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  1. great agree with Gordon ,got my 19 yr old daughter who is way taller than me in for nothing as an u 12 ,then we humped them 4~1,i would rather take big victorys bud
  2. not sure about big crowd ,im thinking sky maybe pick this as the tie of the round .2 supposed teams who should have lost , 50/1 it on sky
  3. anybody in our team would jump at the chance of moving up a level,i thought mallan maybe should have moved on also ,but glad he is still here ,good luck to Jason and hopefully he got a pay rise to boot, Although would rather he had went to china for 26 million quid ,but you cant have everything
  4. that's my car buddie ,but it lives in saltcoats,just like me ,saltcoats born and bread ,everybody asks me same question ? why st Mirren,simple answer is I think im a glory hunter as in 75,76.77 we were nearer top of league than bottom and as a 7,8,9 yr old I was attracted to the hope we would be great forever,and I remember liking black and white stripes (my favourite English team who I picked about the same time is west brom ,,yeah I know its navy and white but pretty similar ),anyway I have now passed my love of everything st Mirren on to my daughter who like me goes home and away ,although she now takes in u20 games as well ,am I actually a bad parent or will we maybe come good again in the hopefully near future
  5. young ones on the bus sing it as well .think they don't realise its about a Dublin hooker
  6. yeah good shout .cant see many telegraph journalists hanging about paisley for a story ,unless he maybe forgets to put his pound in a Tesco trolley
  7. joint venture ,new website is only going to get better and new manager coming in will mean team on park will get better
  8. here bud im not trying to get at anybody ,it just seems sometimes its like following an amateurish team ,everything is hidden away only for chosen few to be told,i like plenty others are hoping from Monday the website will be fantastic and hope and wish you all the best in making it better ,,one town one team two websites
  9. that's not what I said ,it was the result of this game that took 2 days to go onto official site and that was the 1st thing on site since alex rae post match comments on sat night after game ,,so nearly 5 days with nothing new
  10. hold on div the official site is poor ,news is slow at best ,nothing changes for days on end very often,my example of last week is typical ,our u20 were top of league and playing hibs AT HOME no less and nothing was put onto site till Thursday afternoon when the game was played on Tuesday ,its seems like other things going on at club that nobody can actually be bothered to do anything
  11. site needed updated but the biggest problem is lack of communication ,last weeks example was nothing about u20 on official site until 48hrs after game was finished ,this is very poor
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