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  1. As much as we can get frustrated with our club, I have never been prouder to say ' I am a St. Mirren supporter' Absolute class from each and everyone associated with the buddies.
  2. Easy to fix. Just change our name from St. Mirren to St. James [emoji16]
  3. Yup. Dont expect Goody to change shape, but it just isn't working
  4. Would like to see chabbi get some game time. 45 mins precisely. Andreu for me has been disappointing when hes come on. Mullen or Wallace could be shouts
  5. I voted no as I was unsure. Will take it on the chin and back the kibble now. All in this together.
  6. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about what has been going at any meetings. I'm not going to pretend I understand the complexities of business. I am just a fan of SMFC who wanted to help get my club in to fan ownership. I voted no because I feel misled.
  7. Mullen and Cooke both on at ht. Both score.
  8. Will be interesting to hear both Goodwin's and The eggs take on today. If we've got someone lined up then good. If not its particularly risky.
  9. Watching goodies interview on Sunday, he was hoping to get a couple of bodies in 'earlier in the week rather than Thursday or Friday' so hopefully some news today
  10. Also liked the tennents lager cans with the 'dolly birds' on them. [emoji4]
  11. When it comes to broadcasting, sadly it's always been all about the both Rangers clubs and ra shellic.
  12. Alan Stubbs is a bellend. Hes just as bitter as sash bash Rae.
  13. Yeah, knew that when I posted it but couldn't be arsed changing it [emoji12]. 2.1 does me Kenny boy
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