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Play For Your Club.........

The Sandman

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I used to be crap at it, too - but even boring auld basturts eventually get a knack for it.


After each shot, adjust player back to the middle and be ready to shift in the right (or left!) direction.

Obvious stuff.

I now go on, rack up a 100,00 in a few shots then give it a bye...

I know some guys can do that and rack up a million!

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Yesterday I was putting titles and a soundrack (Megadeth, Green day, Morrissey) onto the video of the Bongbrat's birthday day out at Loudoun Castle...........

While I was transfering it to disc, I decided to indulge in a few games of PFYC..........

While playing the disc back I discovered that it has the goal/miss post rattle noises on it as well......................


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