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  1. Also liked the tennents lager cans with the 'dolly birds' on them. [emoji4]
  2. When it comes to broadcasting, sadly it's always been all about the both Rangers clubs and ra shellic.
  3. Alan Stubbs is a bellend. Hes just as bitter as sash bash Rae.
  4. Yeah, knew that when I posted it but couldn't be arsed changing it [emoji12]. 2.1 does me Kenny boy
  5. Play the way we did in the 2nd half in Dingwall and I'm sure we will be taking the points home.
  6. Totally agree. This game is made for the captain to come back in and boss!!
  7. Going to my first ever Sevco match. Saw the deadco once in the league. 1989. Mad Monk match. Even going with the same guy I went with 30 years ago. Hope it's a good omen. [ ]
  8. Midfield been poor. Second to every ball. Lack of ideas. No energy. Not covering. Erahon not having his best game. Goodwin has a big job ahead of him here.Chris Sutton will be loving this
  9. I'm guessing GLS saw more to the managers position than turning up to take training. Agree that it could have been handled better. We move on.
  10. I hope these puns aren't going to go on furlong
  11. Watch the meltdown when he rocks up at hibs or Motherwell now 🤣
  12. Jim Goodwin will know all about Tony and his ambition and enthusiasm for the club and wont feel any added pressure IMO. The most pleasing aspect of it all is that Tom English is absolutely furious with Fitzy, who must have been pumping his wife!!!
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