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  1. SaintGlenburn

    Jack Ross - SMTID?

    The SMTID is his way of saying just that. He loves the club, the fans and everything related to the club and always will. This move is for his family and that comes first. He shouldnt need to explain himself to anyone. Common sense was all that was needed to accept this offer. He goes with my best wishes and eternal gratitude for the job he has done pull the team and the fans together. Not to mention get us back to where we belong. As much as i love St.Mirren if i was in the same position id have taken the job. Id still be SMTID. just like Jack.
  2. SaintGlenburn

    Speculation Thread

    Lawless and Tansey free agents as of today apparently. My Jags supporting mate in work says losing Lawless is the main reason he is gutted.
  3. SaintGlenburn

    Who's Next To Jump Ship..?

    A 1m bid for any player would be welcome. An extra 1m in the pot would make some difference to the quality of squad we could build.
  4. SaintGlenburn

    Jack Ross - SMTID?

    12 x Manager/JR related threads live. We need a maid to clean up a bit.
  5. SaintGlenburn

    Who would you like for next manager

    Says we will get a 6 figure fee? No complaints if true
  6. I had a hospital appt yesterday and NHS messed it up and booked me into Inverclyde by accident. (Wid a feck) I decided to piss about paisley before going back to work and i popped down to the stadium to get my season ticket sorted. Went back to work and my gaffer said "did u get a good seat" I forgot i said "gaffer keep an eye on my emails for a cppl hours while im at the hospital and i gave the ticket office my work email to send the confirmation. Lesson learned Paul ya bellend
  7. SaintGlenburn

    New Manager Latest Odds

    74 posts so far and every one a f**king whopper. Your on a roll fella. [emoji1]
  8. SaintGlenburn

    Paul McGinn

    And his brothers brother?
  9. SaintGlenburn

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    Tsumirren i know keeps an eye on that division with past interests. Maybe he can get some info on the lad from contacts at ebbsfleet or somewhere. I dont have a clue about this one. Welcome Jim
  10. Harsh. This move could set his family up for life. He has every right to move if it suits him.
  11. SaintGlenburn

    John McGinn

    This in a nutshell. Earlier the better too.
  12. SaintGlenburn

    Projected Home Attendances 2018/2019

    As much as i enjoy the threads. Could this and the championship not just be merged and called - Attendances.
  13. Why is Magennis not in it. Eckersley too. This is pish
  14. SaintGlenburn

    Memories from Season 2017/2018

    Dunfermline away "bairdy", Dundee utd at Home in Dec Morton on Saturday. My 3 favourite days this season that will stay with me forever.