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  1. That's why I think there will be league reconstruction to three leagues of 14 with no relegation this season. Loan Rules will also be changed to enable teams to fulfill fixtures.
  2. Makes sense. And Jay Henderson has been self isolating the last week or so.
  3. I think there will be a proposal for league reconstruction, and for fixtures to be played out. Teams will be encouraged to play youngsters to get the fixtures played. And there will be no relegation. Can see this game being cancelled.
  4. Heard from someone at Clyde say that he is very similar to Stuart Armstrong as a player. Also seen a couple of clips of him on Clyde TV and he seems to be doing well then.
  5. That will be him in the squad tomorrow then.
  6. I'm thinking one of the two players is the flatmate of one that has tested positive. So maybe Ilkey and his flatmate ( if he, s a Saints player) and one other.
  7. Our new left back will be ready soon too. St Mirren have always moved good players on, and other good players have come through the ranks and replaced them, it's what happens at St Mirren, it's nothing new.
  8. I think we have done ok. One young player out, two young players in. We have lost a player with excellent potential, but have secured an attacking left back, which I think will allow us to get more crosses into the box, and have also signed cover for our defence. Flynn will be coming back soon and will strengthen the midfield. Good luck to Kyle.
  9. So with the group of players we have available, it's three at the back, Connelly and Durmus as wingbacks in a midfield five, with McPherson and Foley in the middle. I would go two up front with Obika and Erwin. Can't make my mind up between Erahon playing as a defensive midfielder or McGrath playing slightly more forward.
  10. With the players we have available for the next few games, that, s two up front, who we play long balls to, who in turn hold the ball up and link up the play further up the park. Requires a hard working midfield. but I think Dundee United, s defenders are cart horses that will make mistakes that will lead to us scoring a couple of goals.
  11. Reading this gives me confidence.
  12. Googled him and was surprised how young he is . Probably comes under the category of " has a point to prove " . Seems he has a bit of skill . If he has a bit of pace and a decent work rate he should do a decent job for us as a squad player . A talented young left back though would be a decent addition .
  13. Saw somewhere that 8 of the 15 players involved came through our academy . Which may give an indication of the type of team we had out .
  14. Is the football Hub idea not bring considered anymore?
  15. Think we could manage 3,500 if we leave every other row empty and allowed groups in social bubbles and families to sit together with an empty seat / ailse between groups. But to make it work, we need to start the process now.
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