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  1. I think we will see this 11 start against Stenhousemuir
  2. Good start, played really well last 20 minutes as someone already said the newbies have done well but so have the oldies McGrath really is a cool cat on the ball
  3. Good solid start dunfermline doing nothing with possession good to see a striker get a goal and this game NOT looking like a pre season friendly pleased…so far
  4. Shhhhhhhh jack ross reads this thread
  5. Brophy starts the season with a double cant be bad
  6. The strip is nice now announce Messi 😁
  7. yeah ...... can we have a winning cups white shorts version (when are they going to learn? )
  8. NEVER happening....We are Black White and Red
  9. if he plays in a midfield that does all the work which we are looking like having, then im happy with this signing if it happens all he needs to do is sit in break up play win the ball and pass it to the footballer
  10. thats not a bad thing nobody knows
  11. yeah he did when he injured his shoulder (pedant) sorry 😶
  12. no signings today?????? get Goodwin sacked 🤣
  13. If Hibs get him they have surely got to change their name to St.Hibben
  14. Here is a crazy thought....How about bringing Lewis Morgan back That would be fun
  15. i'd rather we were a building club and not a put out to pasture sanctuary
  16. awww thats a shame....any other gritty hugh murray's out there?.....because we need one
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