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  1. I think %52 would give an individual or a group control of the club , without having to buy the other %48 . The other shareholders would have had difficulty finding a buyer for their shares .
  2. Let's hope OK and GLS can kiss and make up , the model of Gus bringing in players and OK getting the best out of them worked well last season . Article it n Sunday Mail would suggest that Oran will be taking training tomorrow , Tony Fitzpatrick should be talking to the manager and the Chairman to find a compromise .
  3. Gilmour and McAusland had a significant amount of shares , that would have been almost worthless had Reg Brearley taken over .
  4. Seem to remember a midweek game very shortly after , when I saw one of my favourite ever Saints performances .
  5. Also the reason the group who previously took over the club chose to do so . All good guys , but I suspect it's a hard game to plau
  6. Looks like it's a job for the chief executive to get the manager , and the general manager and the chairman round the table to sort out their differences and get the club moving forward.
  7. We lived in Mountview Park in the quarters , old man was at Kirkwood Road depot .
  8. Josh Heaton would have been watching Cody Cooke's end of season celebrations , and thinking if only . Whilst Josh made a few Bob out of St Mirren , he,s going to have to work hard to get another chance at full time football , and a few clubs will avoid him , because of his poor attitude . ( And his lack of ability )
  9. Interesting to compare Josh Heaton with Cody Cooke . It's all about attitude .
  10. I actually wonder if any deal could involve us taking other player(s) from Dinamo Bucharest , as they seem short of money and might want a couple of players off their payroll , but at the same time maybe get a transfer fee . Would love to see Popescu signed up for next season .
  11. Very pleased with that , he,s got massive ability , just needs to toughen up and regain his confidence , he was showing signs of that and was improving every week . Great signing
  12. Happy to have the squad that played post split , minus Jackson , Nazon , Ferdinand , Corbu and Hodgson . Who would have all been on very good wages , which gives us a right good budget for bring in four or five right good players .
  13. I think Cooke and Mullen are a well suited partnership , who,s attitude will keep the opposition's back four busy . Paul Sturrock suggests playing the ball early to two strikers and allowing the strikers to build the moves from the front as being the most effective way to play football , as it cuts out defensive mistakes . Thing this pair would be suited to that style of play .
  14. Think they need to go out on loan to a team where they will be playing every week in their preferred position .
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