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  1. LPM on the pedantic fishing trip tonight. Getting lots of bites too. [emoji4]
  2. If we can sustain an extra 1000 fans we won't need to pollute two stands when the bigots visit.
  3. Elvis, predict a win for Saturday. Go on mate. You might enjoy it. Just don't look at who's in goal for the fakes. [emoji1]
  4. Would have taken this position 20 games ago 10 games ago and 5 games ago. In Oran we trust
  5. Not irrelevant if we need to beat them last game of the season pod
  6. Hope he stays. Think it's just some 'in the know' troll looking for attention. Need to keep our focus for tomorrow night. I see McIntyre has been sacked. Don't know if that's good or bad.
  7. Skorlive.com is my go to website at the moment. Seems to have every game in the world that s got cameras at it
  8. It's probably to do with you only ever being negative. And constantly. It may be attention seeking but it does sometimes grate. Anyway, if Dundee draw today then we are still in exactly the same position we were at 3pm
  9. Could not give a f**k. Tories on the other hand.....
  10. 3.0 win for the saints. In to 10th place. No Elvis. Job done.
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