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  1. Andy Millen for me , thought he was finished when we signed him , had never really rated him previously , but served us well .
  2. Maybe the first step is to go out on loan . Maybe somewhere like Stirling Albion or Clyde .
  3. Totally agree with the line up . Think we could cause teams problems at set pieces. Very much the best we can do with the current playing squad.
  4. Scored on Saturday , think he plays up front or wide on the wing , though I'm not too sure , hence the post . Still young so very much one for the future
  5. Watched the highlights of the Wrexham game and Jay Henderson look very good . Is he ready yet for the first team squad ? How good is he ? How long has he been with us ?
  6. Collectively the team don't create enough chances , or have decent attempts at goals , I think the problem is we don't get sufficient numbers in the box . I also think if we manage to get the first goal and teams have to come at us , we might be quite effective on the break .
  7. I think the varying rates of pay the players were on may have a detrimental effect on the team .
  8. It was the money received from Phil O'Donnell that put that team together , I have a theory that after this Celtic and Rangers got together and decided not to buyplayers playing for Scottish clubs as paying them good money for players just allowed them to put together a team capable of challenging them .
  9. We know our best options for the back four and our midfield three , we still haven't worked out how to get the best out our attacking three or who our attacking three should be . Maybe our best option might be to have Waters and McGinn putting the crosses and ensuring there are four attackers in the box when the cross goes in .
  10. Think we,ll go with three central defenders and McGinn and Waters as wingbacks , Durmus / McAllister will make way for G Mac . Think we,ll go for two up front , and any free kick in the opposition's half will involve the three big men getting in the box .
  11. In this case , it would totally make sense for somebody who has played football to be making the judgement .
  12. Actually impressed with Brian Rice's attitude , he had every opportunity to make a big deal and rant and rave , but actually defused the situation . He had the best view , and any sensible compliance officer should take note .
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