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  1. Good draw. Two visits to hampden in this years league cup campaign then [emoji4]
  2. Reilly obviously doesn’t fancy being a squad player. He wasn’t first choice when it was just him and Mullen. I expect and hope we will sign at least two first team strikers in the summer, preferably with proven goal scoring records in the Scottish Premiership. So if Gavin couldn’t get a start when it was just him and Danny Mullen, where’s he going to figure when there’s 2 more strikers to compete with?
  3. TopCat

    Bye Harry , thanks for the memories

    Yep no surprise he’s off. He got back fit with us and helped us win promotion. Win win. He’s far too good to be playing for us long term though and will get more money in England. All the best Harry.
  4. Well there’s also less of them. As the statement alludes too, that stand has always been practically empty for previous encounters with the bigot brothers.
  5. Think it’s a good solution. There wasn’t one that was going to keep everyone happy and this is the one that upsets the least as far as I can tell.
  6. TopCat

    John McGinn

    Well the compensation we got was relatively piddling. But then so were the offers we received for him when he was with us too, so we had no real option. McGinn has been in first team football for 6 years now, since 2012. Any English Championship/Premiership club or Celtic could have signed him at any point during that 6 years. They have chosen not to. Will that change this summer when he’s 12 months away from leaving for nothing? We will see.
  7. TopCat

    Summer Transfer Window

    I would love to get him and Sean Kelly back, both experienced and proven Premiership performers at a good age. If County go down - as is looking likely - I think we could get both. Full back is an area we need a lot of strengthening in and that would be a great way to start.
  8. TopCat

    John McGinn

    This is exactly what happened when he was with us. He was offered a new deal early on By Danny Lennon after he broke into the first team and never signed it. No clubs matched our valuation in the interim and he ran his contract down and left for compensation. He’s had a new deal on the table from Hibs for years but has also made it clear to them he isn’t signing anything. No club has met Hibs valuation in the interim and he is running his contract down. He knows he will get a better contract if another club don’t have to pay a fee for him. I can see him staying till the end of the season and signing a nice juicy PCA with someone in January. Unless Hibs are willing to take a lowball offer in the summer that is.
  9. Good championship player and a great guy by all accounts. Never a premier league player though so it’s the right decision to release him. Would be ideal signing for a team like Ayr or Morton next year.
  10. TopCat

    Falkirk v St Mirren

    Second time Falkirk have beaten us in a couple of weeks. If we were taking most of those players up to the premier league with us that would be a bit concerning. We won’t be though, so all good.
  11. TopCat

    Marc McAusland

    2 or 3 year deal?
  12. Some good replies. Enjoyed reading them. I never heard or watched the interview, but was told that JR mentioned the word ‘brutal’ to Kris Commons and Boyd during the week. This is great news. It’s a common trap for a manager of any promoted club in any country to put too much loyalty in the players who got promoted. A good manager will orchestrate a brutal and widespread cull. ‘ You were a great championship player. Thanks. Bye ‘ I hope Jack does that. Misplaced loyalty would be a horrible mistake. Infact I hope his punt and keep list is harsher than mine was.
  13. TopCat

    Marc McAusland

    Are we going to offer him a contract now or August?
  14. FT 2-1 Good game good game. Thought we were the better team and it was just that the leagues best player scored the winning goal on trophy day. Lewis Morgan, hammer of the Ton. Fantastic standing ovation for him after being subbed off in his last game too. Some boy. Fair play to the 400 or so Greenock that made the trip up. Can’t have been easy to watch. Reminded me a bit of that time in 2000 when we beat Morton 2-0 at Cappielow on the way to winning this division. Was over 15 years before we played them in an another league game. Could easily be that again. As football clubs, we just operate on different levels. Will always be little freak periods where Morton are overachieving and we are underachieving where our paths will cross (like the last few years). But natural order has always been restored. We have spent the vast majority of our history above Morton and we will spend the vast majority of our future above them too.