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  1. I thought we did well last year , Obika , Foley , Waters , McLoughlin and Durmus were excellent signings as were Famewo , McCarthy and McGrath . I think we will do alright .
  2. Would like us to make a move to try and get Ross Wallace .Still think it might happen . Reckon it was him that alerted Goody to Mayhem Shernon .
  3. Drive . But a couple of times a year I,ll take the train and enjoy a few post match beers .
  4. Think we,ve offered him a contract . Can play full back , or holding midfielder .
  5. Totally agree , probably four experienced signings and four quality loan signings . Left back , centre half , striker and attacking midfielder the priorities .
  6. Is the concept of football hubs still being explored ?
  7. Wouldn't be disappointed if we went with him . Guess we have to back the managers judgement .
  8. Don't think it's going to happen .
  9. Seen Stellios linked with Saints . Is that just because he out a picture of himself on himself in a Saints shirt on his Facebook page . Or have we been watching him this season and reckon he can do a job for us ?
  10. Mendes , Obika and Gonglaves would have been a great front three . Galloway , Arquin and Sanoupe not so good .
  11. I would delighted if we could sign two from Famewo ( on loan ) , Popescu or Gogic .
  12. Anyone else heard we,re in for Robbie McRorie on loan from Rangers ?
  13. Would liked to have kept Wallace and hope we can maybe get Famewo back on loan . Tremarco and Gogic would be good additions . Think we could be in for a couple from Northern Ireland and a couple of loanees to get the best out of whatever budget we have .
  14. That money will come from the same place as Brexits additional NHS funding.
  15. Need an experienced goal keeper and central defender . Would like us to try and keep Wallace for left back . Maybe try and bring in a couple of defenders and a striker on loan . That should be enough for us to go into next season in the current financial climate.
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