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  1. Was going to say thats quite strong looking for this cup then realised its everyone we've got !
  2. Thanks cookie monster, just what I thought.just getting nervous at what's happening or not happening at the club at the moment. Still hoping Kibble are a positive step but yet too see any positives around the club. Early days I guess.
  3. So... when SMISA completes it buyout of GS shares, are they going to have 51% of the shares? If so, what would be the role of Kibble? Who would be chairman? Sorry if these questions have already been answered.
  4. I've calmed down a wee bit now. Still mad at JG for not using the subs but will wait to hear what he says. There's something not quite right at the club regardless of opinions on whether Magennis is good/ fit enough. Was JG given assurances Kyle would be kept? If so, then the board are stitching him up. Last ten years or so we haven't been able to kick on. Why not? Killie, fakes and Motherwell are light years ahead of us. Why? Even the change of board hasn't progressed us. What's going on with the Kibble? Who's calling the shots? I am currently paying money in to the club via SMISA every month on top of my season ticket and I have no idea whats going on. Shambles.
  5. https://ttpo.substack.com/p/why-st-mirrens-latest-signing-could
  6. From reading the comments from Notts fans it seems he's a poacher who likes attacking balls in to the box, so the comparison with morias seems a little unfair. The guy is a saints player now and has my best wishes. Obika and a poacher sounds like it could be fun
  7. So SMISA have decided to put forward a Mr. John Needham to be the 2nd director on the board. Dont know much about the guy, but he's a 59 year old that attends many home and away games despite living in Edinburgh and has a wealth of business and customer experience. Checked out his personal statement and am happy with his appointment although I would probably have preferred someone a bit more local that had the ear of the fans. There was a high calibre of applicant and its now over to the smisa members to rubberstamp his appointment.
  8. 3 and a half minutes injury time was a bit strange.
  9. Cant believe obika only scored a tap-in. Shite striker. [emoji38]
  10. Exactly. Sevco will be up there challenging hibs for second spot.
  11. With Dallas as ref? Behave yourself!!
  12. How good did the stripes look yesterday? [emoji1665]🤍[emoji1665]🤍
  13. Was it no Alan Logan that was our super sub? 0edantics aside we do need another striker!!
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