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  1. Is it not 2 games home and away
  2. Yes got mines delivered today and ordered them Wednesday night
  3. Thats what I would like to know 700 is no where near enough for us we have 1 of the biggest traveling supports in this division maybe the biggest and they will only give us 700
  4. Jack is still learning he isn't rio Ferdinand or john terry, give him another year show the boy and help him improve what he lacks and he will be stronger and better. Only my opinion
  5. I wouldn't mind that strip for next season
  6. This young guy even though hes a ton for me should have the man of th day award. Such a great watch and guy to do what he did on youtube broadcasting himself if dmc knews him or who his family is please tell him well done and keep it up.
  7. A was standing near the wall no attempt to climb it or jump over it instead off saying can you move back they pushed, at 1 point after I moved infront off the copper I put my foot up to tie my shoe and they went to push me but the copper stopped them as I was chatting away to him telling him what was going on behind him and he even agreed that they were heavy handed
  8. He had a go at them for pushing his son the steward that was doing it kept pushing me and a told her to give it a by and spoke to a copper and he even agreed that they shouldn't be doing it, but to physically push a young boy at 9 isn't right and again the copper even agreed with me at the end and told me he would put a complaint in as he seen it.
  9. Naw he was talking to police regarding the stewards heavy handedness after me and him had a go at 3 off them and he put in a formal complaint think the steward pushed his son
  10. I cant comment on saturdays game as I never attended due to working but the games that I have been to I have seen more positives than negatives with Baird, he's solid in his tackles and he makes his timings spot on only down fall is his passing, and communication, he needs to develop these two with the help of the senior players round him and the management team. So I say give him a year contract and hope he gets better.
  11. So you gave 3 reasons 1 lazy parents 2 advanced nappy technology and 3 lazy nursery workers and also newspaper articles. But what you dont state is children that have to wear nappies due to medical reasons which in my opinion makes you ignorant. As I have said my 3 year old needs to wear nappies and needs a good changing facility so he can come to games at home with me but for some reason you dont agree, I dont know why maybe you think it is a waste of money maybe you dont like other peoples kids you have your own opinion which I respect but calling people (and this is not aimed at you solely its others on this forum aswell in other pages calling each other stupid cunts and pricks is unacceptable).
  12. So I'm a lazy parent coz my 3 yr old is still in a nappy 🤔 care to explain.
  13. But my kid is 3 n needs a nappie so needs a baby changing facility
  14. So your against a changing facility in the ground. So whats your reason for being against the idea, a good idea I might add to get families in with small kids and start the next generation of saints fans or is it that you just dont like anyone's ideas
  15. Campbell does like the dance music but as people keep saying footballs changing