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  1. Ok so who is in now. I saw the lad Popescu confirmed.
  2. Im struggling to see why Eckersley isnt playing. That young lad aint a LB and needs to hit the gym before playing in the first team.
  3. Dont want to speak too soon but 3pts would be massive. Hoping Dundee get skelped too would give us some breathing space again. We need it.
  4. Nowhere near right but ill get the drinks in if my coop comes in [emoji481][emoji481]
  5. I backed us at 4-1 no matter how shite we have been thats worth a punt
  6. Thanks for the stream there guys. 2-2 not bad through there. Decent point
  7. Played 5 out the top 6 and still off the bottom. Points on the way.
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