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  1. is it whyte directly or one of his companies?
  2. Lancaster has gone on record as saying"that rules are rules and that no team (no matter who they are)will adhere to the SFA rules rankgers in div3 and the players will be offski (admin/liquidation automatically rips up all contracts)...so no money gain from player sales,plus rankgers are banned from buying and selling due to admin ipox is owned by who? murray park is owned by who?
  3. with them at the helm....onwards and upwards????? thats like YOU giving your passengers tips
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/scotland/16821348.stm from the 13th minute(ish) onwards.....uh oh!!!! shock horror......although shull will be a very happy cabby hearing this
  5. Big scoop in the Daily Ranger tomorrow seems they are f**k't
  6. BTB...dont you think if a deal is in the "offering" in regards to McLean....dontcha think it would be "in progress" and maybe DL has set his plans in motion??just a thought
  7. i could live us losing mclean,he's a great prospect but big money and a sell on fee would do lovely
  8. would be nice if tessellar and carey could get a decent run on the left
  9. At the moment the club is being run perfectly.... why dont all the CIC pledgers just stop their DD and dont tell SG...and the club will stay his forever more and all will be well he is doing a grand job after all pssssst.......just dont tell him
  10. Div,may i ask who michelle evans is? ive seen her mentioned a few times but havent a clue who the woman is
  11. if something wasnt quite right the first time,what will make it work second time around.....a lesser deal?
  12. shrek is far far away saint im not bright enough for a mantra
  13. this is where you are being slightly whoooshed . . Its bluto's mantra to point out spelling misteaks . . .same as shull is a stingy old bugger . . .sid has wonderful excusive signings . . And shrek turns up at games . . You getting it yet?
  14. by all accounts it should of been a red card
  15. allan moore was mentioned on saturday
  16. im sure if kirkie had the choice he would choose us
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