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  1. Quite clearly the SPFL had previously voted against forfeiture of games and 3-0 awards so something has to be changed I look around the English Leagues and there has been no talk whatsoever of punishments of the nature handed out to us and Killie.Commonsense has to prevail we are in the middle of a World Pandemic and we are all learning.
  2. Why. He is contracted in any event to the end of the season no need for excitement yet
  3. Welcome to Scotland and The Saints Collin
  4. Very healthy Balance Sheet considering the fact our income was down Mar/Apr/May due to Covid
  5. STV report we are trying to get Brophy in during this window
  6. Gavin just signed 18month deal with Livingston
  7. Totally agree with what you say we should all be delighted with Saints showing this level of ambitious and of course at 24 his best days are ahead of him
  8. Maybe we can come to an agreement with Killie just now never good to have an unsettled player around Scottish International and only 24 looks like a great signing
  9. BBC Sportscene programme is awful did not even discuss the fact that the Killie keeper went straight through Tait forcing him to be subbed.This was a straight red card and a penalty.This ref was so far out of his depth it beggars belief he has reached Grade 1.Moreover that pitch was unplayable and was a complete danger to the players.Time for SFA/SPFL to conduct investigation. Very surprised we as a club did not make strong objections to this match going ahead.
  10. Understand what you are saying and of course there are no crowds at present why should the OF get special treatment we all playing for the same points
  11. Good point on what is always an awful surface but today was an utter shit surface and was unplayable with players slipping and sliding.Delighted with our current league position.Oh and why do we get novice refs and not the OF.It is a bloody disgrace.
  12. One of the best keepers in the UK note he has already played in Newcastle's first team could easily move to the EPL where the all-round level of keepers is quite low Sevco were nuts to let him go
  13. Thoroughly agree with your comments JG has to manage the players during this ridiculous schedule whoever thought of sending us on a eight hour roundtrip to Dingwall on Boxing Day.Re the Covid situation we were unable to travel the night before and stay in a hotel and of course the pre match meal in Inverness was cancelled late on causing change in travel plans.Not the best preparation for players camped in a coach for four hours.We have played better and the result in most important.Personally delighted to be seventh in the table with our strongest squad for some time and a League Cup Semi to look forward to and yes we are more than capable of lifting the trophy.COYS
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