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  1. I can see why , just the type of player to replace Broonie when the time comes . He,s a hardworking hard tackling midfielder that can turn defence into attack . Not many of them about .
  2. I believe I am entitled to a part refund , but not that bothered . There is though an opportunity to reduce season ticket prices next season to acknowledge this , which also might increase the number of our season ticket holders.
  3. Thanks for saving the Saints a few bob Kirky .
  4. For St Mirren to be successful they need to be successful with two thirds of their signings in consecutive seasons , it's as simple as that .
  5. Time to freshen things up . A midfield of Wallace , Foley , McPherson and McAllister with Chabbi and Obika up front . And McGrath , Durmus and the guy on loan from Watford who,s name I always spell wrong coming off the bench as the game progresses .
  6. Think we need to move forward with a midfield three of Wallace , McPherson and Foley , with support from from McGinn . Maybe play two up front with an attacking midfielder ( Durmus or McAllister ) . It's very much a four way battle . I think whoever finishes second bottom will win the play off . Hopefully we will finish tenth .
  7. So before the game , get off at Gilmour Street , get a cheap pint and meal at the last post , no point drinking on an empty stomach . Head next to the Bull Inn , a classic pub worth a wee visit . Just along is the wee howff which is good as is the pub next door . Then head to the match . After the game follow the crowd into the town ( a different way from the way you came ) and grab a pint at the Court Bar before catching the train back to Glasgow
  8. Would do a job in midfield . Either central or on the right .
  9. Pity he,s left , now would have been exactly the opportunity to see what he had to offer as a defensive midfielder . With Cammy covering at full back ? Is there an option to bring him back for a month , whilst we wait for Stephen McGinn and Hodson to return to fitness .
  10. Ten for adults , fiver for OAP / students and £1 for children would be fair and would ensure a decent crowd .
  11. The striking partnership between him and the Hawk that day was superb . Really thought Isma should have achieved more .
  12. So basically Judas Wank Broadfoot is a wank .
  13. It maybe that there's s restriction on how many loan players Gillingham can play , and before Evans can bring another one in , one had to go out .
  14. Seen a few clips on YouTube ,seen his stats , think he will do well for us .
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