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  1. Which hopefully points to a week on Tuesday.
  2. Anyone know when the game will now be played ? Hopefully before the Dundee game .
  3. Villa are 11/1 to win promotion , probably the best value bet about , with Grealish and McGinn back they will go on a run and be the form team in the play offs . Add Sunderland 11/10 for promotion and Tranmere 7/2 for promotion and you have a very good treble .
  4. Pretty much agree with this , we just didn't make the best of the limited chances we created , and had we had either Tansey . But we played okay . We do now need to start winning games , and maybe be a bit more attack minded .
  5. Muzak is a left back / central defender so the hope is he would double up . Also think the two of them would be more of an attacking threat down the left . Also it's time to play two up front .
  6. Think it's time to rethink how we set up . We are now coming to a stage of the season where nearly all the team we are up against are of a similar standard as ourselves , and we should be going for the three points rather than settle for the draw . With that in mind , it's time to play two up front , and for Kyle McAllister to play in the left wing back position instead of Erahon . We were more dangerous for the last quarter with two up front , and too often Erahon passed back as he didn't have the pace to go by his man . Ethan's time will come , but for the next few games I think he needs s rest . Still think we can stay up , just think we now need to be more attack minded .
  7. I have a few bits and pieces of Saints interest , that I'm sure would be binned if my wife had the chance . With that in mind some sort of for sale /wanted thread for Saints memorabilia would be very helpful .
  8. Hoping we can make it happen asap , he,s a very good players .
  9. I would like us to try and get Popescu signed up for next season, agreeing a fifty percent sell on fee might help us get a deal . Superb player , who I have no doubt will go on to better things
  10. Totally agree with that , and up to very recently we haven't had options on the bench to replace him , think we are steadily improving.
  11. Though all the players involved put in a decent shift , wasn't easy out there , I thought both McGinns , the keeper and the back there played well .
  12. Because Tansey Lyon and Magennis are injured I would go for McGinn , Ferdinand , Baird , Popescu and Muzak at the back , McGinn , Flynn and McAllister in midfield and Simeon and the Duck up front , Dreyer , McPherson , Etharon ,Cooke and Mullen will give us options when the legs tire . Coys .
  13. Remember the bus parking in the car park , and folks coming out the bus wearing black and white scarves , it confused me . Good to know the partnership is doing well .
  14. I'm hoping the keeper will be confident coming off his line and fisting the ball out the box .
  15. I thought he was a great tackler and could carry a ball . Best part of his game was to make that tackle that broke up the opposition,s attack and set up a Saints attack . I would have a place for him in the current team .
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