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  1. SaintGlenburn

    John McGinn

    Ask how much
  2. SaintGlenburn

    Striker from European club!

  3. SaintGlenburn

    Striker from European club!

    [emoji122] [emoji122] [emoji122] [emoji122]
  4. SaintGlenburn

    Striker from European club!

    Does that not mean "your welcome"?
  5. SaintGlenburn

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    You come across as a bit of a bellend at times Oaksoft. Most of your preaching i find quite funny as well as enjoying some of your wee arguments on here with other aliases. Canny beat a funny c**t but put an imaginary fine line between those and choose the good side.
  6. SaintGlenburn

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    I agree with Elvis. We should let him go, we will be absolutely fine and Ross will get game time elsewhere. Best for all
  7. SaintGlenburn

    W7 Appreciation Post

    Aye they were all at the turnstyles. Basturts!
  8. SaintGlenburn

    W7 Appreciation Post

    Maybe going a bit too far but have any of you seen the displays Galatasaray do? They basically put the displays on a sort of pulley and hoist them up vertically. f**king amazing. Would be brilliant if that could be done. Needs £££ though and i guess, shit loads of fire resistant materials. Worth a wee watch on youtube. Think if you search Galatasaray Koreografy you will see some.
  9. SaintGlenburn

    St. Mirren Park.

    Hearing the roar on Sportscene when mullen scored both goals, especially the 1st was awesome. Didnt even seem as loud live. disagree about corners needing filled to generate more atmosphere. Just success on the pitch and it will be there.
  10. SaintGlenburn

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    Really positive start to the season. Everyone done their job. If i could be critical only Cole had a shaky one and that was few and far between. Early days but these are the kind of results that may prove to be important come april. Reminded me a bit like dundee utd at home last season when the pen save turned the game. A happy buddy tonight.
  11. SaintGlenburn

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    Id go as far as saying thats his best game in a saints shirt. Gave nobody a minutes peace.
  12. SaintGlenburn

    Unbeaten in Competitive Matches

    Bring on the Dons. [emoji231]
  13. SaintGlenburn

    Latest Scores

    Inverness would be the obvious choice since we are so local, but naw, Partick.
  14. SaintGlenburn

    Latest Scores

    Ma jags supporting mate just txt me there. Happy for them. Loving the fact we hopefully wont play them or RC this season. Horrible waste of space clubs
  15. SaintGlenburn

    Stubbsy Says...........