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  1. The Squad 2017/18

    Defence he's rather good aswell
  2. Don't get why people are slating big Stewart he's a youngster that's just came up to full time football and now people are noticing Bairds displays they are moving onto him give him time, he did ok when he came on should have scored but brechin defenders did there task and stopped our team from pulling the trigger, now Sammy wasn't busy as much the defence did what I expected the midfield nonexistence again from my point off view and think we might need to drop Reilly for next week as he's been running about like a mad man and not doing what we signed him for and that's been the last few weeks not just from today. Smith brilliant again, hilsontook his goal and played well credit to brechin they came to give us a hard game and they did that deserved a point today.
  3. I got slated for saying Baird was our best player last week and now again he was 1 off 4 of our motm players maybe the Baird haters will give him a break for now on
  4. Disgrace

    Steward at front told me that was the last guy in and it was 40 mins in the game got told to only expect 300-400 fans and that was the same with pie stall, club only told them to put the ticket box window up and not man the gate. He said that the club made an arse of it as that was the biggest support they have had there since the ugly sisters visited them and was surprised at how many we had took threw there.
  5. Our best player today was Baird, he did what he was meant to do the rest around him the more experienced players let him down by not helping the young lad out, midfield no where to be seen today left a bigger hole in the middle off the park than what was found on kilbowie road and up top no support given in my eyes, bullied all over the park today. The ref didn't help much in my eyes either a lot of strange calls like giving them a goal kick and the ball hadn't even went to the line Never mind over the line. But credit must go to the pars played really good and deserved to win from the off.
  6. Heard there not this season buddie hoping to get them next season
  7. Good idea shull new bus captain what time does it leave
  8. Tile Bar Supporter's Club

    Any tickets for the bus left
  9. Any seats on bus for dunfermline
  10. I don't see us losing jack Ross this early in the season, but agree that next weekend is looking to be a cracking weekend for us as saints fans. If Dundee lose McCann will stay if thistle lose I believe they won't sack there manager either as he always turns things around for them. If by chance they do approach the club regarding JR then the club would be asking for silly money I would hope
  11. St Mirren songs

    Naw bud it's shite but someone else could tweak it
  12. St Mirren songs

    He pulls the yellow card out the red card out point's to the penalty spot and f**ks the saints about his name is Willie collum n he's got the face off a trout all we do is shout f**k you Willie collum f**k you Willie collum f**k you Willie collum loves to f**k the saints about
  13. St Mirren songs

    A wee dig at the strips Riellys on fire even his badge is terrified Riellys on fire even his badge is terrified
  14. Morton v Saints 12 August

    So how many tickets do we have