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  1. Exactly. Sevco will be up there challenging hibs for second spot.
  2. With Dallas as ref? Behave yourself!!
  3. How good did the stripes look yesterday? [emoji1665]🤍[emoji1665]🤍
  4. Was it no Alan Logan that was our super sub? 0edantics aside we do need another striker!!
  5. I've just bought my season ticket now. Mon the saints
  6. im trying to buy a season ticket just now. is it only renewals at the moment?
  7. I know a few of the boys who brighten up the W7, and they have brought atmosphere to a stadium that was severely lacking and for that I am grateful. I also know they aren't a violent or intimidating bunch. They are a bunch of young lads who love their club. To say they get outsung by 20 livvy fans is embarrassing. Us older ones can remember the 70s and 80s when the grounds were a lot more violent with the casuals, hell even the Raith Rovers quarter final in 1987 was a bottlefest. The players love the noise and displays they do. They are a credit.
  8. Left back and striker for me now. With us having till October there may not be such a rush to get someone in to fill these roles.
  9. I'm sure Dummett and Newton hadn't played too much when we signed them. There's risk with all new signings
  10. Its all gone a bit quiet in here. Hopefully a good sign. Gies a signing Gus
  11. Why not just stop hoovering up all the young talent, and let them get to their own level. Neil McCann is an utter trumpet
  12. Best goal I've ever seen was the mad monk heading it out of Chris woods hands and in to the net in front of the animals at ibrox . The rage was fantastic
  13. As much as we can get frustrated with our club, I have never been prouder to say ' I am a St. Mirren supporter' Absolute class from each and everyone associated with the buddies.
  14. Easy to fix. Just change our name from St. Mirren to St. James [emoji16]
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