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  1. Rae was saddled with Murray's pish for most of his reign. Every manager has to deal with the previous managers signings.
  2. Actually quite liked him as a player. Never met him but by all accounts he's a nice fella. I'm judging him by his performance as St Mirren manager only. And it's not good enough.
  3. I'm not interested in this unquantifiable 'style of football' barometer, I'm interested in results. And Ross's are worse than Rae's.
  4. Plaudits they deserved for finishing 19th in Scotland? Our worst finish for over a decade? It's quite the measure of how far the football club has fallen that some of our supporters think that finishing 19th in the country deserves plaudits. Or indeed that losing at home to Livingston then getting rinsed 5-0 by Patrick f**king Thistle is par for the course. It's not. Things don't have to be this bad.
  5. Of course if you had read the post you'd realise I was talking about league points last season. We got more points in 15/16 than we did in 16/17.
  6. Posted in every single match thread between those times. If Rae hadn't been sacked I'm certain todays disgrace wouldn't have happened and that we would have finished with more points than we did last years And Rae was a hopeless manager that needed emptied.
  7. More points in the league, higher position in the league, more points in the league cup. By every measurable factor we were better off this time last year. Still though, as you point out, personality and popularity matters. Ross is the darling that Rae never was.
  8. Does anyone think we are in a better position than we were a year ago? If so, why?
  9. Get this dead rubber to f**k. Be interesting to see what the crowd is.
  10. Alex Rae got 3 points from the first 6 games before he got sacked. Indeed his final game was a draw at Dumbarton.
  11. Alex Rae finished 6th, got 9 points in the league cup and then got (rightly) fired 6 league games into the next season. Jack Ross finished 7th, the most he can get is 6 points in the league cup. You set the precedent Gordon. Tick. Tock.
  12. FT 5-0 Utter disgrace of a performance. I thought Tuesday was bad, remarkably this was worse. If that wasn't the worst St Mirren performance I've ever seen it was certainly up there. The squad is a mess. Those players we do have are disorganised and poorly motivated. The players who've arrived this summer are clearly a significant downgrade on what we had last season. This is the managers fault. Major surgery urgently required.
  13. Smith off - terrible again - Stewart on.
  14. The in Jack we trust brigade will be along shortly. Bump in the road etc. The reality is this is one of the worst St Mirren performances I've seen in over 20 years. Shocking.
  15. Reilly off - another shocking performance from him - Sutton on.