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  1. It's like watching Rangers TV. Was expecting a what's the keeper daein Tam at one point. Boyds face though 😭🤣🤣
  2. Looking at how tight the league is, I'd say all the teams outside the bigots at the top will have wee runs of being good and being pish. Just depends on how many better runs they have.
  3. That's what happens when you boot the baw away, twice, in injury time and you're centre backs are pish. Sore one
  4. 1.1. Early goal for us, then a penalty to Sevco when Scot Arfield throws himself to the ground on the halfway line in the 98th minute. Penalty retaken 4 times until they score.
  5. 2.0 saints. Lizzy in a box and handshakes all round.
  6. It was only a few year ago that 'snoddy' was on fire for Scotland. We should have bought him then. I heard he was on Tommy Craig's list.
  7. Meh. 3.0 flattered them. It's not ruining my day. 3 wins 3 defeats. Keep up this ratio we will be fine. Hope Main doesn't retreat back in to his shell, he's been really good of late.
  8. Think you've finally outed yourself today Elvis. Least you've got a pumping from Ajax to look forward to
  9. Let's hope we're as on form as Elvis in the 2nd half
  10. Most of my class were of the blue persuasion. I'm sure initiatives like this can help. My daughter is a saints fan but she has no choice . 😇
  11. Fair play to Robinson. There's a reason teams are playing rubbish against us. We are magnificent 😍. Squad looking stronger than at any time since 2013. Mon the saints.
  12. Sneaky 1.0 win for us. Ayunga to get off the mark in the league. Attendance whatever Shull says. Oh and Gogic to make Dodge cry.
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