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  1. Saints fans will know better than any that.. Most players who move from part time to full time can't hack it. Whether that be Lynch, Gordon, McQuade, Robertson, Gallacher , Bradley, Agnew etc etc. I guess this is because a quite simple reason. All part time players are part time for a reason. That reason being that they weren't up to being full time players in the first place. Of course there's the odd diamond in there. Darren McGregor being one, him being the example of one who slipped through the full time scouts net. But they are rare breeds. As history will tell you, most of our part time signings will be back part time soon enough. Let's hope that there's a McGregor in there somewhere among the latest lot of part time recruits. Worth taking a punt!
  2. We will sign a full time player any minute now.
  3. I like the Buchanan signing. Not for any other reason other than, due to our vastly superior budget, we can waltz in and take their best player whenever we like. Just like we did with Agnew. Let's hope this will lead to us finishing on more points than them this season.
  4. Whats happening with Quinn and Clarkson incidentally. Believe both contracts up, yet neither has been released...
  5. Just spoke to a fella in work who used to play with Stewart in the juniors. Good lad and good feet for a big man apparently. Was training with Killie last week but we offered him something first and we got him, good. Buchanan good back up for the Baird/McKenzie partnership
  6. Heard a wee rumour that we are in the hunt for 24 year old striker Gavin Reilly. Currently with Hearts but was on loan at Dunfermline last season, where he managed 1 goal in 22 appearances...
  7. Good! Let's hope our other keeper signing is someone with plenty of experience at full time level... I can think of a certain ginger ninja who fits that bill quite perfectly.
  8. It's not my decision I'm afraid
  9. Welcome aboard etc. The question now is if we are going to sign another keeper or not, or if we're going to go with Ross Stewart and Clangers. I hope its the former but suspect it maybe the latter.
  10. That's a pretty shocking tweet from anyone, never mind an employee of St Mirren FC. Needs to be hauled in and given a stern talking to and a final warning. Anything like that again and get him out the club. Doesn't matter how good he is.
  11. Would be a great signing, He's been the best keeper we've had since Campbell Money IMO.
  12. Good bit of business getting both of them tied up. If McKenzie stays fit he will be one of the best defenders in the league next year. Smith is a good player at this level but not sure what his best position is. Would like to see him tried through the middle in the Stevie Mallan role.
  13. I liked the Dumbarton keeper Alan Martin. He swept up at their player of the year awards and rightly so. Would like to see us go for him and get Billy in as back up.
  14. Indeed, Longwell did a fantastic job. From hardly having any youngsters of first team quality 10 years ago we now have a glut of them. Let's hope McManus does similarly well.
  15. Lewis is a winger right enough, not a replacement for Mallan. He and Magennis are fantastic talents though. Hope to see Kyle play more centrally next year and I think he could make double figures.