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  1. Tony Watt

    In the same category as Riordan for me.
  2. Paisley Police Station taped off with a Cop on Guard

    He will be shitting his diaper. Call him on his cell to see if he is ok
  3. Scotland Football Club

    Happy with this.
  4. My knickers were wet ill admit. Now they are f**kin ringing [emoji97][emoji97]
  5. He has pulled out of Barnsley. End of chat Close thread mods
  6. Exactly this. Id hope that we could also benefit with some top loan deals too. (IF he goes)
  7. Id love to know how much the board would accept for Ross should they want him? He is possibly worth more than every player we have.
  8. Tony Watt

  9. And loan him back till tbe end of the season