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  1. I'm sure they'll be shaking in their boots at that first half performance which saw us... drawing against 4th place United. The reality is simple. We are in a hellish league position with 7 games to go. If we are going to extricate ourselves from it, we will need to play far better than we did today.
  2. Poor again today I thought. Expect much more from someone of his experience and the club captain.
  3. As anyone who seen our second half performance today will tell you, the top four have nothing to fear from playing us at home.
  4. Bit more context here. Following results today, no matter what happens, we will be bottom of the league on the 7th of April. Even if we beat Ayr next week - which I think we will - we will still be bottom of the league with 6 games to go. Those 6 games include these 4: Away to top, away to second top, away to third top and away to fourth top. The run in from hell.
  5. Of course none of these facts contradict the point I made, which is that we have never before been bottom of the second tier in March. Which is true.
  6. Awful set of results there. Dunfermline winning, both Raith and QOTS getting point and Ayr winning. Couldn't really have went much worse.
  7. Oh for f**k sake.
  8. Ayr 0-1 Dumbarton Morton 0-1 Dunfermline
  9. FT 2-1 Congrats to United. Game or two halves. We were better first and United were better second. We were really awful second half, worryingly awful. Couldn't even get a decent shot on goal. We need to be far better than that in the coming weeks. More importantly we look to have got out it injury and suspension free. Now back to the real fight, staying in the Championship.
  10. 2nd time. Lost the final against Falkirk in early 90's, beat Accies with Gus's team in '05.
  11. HT 1-1 There you go, decent enough game actually. Think we deserve to be winning on the balance of play. We should have been ahead before And... Tony's worldly. Perfect response right enough, good finish by Loy. Let's get this wrapped up one way or t'other in 90 minutes. No need for that extra time nonsense.
  12. Should be a fun day out if nothing else, looking forward to it. I think that in an alternate universe where Albion Rovers beat us in the first round of this cup in September - which they almost did, we were 2 down after 15 minutes - we would have more points in the league. But they didn't and for better or worse here we are in the final, so we might aswell go and win it. Win the cup, avoid injuries and/or suspensions and hopefully Ayr will fail to beat Dumbarton in the afternoon and t'will have been a good day all round.
  13. If we had got the appointment right, yes. If we had got an experienced manager in in December I'm absolutely sure we wouldn't be 10th now. But we didn't, and we are. Getting us off the bottom shouldn't have been that hard, for reasons I have given. Our playing budget is envy of the likes of Ayr and Dumbarton. They're part time for goodness sake! I could bump and quote JR's appointment thread if you like? If I had predicted in there that we would be 10th having played a game more than 9th on the 24th of March I'd have been shot down for being too negative. But I would have been right. I feel there's a lack of appreciation of just how grave our situation is. Let me grant some perspective. St Mirren have been a football club for 140 years this year. Never in that 140 years. Never never (never) have we been bottom of the second tier in March. Coughlin, Rae, Bone, Craig, Fitzpatrick.... none of them took us to these deep depths. No matter what happens between now and May, this will have been the worst season in the football clubs long and illustrations history.
  14. I'm just repeating posts I made when AR was sacked. Why was he sacked? Cause we were bottom. What was the new managers objective? Get us off bottom. Simple really. And not too hard either. We were what, (from memory) 4 points off bottom when we changed manager. And we were chasing clubs with a fraction of the budget of ourselves. Teams like Ayr and Dumbarton simply couldn't get players like Loy, McGinn and Smith. Their budget doesn't stretch that far, ours does. Yet despite this... they're all still ahead of us. Despite all these favouring factors, we are still 10th. Still 10th and we've played a game more than 9th. As i said when AR was sacked. The new manager (whoever he is) should be given a contract to the end of the season. If he keeps us up he should get the summer to build his own team. If he takes us down he should be sacked. Nothing to add.