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  1. Based on how our other signings have done , I don't think he will be a bad signing , and will offer us something as the season progresses .
  2. I totally don't see it that way . I think our defence doesn't overplay the ball and clears the ball often to gett the hall out the danger area . Alunga and Main then get onto these clearances and build up attacks from the half way line. We have hard working midfielders and wing backs that are happy to run with the ball at their feet . We have a simple system in place where everyone knows what they are supposed to do .
  3. Excellent reading . Think a muga cover would do the job .
  4. They could probably stick a sports barn type thing in its place . A very basic structure that's unheated , but would keep out the snow and rain and allow training to take place.
  5. Mind Snodgrass and McKenna being very effective for Stirling albion . Excellent strike Partnership.
  6. Keiran Offord reminds me of a young Billy Dodds , plays up top and constantly hassles the oppositions back four . Clyde fans were even suggesting he was bullying their centre half last week . Quite impressive for an 18 year old . Think his career is progressing well and he will learn loads from Connor Salmon and Brian Rice .
  7. I was one of those people . Very happy to be wrong . Would like us to sign a fast left sided player who can play left back and left wing . Wonder if Martin Foyle gas seen one lurking about the lower leagues .
  8. I would prefer us to keep big Joe , there's always injuries and suspensions so we will probably need him over the course of the season . Don't think he will be short of offers , and if Joe going allows another one or two to come in I would be reasonably happy . Mind this time last year Jim Goodwin was talking up his central defence of Dunne and Shaunessy . This week could be quite interesting .
  9. Very much my thoughts . Four central defenders to cover three positions are the norm . He is also able to cover 8n central midfield. Its a long season so cover required all over the pitch . Excellent signing .
  10. Despite the fact that he continually launches over long passes , I still find him hugely likeable .
  11. I like Ayunga he puts that wee bit extra effort in , he's good on the air and he likes a mazy run . I actually think he might be really effective playing behind two strikers as an attacking midfielder , can't see us starting with that set up . But can see us using it in the last quarter if we are behind .
  12. I'm hoping he might be one of these players that is more effective when he's hitting teams on the break with lots of space to chase the ball into rather than play against two tight banks if four . With that in mind I,ll give him a few more games before I make my mind up on him .
  13. Not necessarily just about the original transfer fee . Add ons and a cut if the sell on fee are also hugely important. I would be disappointed if Saints have agreed a fee . You would think they would sit tight and see what other offers are out there . Not all players highly rated as teenagers go on to be million pound players so cashing in now isn't a bad thing . The pick of this group of youngsters may be under the radar now. We just have to trust the management are doing what they think is best .
  14. Don't have a problem with compensation fees being paid for teenagers , it's not the best model as there are no guarantees .
  15. Northampton moved the ball well and looked a strong physical team this evening . The goals we let in from open play were very poorly defended . The team for the second half was very young and it was good to see them get a run out . OHara looked very good , I think Alunga will cause teams problems. We were never going to win after making the five subs ( tried to get a bet on at that moment but couldn't) . But all in all a decent run around .
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