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  1. st jock

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Yup. On to the match please troops. Think the sheep will score nein.
  2. st jock

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    No idea. Here's another A_EX R_E
  3. st jock

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    1.0 saints. Peter Weir
  4. st jock


    Hopefully Oran has a word in his ear sharpish. Awful awful challenge. We need 11 men on the park all the time and Paul was a lucky boy.
  5. st jock

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    We should get Begbie to sort it out. Lock all W7 in and say nae c**t gets oot til we find oot which c**t did it. On a serious note however, somebody must know who is guilty. If people are saying that they saw spitting and/or coin throwing then they must have seen the person/people responsible. If they aren't part of the core W7 support then saying nothing will only damage your own group as you will be seen as troublemakers. Get it reported and you will be seen as self-policing and may just keep your privileges. I like to sit in W7 when I go to games as I love the atmosphere the guys create in there and would hate for it to be stopped due to misplaced loyalty.
  6. Would be utter madness to get rid of the manager now. JRs team took a few games to bed in and look how that went. I'm sure OK has a contract for a few years too, could be expensive.
  7. Didn't you learn from your "Jack Ross must go" humiliation? Be good if you can put up a f3asible alternative.
  8. st jock

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Need to stop losing early goals. Seems to have slipped back in to our game recently. Interesting line-up. 2.2 replay
  9. st jock

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    Well done. So proud of you.
  10. st jock

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    Biggest game for us since Ayr away 2 seasons ago when Sutton scored. Expecting a win for The Saints. 2.0
  11. Totally agree. If the SFA don't take action tomorrow they are basically condoning cheating from Sevco.
  12. It's now just blatant.
  13. Sevco 1 St. Mirren 1. The duck for us and them to score a penalty when Morelos flattens one of our defenders who is sent off.
  14. st jock

    January Arrivals

    Certainly a gamble but one that had to be made. With the squad we had we were going straight down. Unfortunately due to the Stubbs fiasco we have now spent more than we should have. We will still have a team to support next season. Following saints is more downs than ups as we all know. Let's enjoy the ride [emoji41]
  15. st jock

    January Arrivals

    signing incoming...