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St Johnstone V Hearts...controversy

farmer john

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I thought the first red card to the St Johnstone defender was ridiculous. No way should players be getting sent off for that. These kind of decisions ruin games for the spectators.

But the first St J penalty award....very harsh as it looked, and was, it was not given for the slight touch in the attempted tackle, outside the box, it was given for the pull of the shirt which was IN the box. If defenders don't want to give away penalties then they should not tug players back by the shirt. It was a foul and a penalty....harsh but the ref should not be castigated for making the correct decision.

The second penalty awarded though was plain wrong, especially comparing it with the one we got away with at the death against Hibs.

And the double red card for Stevenson and Mannus? if you don't want a red card just don't get involved in a mass brawl and bang heads with an opposition player........seemples.

Hope Danny has fully instructed our players not to get involved in such nonsense.

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One thing that has always puzzled me is hey players get into a fight trying to grab the ball after they have scored. The other team had to kick off so you nicking the ball won't exactly speed things along.

Hearts will have to watch suspensions though or they soon won't have 11 players to put out.

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With Nigel Hasslbank getting a penalty for being fouled outside the box (similar to Isma v Celtic last season) should the SFA or SPFL be looking to retrospectively suspend Nigel for 2 games similar to the punishment Isma received?

I know the verdict was because Isma was judged to have dived but, surely Nigel has been as guilty as Isma for being given a penalty under false pretences?

My argument was that Isma dived to get a free-kick but due to poor refereeing got a penalty, which meant he got a heavier punishment, surely Nigel or the ref are as guilty for falsely winning a penalty that got the fake saints a point?

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