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  1. fan4ever

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Why do some fans not just realise that the club is on the up. We have gone the same route as many successful teams and hired technical support for the manager. Let the manager manage the team let the manager train the team but have someone else do all the other stuff. I personally think that the club have went with someone they believe will be loyal to the club and after all the crap reported by Chris Sutton and the press we now need stability which I believe in the new manager and team we have. Friday night proved we are hopefully heading in the right direction. Welcome back Gus
  2. fan4ever

    Football Pundtwit Sutton

    Yes I have because no matter who he is pundit for unless celtic he is doom and gloom has never anything positive to say stands there like a tailers dummy in topmans window display. I think he sounds off. He also is hopeless when Scotland playing never has a good word unless he has too. Honestly in his position when the game is about 2 teams and on television being broadcast around the world to fans of both teams he shod not be so blatantly obvious his team is playing. And also pundits and reporters should stick to facts. Also on another note I thought it was nice to see celtic fans applaud our new manager when presented for first time to home fans
  3. fan4ever

    Football Pundtwit Sutton

    I have actually complained to BT sport re Chris Sutton
  4. Only Goody not Danny. Danny in the past he is another manager who hid in the dugout when he had taken the team as far as he could. Needs to be someone new
  5. fan4ever

    Stubbs can go now

    I was at the game yesterday and it was shambolick. I would not say the players did not try because I would say all off them did but as a team it was not working. However What annoyed me most was after the first goal went in the manager was no where to be seen for the whole game. I saw his assistants but not him and this does not bode well with me. To be honest I was hoping he was on the M8 with a torn up contract. Yes some will say it is to early however he had pre season. You build a team from the back with good defenders and Baird is the best we have the new guys are just not good enough. We have an ok midfield in fact to many midfield players and to be honest in my opinion up front players are ok. Kenny miller is not our answer we need better defenders and money spent there. Kenny Miller is 39 a few years ago we said Jim Goodwin was to old at 34 and his fitness was fantastic. I would have Jim back playing today as he is what we need not another forward. I hope there was a clause in Stubbs contract as it was for 3 years. I think if there was no get out clause it was very naive of the St Mirren board.
  6. fan4ever

    First Team Squad

    When is eckersley and mc Kenzie expected to be fit. Stubbs needs to play them as soon as they are fit
  7. fan4ever

    Rangers extra seating

    Deciding as a season ticket holder whether to attend our home game with rangers
  8. fan4ever

    Rangers extra seating

    Honestly club need to make a statement on this issue
  9. Due to the objects being throw at our young fans today I think the club should rethink giving extra stands to rangers. It is a disgrace and I hope the young girl and other fans who were hit today are OK. I am disgusted however that is why I would not visit some stadiums.
  10. fan4ever

    John McGinn

    Don't need more seats until we fill stadium every week. Only way to do this is to invest in players. So no leave stadium alone for now
  11. fan4ever

    Speculation Thread

    Whatever oh no is it going to be deemed a ? No maybe a! Look the who cares was aimed at all the messages on linwood but I personally prefer to read messages regarding st mirren not nonsense
  12. fan4ever

    Speculation Thread

    Who cares
  13. fan4ever

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Sorry this is a bit off topic I'm just glad the former player who wants to turn to management is not Chris Sutton. He is an arse. I hate it when he stands there looking like a dip stick giving his verdict on games with his doom and gloom face. You know he ran st mirren and other teams down last year when we were flying. Time he got punted off the TV. He is Mr negative. Can't stand him