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  1. What i say below is for most players and i fully agree there will be some who enter via a different route. I prefer the model that the usa has for american football. In high school you have too maintain a C average on your report card to be on any school team this includes such clubs as cheerleading, basketball being in the school band. If you drop below a C you cannot participate till the next report card which are every 9 weeks or 45 days. You are deemed to be not focused on school work so why should you be privelged to be on the team. After high school you go to college/uni because you have studied and most who are good enough will get a scholarship or if not good enough you at least have an education to take you forward. In college the model remains thats why most professional americam football players have some form of professional qualifications. At the age if 22/23 and after playing college ball only then do you go to play fully professional and get the big money. A players career can be over anytime and they cannot all be pundits. I think that at age 22/23 you are more mature to handle fame, the ridiculous amount of money that is given to them. I am not saying all in uk should go to uni but every player should have something to fall back on.
  2. Well done st mirren. I am Watching sportscene and they took us to the pitch and can i just say we have a team who look very together congratulating each other a team who act like that cam only get better
  3. Just to confirm I don't want Ross purely because never good to go back I believe new direction is better
  4. I think if the club are talking to brown it will be as an assistant because they want lennon. Some may say we cannot afford lennon does he need the money prob pin money for him. But would much rather it was lennon who is proven and will demand results. Will have contacts also. Dissapointed jim has left but I think it will be a really hard job for him. But he is gone and I won't be devistated unless St mirren board recruit someone unproven. I would be OK with mcinnes or lennon. Don't want Ross.
  5. I looked at spfl table for suspensions looks like 1 match ban? If it was just denying goal scoring opportunity
  6. Good performance wish the negativity would stop. We have Not played for weeks and we will turn it around but normally leave it till January
  7. No wonder jim Goodwin gets p'd off. How can he build a team when players he was waiting on coming back are allowed to leave. Why would players want to come to st mirren. Desperate ones maybe
  8. The problem with the st mirren board is that they sell players way to cheaply. That is why Jack ross is raiding our team. Is Magennis better than mallan?? Will he be a bench warmer??
  9. It will be a hard one to watch for st mirren fans on Wednesday they will be on the rampage I think
  10. I think st mirren have just been really unlucky to get both rangers and celtic at the beginning of the season one after the other. I don't expect any points from these games and to keep goal difference down important. It would have been better to see us have a go but hopefully we came away with no injuries hense the reason mc allister not used as injury prone. Unfortunately bad day for celtic yesterday I expect they will come out o Wednesday with something to prove and it will be a hard game to watch
  11. I am a season ticket holder at st mirren and glad we are not in hearts position. We nearly were if it was not for 1 goal. However if st mirren were in hearts position with still 24 points to be played then yes i would have been raging and would expect the club to try everything to remain in league however there comes a time you just have to accept. Still wish it was Hamilton going down as at least hearts bring support. However in these unprecedented circumstances covid 19 there might not be many teams survive including some spl teams so if I was a hearts fans I would say go down spend limited money as no fans match day revenue and save money. I love st mirren but this coming season looks like another struggle for us
  12. So john mcginn upset. Honestly there is no loyalty where players are concerned he has a cheek to say anything. What about his brother Paul who left st Mirren for hibs and more money in January when if he was loyal would have seen the season out. Players want money but get upset when a team let them go. John mcginn may not be the player he is if it wasn't for st mirren. players should remember it was them who decided they wanted to be professional football players they are also aware their career is short term and as you get into your 30's will become a bit less in demand. I personally would have liked cooke and Mullen to stay so I hope goody brings in better. I would also like to have kept stephen but getting injuries at his age can spell trouble and was a bigger wage earner so I can see why he had to go
  13. In this weather I fear injuries occurring. Not sure if I would rather concentrate on league survival. Dangerous conditions to play in with players making tackles that go wrong due to conditions and sending offs. Let's hope players safety is always considered. And in this type of weather fans safety getting to and from games. It is a sport something to be enjoyed not for putting players and fans lives in danger.
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