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  1. QoS Game

    I wouldnt agree it was comfortably. There were a few spells in the game where we looked under pressure and sat off them a bit. Still deserved the win overall but need to work on keeping hold of the ball as like the ICT game it got a wee bit scrappy. Cammy Smith and Liam Smith were brilliant. Solid debut bar one clearence from McCart, Captain led by example and normal service resumed by Lewis.
  2. QoS Game

    First taste of StmirrenTV. Brilliant. COYS
  3. Craig Samson

    It would be good to see the calendar year of 2017 vs the best ever calendar year in terms of results. Surely this must be up there if not the best ever year results wise?
  4. Lewis Morgan

    Lewis who???... get her signed pronto.
  5. Lewis Morgan

    Is she hot?
  6. Lewis Morgan

    I agree. A straight replacement for morgan would lose us money too unless we settle for a lesser player.
  7. Lewis Morgan

    Find out where his agent lives and put a horses head in his bed. Wheres luca barasi?
  8. Bet they are shiteing it
  9. Being serious. Well chuffed at that result. If someone told me we would be 10pts ahead of falkirk after 5 games id have said no.... nothing nasty... just no
  10. Been watching the American news there. Crazy stuff the whole east coast taken by surprise at the freak of nature events. Lawrence Shankland scored a goal today.
  11. Revised Predictions

  12. st mirren tv com

    Much is it?
  13. John McGinn

    And 52k in todays scottish
  14. Has Morgan been offered a new deal at all?
  15. Stephen Mallan

    Had a look on the Barnsley forum earlier. Doesnt seem to be any injury involved. Guys on there seem to think he is just quite a bit down the pecking order.