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dr rotund

We can finish the season in the top 6

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2 minutes ago, Wendy Saintss said:


Alan Stubbs’ team was written off after less games and despite better results than Goodwin’s team.

So anything goes!


So, in the spirit of anything goes you will be happy to give Goodwin time? 

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I read this thread 20 mins ago and I was going to reply then but alas I needed a poo.
Touching cloth I made my way to the bathroom, pondering our teams chances.  Sitting on the pan, defecation now in "full slip" I started to give this matter real thought.  With my sphincter loosened and the pleasant enlightment occuring my mind was cast over the strength and depth we have in each area of the squad.  With the pan now full I had already pondered my contentment in the goal keeping dept and I was through the full backs and centre halves also.  Wiping away I thought in detail about the midfield, the options, the dynamic (and how Sam Foley rhymes with big Toley).  All was going well until I stared into the defecate and paper filled pan, tugging lightly on the flush as I thought of the striking options and our apparent weakness in attack.  
Backside suitably wiped, hands washed (of course, Im not from Greenock), pantaloons and trousers back in place I shuffled my way back to the PC to join this pleasant conversation.
Anyway, the squad appears decent but after a terrific result vs Aberdeen, the team have been as rotten as the smell  in my cludgie for the next 5 minutes.  Personally I hope to see a lot more of Danny Mullen.
As usual we are being dissapointed, it really is the norm!

Way far too much information

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