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  1. MenstrieSaint

    Speculation Thread

    someones well informed
  2. MenstrieSaint

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    quite pleased that there looks like theres a bit of truth in this rumour , hope it happens as it will make us stronger down the middle , give us a goal threat and provide cover McGinn should he be injured or suspended . If thats whats holding this deal up , I,m sure we can sort it out.
  3. MenstrieSaint

    Brocky's Back!

    he seems to have a reputation for being a grafter , and has been around a few clubs on loan , so at least he wants playing time , could be a right good signing , still a decent age and very much with a point to prove .
  4. MenstrieSaint

    Phil Bonnyman

    impressive knowledge Billy , I just remember the guy because he played for Chesterfield against Rangers in the Anglo Scottish Cup , seem to remember the third division English club being victorious.
  5. MenstrieSaint

    Speculation Thread

    totally agree , would be sound use of some of the McGinn money , would really strengthen our midfield , and also provide cover if Steven McGinn picks up an injury , fingers crossed this happen . Also need three or four additional attacking options , and maybe some cover in the full back positions , looks like not a bad squad we,re putting together
  6. MenstrieSaint

    Saints Fan Wants Compensation

    should contact www.specrepairs.com , they will fix them for about £30 , and that will be him in profit to the tune of £100
  7. MenstrieSaint

    John McGinn

    Wonder if after playing Aberdeen a couple of times that Burnley might have a different opinion of Scottish football than they did a fortnight ago , and might just start to take a wee bit of interest in John McGinn
  8. MenstrieSaint

    Sign Shankland!

    we could offer what we received for Stewart , offer them two players on loan , and a sell on clause of %33
  9. Was Josh Heston,s potential discussed last night ?
  10. We got £300k compo for Ross , thought it was a lot less , quite pleased if your correct Div.
  11. MenstrieSaint

    Had a great day ..... But

    still a wee bit left , and then some pompedoms and spiced onions , but I will take your advice before I head out for a stroll with the dug .
  12. MenstrieSaint

    Had a great day ..... But

    Head feeling a tad rough , remains of the south Indian garlic chicken and hard nan bread taste not bad . think it might be a good idea not to post when I've had a few too many . Great result yesterday . Coys
  13. had a great day today , took the dog for a wee walk in the morning , a couple of bacon rolls for breakfast , then played a golf fourball , best ball competition , we put in a good score , but nowhere near winners , but really enjoyed my round , almost got a hole in one ( 10minches short ) , but a great days golf missing most the rain , got in the car at 5.15 , and tuned into radio Scotland , and listened to the banter , but no Saints result , then the Scottish classifieds come through , totally didn,t expect the result , and was on a total; high when I got home. COYS So happy, I had such a great day , thought I might treat me and the breadknife to a wee Indian takeaway , Chicken Pakora , South Indian Garlic Chicken , spiced onions and pompedoms , which was superb ( still have some left for breakfast ) . then went to the local for a few beers , and come back and had a few beers in the back garden , still in a great mood . Then went online to see if I could see the Saints goals from a six nil win against Dumbarton , only to not being able to access them , because I don't pay some sort of subscription . Feeling a tad disappointed , surely I should be able to see the goals online , its sort of a St Mirren advert Very tempted to chuck the Smisa thing , and either use the money to join whatever group I need to , to watch the goals online , or maybe just gamble the £14 I spend each month .]
  14. MenstrieSaint

    Queens Park v St. Mirren Betfred Cup 24/7/18

    I thought thats the thing we would have improved on this season , especially with the amount of tall players we have in the team
  15. MenstrieSaint

    Speculation Thread

    what about the manager just getting the best out of what he,s got and work out a system that allows that , enough good players that we should be working , should be building a team round Mullen Smith McGinn and Magennis , and developing a system that everyones comfortable with , instead of bringing in half a dozen randoms every game