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  1. I remember a game at home where Kennedy was utter mince and was getting pelters from W7. He was substituted to save himself. No thanks from me.
  2. Pretty ironic to hear the Billy boys being spat out and 5 mins later the same fans applauding the red card to racism cards. The game started at such a high tempo for us and we tired after the first 25 mins. 2 mistakes let the bigots swing the game in their favour. Obvious concerns over Ethan and Jamie. Let's hope for good news. I thought Brophy held the ball up well and will be a big player for us as the season goes on. Overall, that lot deserved their win but I'm still upbeat. W7 In cracking form again. I'm sure we will be pushing for top 6 again this season.
  3. Trust? The chairman has basically just blamed TF for everything with no chance to defend himself. PS I'm not saying Tony is perfect, I'm just very uncomfortable with tonight's (non) answers
  4. Trying to follow the meeting on twitter. Mr. Needham doesn't appear to have a clue.
  5. Now that I'm a co-owner of SMFC, I have decided to get rid of the Kibble. Tony will now work in one of the catering venues. Celtic and Sevco fans will be given one stand and we will re-sign Billy Mehmet. The futures bright. The futures Saint Mirren.
  6. Take that. Won all our games. Let in 1 goal. Seeded in the next round. All good.
  7. Remember it well. I'm sure he was subbed for his own good. Total bottle merchant.
  8. I'm looking forward to Fitzys predictions for next season.
  9. Looks like another signing imminent
  10. This may be a stupid question, but I will indulge you all anyway, do we still pay monthly subscriptions after the takeover in July?
  11. This is why I hope we skelp these c&nts tonight.
  12. Games not over yet. We will score again. Shaugnessy gives me the fear though.
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