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  1. Brilliant result hopefully the boys get a home tie in next round and a good turnout!
  2. If he was not on too high a wage I wouldn't mind him as an option from the bench he gives us something different but he definitely needs to up his workrate and as someone mentioned earlier i dont think goody would take anything less than 100% from any player
  3. Nobody really seems to know anything thats going on I was trying to remember the guy that was definitely itk was it jj mcg ? Does he still post on here ?
  4. Absolutely spot on if it is true we need to get someone in asap to avoid a start like last season. If he is leaving due to family reasons then I have no issue at all family comes before everything but I would be disappointed if he is leaving due to budget reasons he must know that a club like us has to watch our finances. I wasn't that keen on him at the start and was angry with the team he put out against Celtic but you can't deny he did a fantastic job in last quarter of season was looking forward to seeing what he could do this year
  5. For the reasons I already pointed out in this thread I have just put my opinion across I can't be arsed arguing all night
  6. Honest tae f**k I have already made it clear I love tf one of the best human beings I have met I just think he should dial it down a notch.
  7. Doesn't bother me w6 I love Tony and the fact he is ambitious it's more for his own sake he has become a joke figure to the press and other teams
  8. Nothing wrong with ambition and aiming high but why spout off about it to the press leaving yourself open to ridicule if you firmly believe you can finish top four keep it in the club and talk about it after its achieved
  9. We should maybe do something like we did with west. An incentive if we sell season tickets for say over 50% of the south stands capacity we only have the away supports in north.
  10. Did the club ever issue an apology to their fans over the fake accusations ? Serious question never heard anything about it recently
  11. Decent result not great but accies defo have an advantage on that Shitey plastic pitch. We have 5 cup finals now possibly 7 its going to be a really exciting run in which although nerve wracking will be games you really want to attend. I know I am in the minority but still think Kearney made a mistake with his team/tactics on Wednesday night but we still have a good chance of surviving.
  12. To be fair I.o.b.s every buddie I know will be there Saturday think a lot will be going expecting to get nothing from game now though, thought tonight was a massive missed opportunity for pts and confidence
  13. Very important 3pts lost tonight even 1 would have gave us some feel good factor to take into Saturday's crunch match probably be a couple of hundred less fans attending Saturday now too.
  14. Thought it was a missed opportunity last night that is not the same killie team as their first visit to paisley. Defence were good last night thought midfield let killie play too much and jackson had an off night but he has a thankless task absolutely no support. He chased a ball over the top last night the keeper just beat him to it and there was not 1 saints player over the halfway line. We were unlucky not to get a point but definitely think tactics were wrong last night if we are going to go 1 upfront we need at least one midfielder in a more advanced role to support striker
  15. The guy was a decent keeper and a very likeable person but the way he f**ked off left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth
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