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  1. this has got a draw written all over it so ill go for a 0-1 😉
  2. will be more than happy with a fourth clean sheet in a row
  3. Remember kids, the Golden rule of being a saints fan just as they get your hopes up ............................
  4. obviously not but i just put 3 out there
  5. if he goes he will srengthen dundee utd or the fakes or possibly killie
  6. now is the time to take Baccus off and put Kiltie on
  7. Birighitti dropped for today's game, that a bit of a f**ker
  8. apparently Watt and J.Ross had to be seperated in the dressing room all is not well
  9. On a positive note, didnt Hearts do the same thing last season?
  10. Do we ever sign anyone on a sunday? ....... asking for a minister
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