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  1. its a signing like this that might suede gogic to sign
  2. Main hit the post with a header, and we are playing not to bad, Pep Robinson has us doing fine πŸ˜›
  3. What you talking about, they are cluggers, always have been
  4. And play half their games on a shitty pitch and I’m hearing Motherwell are going down that route next season
  5. He has relegated 4 teams ya trumpet
  6. yogi hughes just keeps proving what a shit manager he is taking dungfermline to div 1 is a new career best
  7. Fuxsake Main headers it over the stand from the 6 yard box 🀣
  8. Good news, the fakes have kept on Murray Davidson, he is a spent slow force
  9. Great ball by Gogic, great cut back by grieve, good finish by kiltie
  10. Dundee Hibs Saints Tarts Fakes πŸ˜‰
  11. This is like a dour end of season game it shouldn’t be
  12. What the f**k is wrong with us, keep giving the ball away
  13. A Sains win A fakes win A wee hibs win too, close the gap between the fakes and the dons 😁 Hibs have a GD of -2 we have -13 so for one game we can allow them to win and we stay a point behind and smirking smuggly down at aberdeen who will be 5 points ahead of the play off places and we will be 7 ahead of them top 6 will be gone for them πŸ˜†
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