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  1. Saw Simeon at Wembley scoring a last minute goal for my local side (Gillingham) to win the play off final to get into League 1 about 10 years ago. Was a striker on the up, then and by far the most exciting player at the club. He must be nearing the end of his career now, but if he still has an eye for goal then he could be a great acquisition.
  2. The boy stood on the burning deck His feet had turned to lead You'd better jump, the skipper yelled We're miles from Peterhead. I'll get my........................................
  3. Back on topic, I think Alfie Jones will be a great addition to the squad, but he will need time to settle. If we can eke out a few wins between now and Christmas, I reckon we could be a really good team in the second half of the season and folk like Heaton and Jones will really blossom. All we need to do this season is finish 10th then kick on next season.
  4. Not quite. As a long time Leicester fan, the way I remember it was that we'd just survived relegation in 2015, with a key defensive midfielder Cambiasso (>50 caps for Argentina). He decided he wasn't up to another season in the premier league and left, so the club signed a guy called Gokhan Inler (nearly 100 caps for Switzerland) as a replacement and Kante as someone to develop. Turned out Inler didn't have the legs for the premier league and so Ranieri rushed in Kante as a replacement for Inler after a handful of games. The rest is history. So, it turned out good, but it wasn't the original plan. Lesson? - sign both experienced and young players, trust your manager to make the right decisions game by game, and see how it goes!
  5. I heard that if he leaves Hibs of his own volition before his 24th birthday, then we get hee-haw AND we have to pay back 33% of the £100,000 we got for him
  6. I know of this guy who was spiked by a corner flag on a training pitch when one of his team"mates" decided to pretend it was a javelin. Question is, would his compensation from the club concerned be 33% of £2 million or 33% of £3 million?
  7. What social scene? My daughter has been at University there for a year and never mentioned anything about that
  8. Wasn't his grandmother (on his mother's side) a regular in panto on Brighton Pier?
  9. Wise words for those of us about to embark on a new campaign in the Pie and Bovril Scottish Premiership General Chatter forum.
  10. If I remember correctly, this was a favourite quiz question of the late, great, Alex Cameron - he loved it when folk answered "Scotland" to the question about the unbeaten team in the 74 World Cup who never even conceded a goal. Oddly, Hungary were unbeaten too (played 6, won 2, drew 4), and, to be completely fair, Scotland were the only unbeaten team in the '74 finals.
  11. Dearie me. Scotland did lose in the 1974 World Cup - to Czechoslovakia. Belgium on the other hand drew with Holland 0-0 home and away, won their other 4 games without conceding a goal but were papped out on goal difference. How is it possible to make so many errors in one sentence We are talking qualifying groups aren't we, here?
  12. Tell that to Belgium after the 1974 World Cup - never even lost a goal.
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