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  1. True, and i agree that is a bloody shambles! Much like the sound system!
  2. You wonder where the stewards were when this was happening?
  3. Billy, what's a shambles? I'm defending our fans in that section to a point but surely spitting on an injured guy and his 2 sons is not on? It's easy, find those guilty and we move on.
  4. Don't know anything about these incidents but i would suggest if they are happening, then it's a small minority. By all means seeks those out who are guilty but don't label all those supporters in this section as guilty. The chairman himself has indicated it's a small minority so let's find them and get them banned.
  5. Ahem. for all the OK doubters, same doubters on this thread near enough.
  6. Another Central defender, a winger and a striker and we'll be ok.
  7. ST Rick i admire the sentiments behind your post but it's not going to happen. Our board have to back down and just sell the one stand or suffer a backlash from their own fans, IMO of course.
  8. I'd give them nothing if it was up to me. I think that Gordon Scott should seriously rethink giving them the south stand just to earn a few more quid. Listening to your own fans would be a far more sensible policy IMO.
  9. A far more accurate thread than the must go one. It pays to actually know a good thing when you see it even if it doesn't happen as instantly as the impatient, unrealistic supporters would want.
  10. I'd be amazed if Harry doesn't sign a new contract very soon. This is a team on the up!
  11. Has Stephen not already began contract talks? pretty sure i read that.
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