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  1. I think there will be teams wanting McGrath this season to help their push for promotion. Some teams will probably be touching base just now to try and get a deal done early. There will be lots of scouts watching McGrath in the next two ROI games knowing he us available relatively cheap in the next transfer window . I think we will get considerably more for him in January , than what Hibs were offering in September.
  2. There will be top end Championship clubs in England desperate to sign McGrath. We could get quite a decent fee for him , certainly more than what was offered last transfer window . As soon as a club signs him and puts him on a three year contract his value will be £3 million as a current Irish International. Should the team get promoted that value would triple . Look out for Celtic offering sweeties .
  3. I would hope with Ronan and McGrath then we try keeping it on the deck and using the midfield instead of going with the route one we have so far this season. These boys should be able to help get the ball up the park with pace. Excited to see this play out as hope we get it up Utd. Would even be happy if Flynn played in front of the back three and McGrath played further up .
  4. Today might be the making of his 352 system with McGrath and Ronin playing in front if the back three and Kiltie , Brophey and Main up front . Hoping we get to see Miller today too .
  5. Hopefully that could adapt to a 442 if required .
  6. A free weekend means there's still time to get a couple of players in with pace . I thought we would have got that from the loan market. Happy with McGrath staying . If we are going to persevere with three at the back I would prefer McCarthy, Dunne and Shaunessey to be the first choice three as their height is a goal threat .
  7. I think he will be fine. He,s played at a decent level and the fact that Wolves offered him a four year contract suggests that they see potential in him. I do though think that Jamie McGrath has played his last game for us .
  8. Based on previous season we will have a few still to come in. I'm expecting two loanees and two out of contract players who have yet to find a club.
  9. The way he is capable if strolling forward with the ball makes him a huge asset in a back three. Can't understand how he doesn't get a start .
  10. Kelty,s experienced players must be really pissed off , getting beat by whats in effect our third team . Well done the youngsters. Can see a couple of them going out on loan .
  11. Should have had Connor McCarthy on the right hand side of the three central defenders and Erahon playing next to Power in front of the back three . We should be defending better . Its going to be a long season.
  12. Need to have Connor McCarthy back for this one. Hearts will be dangerous at set peices . Hopefully Hearts luck runs out , they certainly got the breaks last week .
  13. Maybe Lewis Jamieson. He did well at Clyde . Very fast and works hard to close down defences . Well worth keeping an eye on Inverness,s results.
  14. I think that's how it will pan out . No hurry to sell Ethan , his time will come .
  15. Think we are doing a good job of highlighting the fact that the players are available at the right price . Just need a few more teams interested to get the right price up .
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