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  1. That's a paddling. Wasn't at The game but sounds like we deserved all we got. We're either hammering teams or getting a hammering ourselves it would seem. Could have really done without two defenders getting red carded at the end of a dead game too. What were they thinking? Should make defensive selection interesting next week.
  2. Wee win here and we are really rolling. Point would be fine though, I'll go for 1-1.
  3. FT 4-2 Bit of a frantic second half. At the hour mark a basketball game broke out. ICT scored one, then we ran up the park and scored another. Easy and much deserved win in the end. ICT used to be one of those teams that used to be really stuffy and hard to break down. What's happened up there? Looks like we've as good a chance as any of the top half of winning this league. When you have Lewis Morgan (motm for Scotland u21's during the week and motm again today) there's certainly no reason why we can't. That's us gubbed Falkirk, Dundee Utd and ICT already. They were the experts favourites before the season so yeah... why not go and win it.
  4. Morgan off after another MOTM performance. Well deserved standing ovation.
  5. Stelios off Kirkpatrick on. Game settled a bit now after a frantic and goal infested period. Should be a comfy 3 points from here.
  6. Another excellent finish from 20 yards. Pass across and foot through it into the top corner.
  7. 4-2! McShane Surely that's that now...
  8. Broke to him about twenty yards out and he's taken a touch and stuck it in the corner. Great finish actually. Hold it this time..
  9. Morgan runs up and rattles one off the post in reply. Good game actually.
  10. Controversial. Seemed to be given offside initially but linesman has changed his mind. Tbf think it's hit one of our defenders so probably correct call.
  11. Crossed ball and scrambled in at back post. Think it's been given to Reilly.