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  1. Every set of fans are the same. Speaking to a Celtic fan in work the other day who is absolutely convinced that there's an anti Celtic agenda among referees. Rhymed off numerous decisions that went against his team. When I pointed out the ones that had went for them he couldn't recall them The reality is refereeing mistakes happen in every game and sometimes you benefit from them and sometimes you don't. It's always been part of the game and it always will be.
  2. We were on the right end of a couple of big decisions at Falkirk last week, we were on the wrong end of one yesterday. Them's the breaks. If you're good enough the referee doesn't matter.
  3. We'll have a better idea of the permutations after the Raith game on Wednesday.
  4. Certainly a common misconception that the Championship playoffs follow the same pattern as the Premiership playoffs. Sadly for us, they don't. The format for the playoffs are as follows: 9th in the championship v 4th in league 1 over two legs. 2nd in league 1 v 3rd in league 1 over 2 legs The winner of both 'semi finals' then moves to the final, which is also over two legs. The winner of the final then plays in the championship next season. To give you a flavour of who we could be facing in the semi, there is currently four teams locked on 46 points in League 1 between 3rd and 6th. They are East Fife, Brechin, Airdrie and Queens Park. Alloa are assured of second place and will play one of those four in the other playoff semi.
  5. Wee baldy's side in the semi and Goody's side in the final.... St Mirren legends here there and everywhere.
  6. Is that better or worse for us than them winning their 3 remaining matches? Baring in mind they have to play Raith, Ayr and us.
  7. It's actually out our hands now. There is a sequence of results which could see us win our last two games and still finish 9th. We need favours.
  8. The biggest league game in the history of the football club? If it's not it's right up there. So much on the line for everyone connected with the club. Anything less than a win is unthinkable.
  9. That's not even nearly true Still a change from back on the forum which was your original post. Show me a match thread where we won in which I only made one post.
  10. Huge game for the club on Wednesday when Raith go to Easter Road. If Raith win, they will still be above us even if we beat them next week. Need the Hibees (whose season's over) to do us three favours. Beat Raith midweek, beat Ayr next Saturday then lose to us on the last day.
  11. I've posted on every single match thread this season
  12. Well I wouldn't say it was a 1 in 4 chance. I would be confident too, would have our chances at nearer 50%. We would be the best side in the playoffs with the largest support and biggest budget. We would be big favourites. Still though, would far rather not be in it. Anything can happen in these two legged ties, luck would be a factor.
  13. Can you just quote me saying 34 points would be enough?
  14. As for the game today, couple of positives and couple of negatives. Thought Mallan played well again, his free kick delivery is outstanding and I thought he had scored one in the second half but Bell pulled out a big save. Thought Gary Mack was good again too, unlucky with the first goal but he's such a threat going forward. As for the negatives, I think the Morgan gamble never paid off. The lad's clearly not fit. He shouldn't have started and he certainly shouldn't have played ninety minutes. He's such an asset when he's flying but wasn't nice to see him struggling today. O'Brien's not up to it. Another mistake today. He's costing us goals far too regularly. Young keeper with potential yes, but he's clearly not ready to be our number 1. Loy was poor again too. Sutton needs to start in his stead next week.
  15. Well if we are in the playoffs there's a good chance we are going down. There are going to be 4 teams in the playoffs, only 1 of them will be playing in the championship next year. Games like today aren't the reason we are where we are. Dundee United are a bigger club than us with a bigger budget, as are Hibs. Going to teams like thats ground and getting a result has always been and will always be difficult for us. The games that hurt us and are continuing to hurt us is our failure to beat teams like Dumbarton and Dunfermline once in the eight games we've had against them this season. Or 3 points out of 9 against Raith Rovers. I thought we needed a cushion going into these nightmare final 4 games and sadly we weren't good enough to give ourselves one. Now we will likely need to go to Easter road on the last day of the season in front of roughly 15,000 Hibs fans and beat them on their title party day. Not impossible certainly, but not likely either.