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  1. In this weather I fear injuries occurring. Not sure if I would rather concentrate on league survival. Dangerous conditions to play in with players making tackles that go wrong due to conditions and sending offs. Let's hope players safety is always considered. And in this type of weather fans safety getting to and from games. It is a sport something to be enjoyed not for putting players and fans lives in danger.
  2. I hope its hamilton who go down. Worst support along with Livingston.
  3. Everybody get behind jim and what is left of team. I am so fed up of negative attitude of some. It is do boring. Have no issue with so called fans putting across their point of view but stop making it so anti jim and team. Constructive criticism but not pure negativity
  4. Jim Goodwin is my favourite manager of recent times. Genuinely loves the club. You know all of the fans you quite disgracefully write on here or shout for him to be sacked should be very careful with what they wish for because what you will get ain't what's in your small minds. We are getting better
  5. I think jim should have replaced obika with Mullen. I hope he starts with danny against hibs and especially Hamilton.
  6. I dont like it but i like the money it brings in. We need the money to stay up. Many clubs bring 200 to 400 fans so no money there from gate sales. If we filled our stands week in week out we would not be giving them 2 stands but we dont. So as much as it is sickening to see blue or green in our family stand think of the money
  7. Who cares OK back at where he is happy with his family a steady job and a hobby managing a football club. Give it a rest and get behind Goodwin
  8. Stop debating the past. Out current managerwill come good. Over the past few days I have been watching various wolves games. Santos job was under threat before Christmas last year. I can remember looking at him on the sideline and thinking I hope he can enjoy christmas. Now look at wolves in Europe and doing well and Santos has full backing of fans. So give Goody time
  9. It will turn around and we will finish 10th anything g above that a bonus
  10. Who would even touch our managers job. As said in a previous comment jack ross did not get instant results it took 2 transfer windows. In Goodwin I have faith. I have bee a season tickets holder for ten years and this is st mirren take good with the bad. Just now we need a bit of luck and things will turn around.
  11. For god sake give Gus a break. He is probably not on a huge wage he is trying to get players through the door. Instead of giving Gus a hard time why not the players agents there the money grabbed that have ruined football
  12. I like looking at the forum but really some act like bullies who hide behind social media. This is a football forum where all opinions can be added but that is what they are opinions. No need for all the name calling. You don't know who writes their comment so before you write to tell that person what you think have a think yourself as to who is writing it. Could be a young boy who on here is being told he is a piece of f in crap a loser. What is written is open to all st mirren fans young and old bullying is not just for the playground. If you don't agree with a post then say I don't agree however ________
  13. If OK is struggling with being apart from his wife and young family I get that. However it has been a month since last game and decisions have to be made and quick. He should put his family first as they will always be there for him football is a harsh career and only as good as your last game.
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