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So Farewell Then....


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Mentioning Ghost Town elsewhere made me think I might as well enjoy the thread for Rico Rodriguez. Was a wee bit shocked to see no-one had started one...

RIP Rico, Enjoy Yourself (It really is Later Than You Think)


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Rico was a great guy and was playing his instrument from an early age . I believe he was a member of the religious organisation that Desmond Dekker is referring to on Israelites and when he came to Britain , he worked as a window cleaner and on the production line at Dagenham . It was when he was recruited by the Specials that he finally got major recognition in this country. .

I have some of his albums , good stuff if you like his smooth style of instrumental Ska. .

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Years ago, Jools Holland brought his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra to Paisley Town Hall and I was on follow spot for the gig. I don't remember too much about the show except being transfixed by Rico's trombone playing and trying to get my head around the fact I was watching him play in Paisley.

Shook his hand after the show but was too starstruck to make any attempt at conversation.

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