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  1. The good thing is Hibs won’t have a clue how we will line up fancy us for a point squad now taking shape.Possible that White could come in from ICT now they have signed a striker.Also think Jim will try for the boy from Killie for LB who he had at Alloa.
  2. All looking good Hibs won’t have a clue how we will line up
  3. Pretty certain Jack Ross tried to bring Waters to us but lost out to Killie could be a positive signing.
  4. The situation is we badly need a tall defensive central midfielder who can dictate play and shield the defence preferably a good sound fit journeyman type with a decent fitness record just like Goody himself this ex Northampton guy appears to fit the bill.
  5. I wish Gordon Scott well I only ever met and talked to have once and that was at one of the SMISA meetings prior to the takeover.What I will say however whilst Stewart and I had many disagreements over the years they were always face to face.However without fear of contradiction he was the finest Chairman in my lifetime of supporting Saints.Where exactly we would be right now but for Messrs Gilmour Campbell and McAusland God only knows.COYS.
  6. Would someone close to the Management at St Mirren FC care to remind them of this fixture in the hope that we can field a side capable of competing in this match.Some good news to that effect would be most welcome.
  7. I think we have every reason to be worried I reckon we are at least eight bodies short in terms of squad no matches lined up prior to Easter Road we have sold around 3200 season tickets I feel Scott has to give some sort of update on our position and lack of planning and exactly what the future planning is I think the loyal fans are due this
  8. Really encouraging for the season ahead cannot score in open play against part time lower league sides in 225 mins are you watching messrs Scott .Fitzpatrick MacPherson how not to prepare oh yes forgot only five subs four of which are young lads-shame on you all
  9. Messrs Scott Fitzpatrick and MacPherson cannot be excused blame for the utter mess we are in the Manager has no scope to mix things up due to the fragility of the squad albeit we should be good enough to comfortably beat a non league side.What on earth has Gus been doing in scouting players why was he is Spain in his tracksuit? Come on Mr Scott give us some answers please.I watched Motherwell last night and they seem to excel in getting really good guys from the English non league at a good age with a point to prove.
  10. Embarrassing to say the least can’t think when if ever we have lost a competitive match to a non league side this is an utter disgrace.Talk about being ill prepared for a season in terms of signings Christ the players we have don’t even seem to be fit we are supposed to be a full time professional outfit what the hell do they do at Ralston we may as well be part time and save whatever money we have.
  11. Just about turning out to be the worst result in the history of our proud football club I really do now despair.
  12. Much as I like JG please don’t take us for mugs that was not a good professional performance yes we we won but very clearly we were woeful against a part time side from the bottom tier please Jim let’s have some honesty.
  13. Agree Stephen was well out of touch and game passed him by and should have been hooked earlier Erhahon is so young and out of position at left back he needs to go out on loan get games in his true position and build up confidence this would do him the world of good alas Gary McK cannot perform now in a flat back four and will feature only in a three central defence style all in all we need to sign around eight players min much to be done one wonders what Messrs Fitzpatrick and McPherson have been doing for the past seven weeks.
  14. The powers that be really have to look at the setup most clubs are just getting up to speed teams should be allowed a maximum of two trialists and use of all named subs moreover why are the likes of the old firm waltzing into the third round I know they are involved in Europe but they are being allowed to play friendlies today whilst we are playing three ties in a week all wrong to me.
  15. Oran is quite clever here bad enough twice weekly trips to NI but to turn this into a daily commute is frankly outrageous wouldn’t pay him a penny in compo he is going back to teaching and will most certainly be Colraine manager very clever chappie.
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