McKenzie and Eckersley to leave.Tonight we were playing against an amateur side cobbled together in the close season from junior and amateur ranks.Where Stokes goes from here Christ knows..Time for the Chairman to come out now and make a some sort of statement.The feel good factor has all but gone.Stokes inherited the club in a great state and he has just torn things to threads.We were promised quality signings well where the hell are they Alan?
  4. Mid Calder Saint

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Well the La Manga trip went extremely well punted a back up keeper for another got rid of Hippo told McKenzie McShane and Eckserley to find new clubs meanwhile we are saddled with recruits from the lower depths of English Football and are according to Stubbs awaiting big arrivals who will need time to gel prior to first league game in two weeks.Great planning optimistic I am not.Fear this is all going tits up.
  5. Mid Calder Saint

    4 told they can leave

    Fans can dress this up as much as they like.Talbot pay their players more than some League One clubs.Spartans are a part time non league amateur side.No excuses whatsoever for a truly bad performance which gives serious cause for concern.
  6. Mid Calder Saint

    Worst Result In Our History

    As I have said many times this was a truly dreadful performance against a part time AMATEUR team.A wake up call confirmed surely that the non league English guys recently signed cannot be trusted against Premier teams.Initial bad judgement by management.Clear sign that at least five quality signings MUST be made sooner than later.
  7. Mid Calder Saint

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    Personally don’t think there is over reaction here but we were playing part time amateurs and if we are to play Messrs Heaton Kellerman and Cooke at the likes of Ibrox or Celtic Park we will be in big big bother.Those guys were playing at the level they were at for a reason.
  8. Mid Calder Saint

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    Absolutely shocking display against what is an amateur side.We started with three players recruited from English non league sides and boy did it show tonight.Those guys are simply not good enough for the top tier of Scottish Football.We require to recruit at least four or five quality playersAlan is kidding himself with some of his initial signings in my opinion.To come from the likes of Truro Darlington and Aldershot is just too much.As for McShane a distinct non trier tonight.
  9. I had the privilege and pleasure of having a chat with Lewis after the Morton game when we were presented with the Championship Trophy whilst my wife had her picture taken with him.I said to him that he had made thousands of fans so happy with his fantastic displays for us and he thanked me most sincerely.He just appeared to be such a well spoken intelligent young man and is blessed with superb talent a player who can dribble and score goals with either foot. I have to say that in over sixty years of supporting Saints he is to me one of the finest players to wear the black and white stripes.
  10. Mid Calder Saint

    4 told they can leave

    Totally correct Gary in your assessment we really need to get cracking with the signing of a number of quality experienced players imminently.
  11. Mid Calder Saint

    John McGinn

    Typical Celtic being tight fisted McGinn is a far better midfielder than Armstrong and younger too.They already got Morgan for loose change in the current market.
  12. Mid Calder Saint

    John McGinn

    Myself my wife and son all are happy to pay our subscriptions monthly for as long as God will permit.We are happy to be involved in Fan Ownership.SMISA and our Board and Management are doing great.We have just had a wonderful season and much to look forward to.This thread has gone off the topic somewhat.I attended the AGM a few years back when Stewart clearly stated we were due a third of any subsequent transfer fee.So come on Hibs get cracking and get the best possible for Hibs Saints and John.COYS?
  13. Mid Calder Saint

    Saints In La Manga

    Dunfermline allegedly wanting to take forward Ross Stewart on a season long loan deal.
  14. Mid Calder Saint

    Stadium developments

    My understanding is and it was muted sometime ago is that eventually the Dome will be replaced with a permanent Building attached to the North Stand that will include a similar type pitch.The new structure is planned to display roof Airline Advertising similar to Brentford FC with the proposed Airline granted naming rights and providing Sponsorship.
  15. Mid Calder Saint

    Gavin Reilly

    I am really disappointed Gavin is leaving.I liked him ever since I saw him play for Queens in a pre season friendly against us a few years ago when Danny was in charge.I was delighted when he signed for us and can only thank him for his immense contribution in our title winning season.Sad now to see the break up that side with the likes of Morgan Davis Smith and now Reilly gone not to forget Jack and James. Onwards and upwards now I suppose with Alan in charge.We await all with interest.