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  1. Where is it said we favour Irvine where has it been said we favour Irvine over anyone it's common knowledge an extension was triggered. And where has it been put out there officially that we offered reduced terms. Oh that's right no where just some supposition in jack I certainly trust clearly your not of the same chain of thought given he has no say on what the club offers any player
  2. My thistle supporting mate was telling me yesterday that they have had the boy Murray from the arabs down past couple weeks looking around and have been talking to stelios as well
  3. Really we can do better than big billy and who would that be he is a young keeper that has been learning at a massive club so who can we get that is better
  4. Really let's see you name a few that we could get with our budgetary restrictions. And where we currently sit in Scottish football
  5. The paragraph doesn't say sky view are in on anything and the club does not need to diviulge absolutely everything it does to anyone. And their statement clearly states their expertise in financial acumen will hopefully stand the club in good stead for moving over to a fan owned club and any other pitfalls they may find since taking over certain people on here believe there is always an alternate motive. And any company that sponsors any club never divulge everything to do with the sponsorship some people need to just accept our club have done well to get sponsorship after choosing to move away from the crap fest that is JD sports. Besides that what is on it for joma then making kits for a team currently second bottom of the championship given they have worldwide recognition from other clubs under their umbrella
  6. Interesting read hopefully this will stop a certain individual bleating on about needing to know why a company wants to invest in sponsoring OUR club. Skyview Capital Announces Sponsorship Deal with St Mirren Football Club Los Angeles, CA (USA) & Paisley, Scotland – March 30th 2017 – Skyview Capital is delighted to be confirmed as the Principal Sponsor of St. Mirren Football Club for the season 2017/18. As a private equity firm based in Beverly Hills, California, some may question why Skyview Capital might be interested in club sponsorship halfway around the world. The answer is simple. Skyview Capital operates wholly owned portfolio companies in many countries and their products and services can be found in virtually every corner of the globe. Indeed, some of these products and services benefit enterprises right here in Scotland – some within a stone throw of the Paisley 2021 Stadium! While not household names, our portfolio companies provide large companies with solutions that make meaningful differences in operational efficiency and cost savings. Our own strategic plans will see us increase our presence in the UK in particular and, to that end, we are constantly investigating investment opportunities. At the same time, harbouring an innate interest in sports of all persuasions, the principals of Skyview Capital have long held a desire to combine these personal interests with the business experience garnered over a number of years in many robust and fast paced industries. In addition to sponsorship support, we are keen to make available to the Club a wealth of commercial experience that may be of benefit as St. Mirren moves into the realm of fan ownership. While we recognise that management of a football club is entirely different than running a business, we are excited at the prospect of finding common denominators so that our commercial experience can be put to work in what is, for us, an avocation. While our standard business model sees Skyview Capital take outright ownership of an enterprise, we believe the concept of sponsorship, and not ownership, will allow us to take a more consultative approach to our involvement; being available only if needed. We have followed St Mirren with keen interest over the last year in particular. We have observed the trials and tribulations as the Club fought off rival suitors and navigated its way to fan ownership. We have been impressed with the running of the Club, including the fact that it has no debt, has sole ownership of a relatively new stadium, is cash flow positive, has a dedicated team wearing multiple hats – all in support of maintaining a community club. It is that sense of community that most attracted us to St Mirren. We are aware of a great number of initiatives supported by the Club that are not routinely publicised. Many will be aware of the activities in the Dome and the Street Stuff programme operating in all areas of Renfrewshire. For its own reasons, the Club does not normally speak of some of the other initiatives it carries out in the surrounding community it serves, and we will respect that decision by not mentioning those here. However, we are impressed and it is the primary reason why we believe sponsorship support of a club like St Mirren is highly justified. We are truly excited at the prospect of our alliance with St Mirren Football Club and the opportunity to contribute to what we believe is a sound business enterprise. Aligned with our passion for sport, we look forward to supporting Gordon Scott and Campbell Kennedy, and the broader St Mirren community, in the coming year
  7. Not sure on anyone else's thoughts and this is just my opinion but I quite like the look of theses 2. As away alternatives
  8. Can we all get a reality check we have done well the last 4 games then 50 plus mins at that ground on sunday but most sensible fans knew there would be one game that didnt go to plan WE still do not have a devine right to win any game not matter how well we have played recently. For me and only my opinion ross is either the " messiah" or the devil incarnate to certain fans no matter if we win or lose. WE as st mirren supporters ( me of 39 years) have seen highs and many lows need to remain behind the team in this crucial period. The players have alrwady alluded to the support they hqve had in recent weeks Coys
  9. Its official 25th march fir park 12.30 kick off. Just seen it on the official site
  10. You are right to a point but given everyone and their blind dog openly admitted to the team being so lop sided what can he do we all know round holes amd square pegs dont mix And in any other walk of life a new manager will try and fix the crap staff of not replace them with new staff which jack has just done 10 in the last 4 weeks
  11. Think you will find alloa were already down or pretty much as good as when ross took over so fate was destined. We are still in with a big shout so should we nlt be getting behind the team instead if this sheeeaat of such and such is garbage and should be held accountable blah friggin blah. On here we are all supposed to be st mirren supporters so a novelty wpuld ne to do just that support them. Given we have kust brought in 10 new plqyers in 4 weeks dont we think they need our support
  12. Facts state that rae didnt have SIX games he had half the previous season. And given that he was the previous boards appointment one of many honking ones. Its also a fact most new boards want their own choice of manager thus they can then be held accountqble by their own actions not those of someone they had no say in.
  13. Given the fact it has only just become jacks team with this transfer window and 9 or 10 in total coming in an tbe utter sheeeat the rae brought in almost gone how the heck is he to be held accountable in his FIRST game with HIS team and not some other muppets players. If you cant comprehend or see that it is now and only now become his team why bother supporting the paisley saints. Seriouslt what is your gripe or agenda with jack its been insesant since day 1
  14. the manager and club have stood by you`s and my god SO HAVE THE FANS , What a pile of tosh given that ross has brought in 9 or 10 players in total now and pretty much all the garbage has been thrown out. So explain why the above is the case of the new players no one has had the chance to stand by them. And given out position what gives you the right to say anything other than a win is acceptable. Im guessing you know exactly how many league games we have won this season. I believe we will win tomorrow but this statement really is utter tosh
  15. What a pile of tosh are you claiming that the board would rather spend money on infrastructure as opposed to the playing squad to survive this season. There has been 8 new arrivals so far maybe the board used abit of forsight to do so knowing the mcallister money was coming in. Given we have also heard quietly that mcginn is coming back on an 18 month deal