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  1. Personally, I hope we win every game and hope he wins every game except when playing us. In that sense, I wish him well
  2. Fabulous day for a game. Come on Jamie’s boys! Three points please.
  3. Looking forward to another tough game. COYS
  4. Unusual for me, but I will need to think about attending this one.
  5. My personal favourite St Mirren player.
  6. Minimum 20 point deduction and banned from travel to Europe this week, leading to forfeiture of the tie.
  7. Oaky the season ticket holder. Ideally, for me, Dingwall and Hamilton no more. Ideally Dundee and Hearts back in. Then, ideally for me Livvy no more and the Pars in. As good a top 12 as we could have for crowds. Being greedy... Morton in and Perth Saints out. Lots of local derbies.
  8. A lot of the 'local' edge of town shopping centres down here as opposed to the larger places like the Metrocentre have time limit parking with fines for overstaying, I would think the retailers would strongly oppose charged parking as the norm especially as we can expect an element of social distancing and reduced use of public transport for a while yet. I don't disagree that out of town centres would object SS . The thoughts are not mine but taken from the recently published report on Town Centres and actions proposed. You are right - many have time limits. If you are interested then I can let you have a click through to the report.
  9. I think 5th or 6th is possible but we need that bit of luck you mentioned with injuries. I hope you are right that the injuries to Dennis & McGrath might prove less serious then feared. Brophy too and Quaner. On the plus side we have Flynn back and an in form Durmus and Connoly capable of getting beyond opposition defences. Maintain our points per game average and we wont be far away.
  10. Expect parking charges to be introduced for out of town shopping centres amongst other measures proposed by a report led by Prof L Sparkes which was published recently. Another point, not mentioned in the report is the pending introduction of technology into town centre shops. A contact of mine has recently raised £10m through crowdfunding to do just that. I like the point about tourism too.
  11. Thank you Albion. Hope things are good with you.
  12. This has been the most innovative construction made with snow that I have seen recently. An excellent Igloo in the communal gardens in the street runs it close. I'm sure that others will have differing views.
  13. I stand - well sit - corrected - although I did check it in some urban dictionary How are things with you?
  14. Possible penury might be the reason. Can happen to anyone.
  15. Certainly not wee bud. After all - nobody reads it - apparently. How is life with yourself?
  16. Mr Oaksoft has, lets say, a particular (Peculiar?) outlook on life in which his view ,it appears is always correct, justified and cogently as well as rationally expressed. Some might disagree. I have the feeling that he was using the abbreviation to express a degree of frustration.
  17. A bit harsh on yourself . Unusual - Certainly. Certifiable - doubtful
  18. Didn't take him long. True - Oaksoft finds change difficult. Another leopard that can't change his spots.
  19. Not confident of a win, but I do believe we’ll see a better performance than last night which should be sufficient to bring home at least a point - Agree Turra
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