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Branding - An Additional Approach

St. Sid

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In between trying to hang onto my sanity driving in the rain and dark with a shitty hangover on the way back from schnek I was thinking about some that gingy grumpy bawbag pozbaird was saying at the meeting the other night - or was it balfy...anyhow...

The jist of it was about the 10,000hrs branding being more appropriate for the funders, but that we might want something different or an aditional "strap line"(?) that will mean more to the people of Paisley.

I reckon the term Buddies pretty much hits the spot and can be fannied around with to ram home some short sharp emotive messaging. SOme tag lines such as:

Buddies Forever - when talking about protecting the club for future generations.

Buddies for Life - when talking about commiting to the club & perhaps a different slant when thinking about some of the community stuff - as in thr FITT Club / some of the drug rehab work etc.

Buddies Help Each Other - Community side

Buddies Stick Together - Community slant again

Buddies with Benefits - On toilet walls with Mrs Gary Blues mobile number. tongue.png

Anyway that's the general idea. ph34r.png

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