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  1. They’re certainly comparably bad but our chances against those two would be much higher IMO.
  2. I was there that night aswell, was a fantastic game and fantastic night. Best game of the cup run IMO. That was a far worse Aberdeen team and we were a far better team too. Obviously not saying we can’t win, it’s clearly unlikely though. If I had listed the 62 possible ties before the draw this would have been 62nd in my order of preference. That’s the cup though, got to go where the draw takes you.
  3. Probably the worst tie possible. We will almost certainly lose and we won’t make much money out it either. Oh and Aberdeen in January isn’t a great away day. Oh well.
  4. Not too sure what to say here. Are you complaining that we only won 7-1? You must be new. Let me warn you, it gets a lot worse than this.
  5. I’ve got him in for next stage tutorial next week. Progressing well, but a lot to learn.
  6. Pretty standard bait there buddy, and got a few bites. Not bad. Have a Nice evening.
  7. FT 1-7 Yeah nothing more to add from half time really. Second half was spent avoiding suspension and injury. Good finish for the LHTV goal right enough. Hampden here we come.
  8. Stewart on Reilly off. Nothing happening here. Team looks more concerned about avoiding injury than anything. Which they should be.
  9. Sure why not. Genuinely believe you could pick a St Mirrens supporters 11 from the crowd here today and they’d go out and beat them in the second half. They don’t look like footballers. Been a weird game.
  10. HT 0-7 Bit of an uncomfortable watch really. Should be double figures the amount of chances we’ve missed. Seen better players down the local five aside league than this LTHV side have. There’s no game here. Did this team really beat Stirling Albion in the last round? Don’t get it. Nice day though. Basking in the Saughton sunshine.
  11. 0-7 Reilly again. Walkie in now. This team beat Stirling Albion?
  12. 0-6 Reilly hat trick. Don’t really know what to say. Seen better teams down the racecourse than LHTV.
  13. 0-5 Reilly again. Cut back and side foot in. There’s no game here.