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  1. Loved the Velvet Underpants back in the 90s - 'Living in Mount Florida' was a particular favourite of mine
  2. That was the first time I'd seen the team this season.....jesus wept that was torture. I spent most of the first half trying to work out what our tactics were - I think the same can be said of the players. There was an enormous gap between the midfield and the attack. We looked so lightweight with Mallan and Hutton in there and I lost count of the numbers of cross field punts that were played.....straight out of the pitch. It was poor, poor stuff. Rae needs to get this sorted now or it'll be a repeat of last year. I'd rather have the entertaining passing football that Danny aimed for without getting 3 points than the long ball tedium without 3 points. Its a lose, lose at the moment.
  3. The rest of the footballing world has just stopped laughing at our top league split format and now we introduce this. I look forward to the final of the Scottish Challenge Cup being between a Welsh club and a Northern Irish club.
  4. Can anyone 'in the know' from SMISA tell us if the club have intimated when they can expect a reply to the proposal?
  5. I hate that game being referred to as us not being able to beat 9 men. Yes it was pish that we couldn't take advantage but we didn't play the entire game against 9 men - just the last 20 mins!!!!!
  6. What's his 2 year plan? Getting us to the play offs? At this rate it'll be the play offs in league 1!!
  7. Arguably our toughest run of games is just around the corner with Rangers, Falkirk and Hibs one after the other. Before that we've got Raith, Hibs, Alloa and Livingston. These 4 games could be pivitol to our season. I think three points on Friday is a must. I can't belive I'm saying that in mid September!!!
  8. Nobody is criticising Thommo on a personal level. It's not his choice to play alone up front. As you say, it's a hard shift, one for a much younger striker. If we are not going to play 2 up front then Thommo should be coming on as a sub when defences are tiring.
  9. That was as shite as it gets supporting a football team. Half time and everything is rosey in the garden, 45 mins later and you feel worse than you would if you'd been forced to watch celebrity big brother. The team looked totally unfazed in the first half, defence was unworried and we'd had some nice attacking football to watch. God knows what happened in the second half. I'm not normally one for criticising the young players but mcgrath looked lost. I'd have taken him off. The other thing I'm taking away from that game is that, unfortunately, thomsons time is really near the end. He spent most of the game clattering into folk and moaning at the ref and other saints players. His booking was stupid - he just jumped straight into the Falkirk player, wasn't even looking at the ball. I think it time we focused on other strikers.
  10. That's the game I'm talking about. We were all in disbelief that our new signing took only 60 secs to get his first goal.
  11. Yup - remember it well. That was the start of our 'special' relationship with Hartley.
  12. Can't see young Rory doing it this week - the expectation levels are too high. I'd back him to do it next year. I reckon it'll be between Day, Johnson, Bubba and Stenson but have a sneaky feeling Casey might do quite well.
  13. Never mind the players, the biggest decision is the management team. We've got to get it right this time. Having a look at the lower leagues there is no-one jumping out at me as being an exciting potential manager. We may have to cast the net wider this time.
  14. I thought the performance at St Johnstone was as bad as it could get...... Inept doesn't come close to that showing last night. We all new the writing was on the cards when the team sheet came out - 1 up and it's Arquin !!! Teale has been completely out of his depth since taking over. If he didn't have McLean for the first two months then we would have been cut adrift at the start of March. £23 to watch that last night - I must be mad. PS Can't ever remember the team coming out for the second half and not 1 fan applauding them onto the park - it was surreal.
  15. Interesting line up, but there's hee haw chance GT will bench Goodwin in a game like this.
  16. To support St Mirren you've got to have a screw a wee bit loose, so get your phillips out, turn that screw a wee bit to the left and head to Fir Park tonight. No, it's not going to be the same as 2007 but a win tonight keeps things interesting. I don't think anyone believes that we can win 6 out of the last 7 games but IF we can win the next two the it'll be interesting to see how that affects Motherwell and RC. The players need our backing and they can't hear you from your living room.
  17. I saw him playing a couple of weeks ago on Sky's A League coverage. I think it was Central Coast Mariners.
  18. It's going to take a huge change at all levels within the club if we can even think of challenging for the league title next year in the championship. We struggled badly in both our first seasons in the first division post relegation. I too am clinging on to any last remaining hope that we can somehow get out of this mess this season but it's looking increasing likely that that isn't going to happen. A lot will depend on the order of the fixtures post split. If we can somehow get results against RC and Motherwell before the split then I hope we get one of them in the opening two games. If both those two fixtures are kept until the end then it might be all over before we get a chance.
  19. I left with 10 minutes to go on Saturday - I can't ever remember doing that before. That's total and utter apathy on my part and that's something I find hard to swallow. I sat there on Saturday and watch a 'team' totally bereft of fight and any kind of apetite to try and drag us out of the situation we find ourselves in. Too many of those players looked completely disinterested. There was no willingness to fight for the cause - case in point being the 8 or so completely unchallenged headers in our box. What the f**k was going on?? Throw in a novice manager that appears to be completely out of his depth (Dayton sub!!!) and we've got a horrible last 8 games ahead of us unless something miraculour happens. Thomson is showing the unfortunate lack of game time he's had this season (I blame TC insisting he played against Dunfermline in the league cup) and combined with his ageing bones he should be restricted to the last 25 mins of a game now. Sadlier should be starting - he engineered his way out of a contract at West Ham to come here ffs. He wants to play, wants the club to stay in the top league and other teams don't know diddly about him so is a relatively unknown quantity when they come up against him. Dayton has the ability to beat a player ad get in the box - he's no use to us sitting on the bench. I could go on but I can't be arsed. I think I'm still suffering from Saturdays apathy
  20. Can you imagine if they finish outside the play off spots....they would NEVER be allowed to forget it
  21. No chance. It won't be needed anyway unless their collapse continues at it's current rate (5 league draws in a row) as I'm sure they would get all the help they needed from the officials in their play off games.
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