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  1. bender rodriguez

    Dundee v St Mirren+ [email protected] Visit.

    Was £61 for me and 2 kids to get into smp on saturday
  2. bender rodriguez

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    I just noticed it's £17 for kids that is scandalous I know we are in premier now but that is some jump up from a fiver or £2 in family stand like it was last season
  3. bender rodriguez

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Much rather the wage put towards strengthening the playing side
  4. bender rodriguez


    The guy has come on to our forum to offer an insight and ur giving him grief you really are an an oddball faraway ! How was Arbroath brechin u tcheuter creep !
  5. bender rodriguez

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    I find this all very baffling bringing umpteen players up from down south giving them next to zero game time then sending them back down. I know it just kellerman at present but the others have not got a sniff either ! Some players are not great trainers but do well in games and vice versa think at least they should have got a run out in a league game . If stubbs has signed them then changed his mind about them in a couple of weeks its very worrying.
  6. bender rodriguez

    Rangers extra seating

    I can understand why people don't want to go to ibrox and parkhead but don't understand why some of us don't want to support our team at home I know all the vile shite that comes with these two but this is our home we will outnumber them. In saying that i would just give them the north and try and get as many buds to attend if any of the mutants do infiltrate the home ends just get them pointed out to the stewards/police so they get papped out.
  7. bender rodriguez

    John McGinn

    Read somewhere the fee was £2.75m nearly a £1million for us cant complain
  8. bender rodriguez

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    Really enjoyable game and great result. A lot of positives to take cammy and Danny were excellent as was willock in midfield but not getting carried away still a lot of work to be done. We definitely have the nucleus of a very decent side but we need a quick centre half and a big striker although I thought big Ross Stewart had a decent game game has good touch and holds it up well think he just lacks a bit of pace. The defence is definitely a worry though very hesitant at times.
  9. bender rodriguez

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Was really poor today embarrassing really but I am not going to judge till 5pm 4th of August. I agree with most a lot of new signings do not look great but the most worrying thing for me is lack of shape/organisation/game plan. Defensively we are an absolute shambles p mcginn baird and the other cb stood off the Sunderland front men all day and got punished. I can't see where our goals are coming from also defo need a striker asap.
  10. bender rodriguez

    Stubbs Confirmed

    I am not hugely excited about this appointment but not hugely disappointed either. Realistically who is out there availible who is a better choice ? it would not matter who was appointed there would have been some of us unhappy. He has to get in here asap and start getting the squad assembled quickly. Its going to be interesting to see the calibre of player we will be signing. Good luck alan and welcome just hope we start the season well to keep the feel good factor alive.
  11. bender rodriguez

    Jack Ross - SMTID?

    I am honest to god gobsmacked by some of our so called supporters on here. Jack Ross turned one of the most boring weak saints sides I can remember into champions in 18 months. I don't know what the dealings were between the clubs but some of things I have seen on here are out of order.
  12. bender rodriguez

    Bye Harry , thanks for the memories

    getting a bit worried now morgan away davis away jack ross possibly away going to be an interesting if not scary close season
  13. bender rodriguez

    Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    Cheers drew I can't get my head round how they let 3100 of the mutants from down road in but only 2250 of us
  14. bender rodriguez

    Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    If we have more than 500 patg tomorrow will we get in home end ?there is no way I can get to brechin before about 2.45 desperate to go but been an unbelievable hassle to get to go. I would much rather be in away end but would settle for just being there.